sonic drinks menu

Sonic is not only famous for its  fast food and car-hop services with nostalgic vibe but Sonic also has a diverse and exclusive range of  drinks that can satisfy your all sweet and fizzy cravings.

Sonic has something for everyone. As you can get flavors of drinks topped with toppings that will leave your taste buds crave for more. Sonic offers a wide range of tasty drinks which covers all flavors of soft drinks, shakes, slushes, smoothies, blasts and many more flavors of iced teas coffee as well as sonic special dirty drinks.

No matter if you are craving for something sweet, fizzy or creamy, sonic has everything to satisfy your cravings.

Overview Of Sonic Drinks Prices and Menu

sonic drinks menu with prices

Sonic drinks prices and menu are something really  you can have with your  meal that will enhance the taste of your food. You will get a wide range of  premium drinks from sonic.

You will get following drinks for whole day from sonic drink menu;

  • You will get awesome Slushies from the Sonic menu with a variety of flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, cherry and coca-cola slush in a very reasonable price starting from $1.99 to $2.99.
  • Sonic Malts and Milkshakes offers a variety of  flavors that you can have in order to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can get vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and oreo shakes and malts starting from $2.99 to $4.49.
  • Sonic Fountain drinks give you another level of refreshment. Where you can get all  flavors such as fruit punch, lemonade, and sodas with free refills at a very reasonable price starting from $1.79 to $2.19.
  • Sonic do have  Premium drinks with a variety of flavors. You can have hot chocolate, iced mocha, milk or juice for just $1.79.

This sonic drinks prices and menu has everything for you at a very reasonable price. No matter if you are craving for something creamy or icey or looking for a simple soft drink you can have everything without hurting your wallet.

Sonic Drinks Menu And Flavors

Sonic has a wide range of drinks selection for which customers crave. You can get everything from sonic according to your mood and cravings. Here sonic got some  flavors of drinks that will excite your taste buds for more. And by having a sonic drink with your meal you can enjoy your sonic breakfast, lunch or dinner at sonic. 

sonic drinks menu

You can get thousands of combinations at sonic with your drinks. So let’s get into the sonic drinks menu and flavors in order to excite your taste buds for more. Sonic has an extensive variety of frozen and iced drinks you can have in order to refresh your mood. So let’s get into the menu of sonic drinks types and flavors;

Sonic Soft Drinks

Sonic has a variety of soft drinks where you can get any of your favorite soft drinks at a very reasonable price. Sonic soft drinks are different because they offer you this customization option where you can customize any of your favorite flavors according to your choice. Here sonic soft drinks menu and flavors you can have according to your choice;

Soft Drink FlavorsSmallMediumLargeCalories
Diet Coke$2.39$2.79$3.190
Dr. Pepper$2.39$2.79$3.19150-350
Root Beer$2.39$2.79$3.19140-340
Ginger Ale$2.39$2.79$3.19130-320
Orange Fanta$2.39$2.79$3.19140-340
Fruit Punch$2.39$2.79$3.19110-250

Sonic Milkshakes

Sonic has a huge variety of milkshakes. Where you can get any of your favorite milkshakes in order to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can have a medium glass of  creamy milkshake with a  topping of whipped cream and cherry. You can get these budget friendly sonic milkshakes for just $4.00.

Sonic Slushes

In addition to the sonic drinks menu you can also get different flavors of sonic slushies. Which are a delightful blend of flavored syrups with crushed ice. Sonic signature slushes contain  flavors such as blue coconut, strawberry and cherry limeade. These mixed fruit slushes will give you a fresh feel after a tiring day. You can get from kids’ glass to large route 44 in order to refresh yourself.

Sonic Iced Tea

Sonic iced tea is one of the most favorite soft drinks you can have in order to start a refreshing day. You can get this freshly brewed tea for just $2.19.

Sonic Lemonade And Limeades

Besides sonic other refreshing drinks if you are craving for a  limeade you can go with sonic. Yes! Sonic does offer  flavors of limeades and lemonades for just $2.59. You can get  flavors of limeades and lemonades such as cherry limeades, classic lemonades, strawberry limeades, mango limeades and many more.

Sonic Blasts

If you are craving for something creamy with thick consistency you can have  sonic blast in order to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can get this  creamy thick blast for just $3.39. This blast is a  mixture of creamy ice cream with your desired cookie pieces or crushed candy in milk topped with whipped cream and your favorite extra premium toppings.

Sonic Seasonal Limited Time Drinks

In addition to other Sonic drinks, Sonic does offer some limited time seasonal drinks. Where in winters you can get 

  • Chocolate chip peppermint shake, 
  • Cookie cream gingerbread shake and many more during winters.

As summer starts opening eyes with hot morning sunshine you can get these  flavors;

  • Red, White and Blue slush float
  • Ocean water with blue raspberry and lime
  • Bubbles bursting slush
  • Mint watermelon limeade.

In addition to seasonal summer winter sonic drinks you can also get  spring and fall drinks from Sonic with many  flavors. In spring season you can have;

  • Cherry Blossom Limeade
  • Breeze Tropical Slush
  • Shortcake Strawberry blast

And during Autumn if you are craving something  according to your season and mood sonic has something to enhance the taste of your cravings with their delightful drinks during FALL;

  • Sonic Caramel Apple Spice Master Shake
  • Sonic Pumpkin Spice Shake
  • Sonic Harvesting Apple Crisp Slush

With these thirst quenching innovative Sonic drinks have the ability to satisfy your craving or  sweet drink in any season. Sonic is known for its large variety of tasty drinks where you can get  fountain drinks. Which comes in a number of sizes.

Sonic Iced And Frozen Coffee Drinks

If you are looking for an energy booster during a hot day, sonic has a lot of frozen and iced coffee and drinks you can have as your afternoon pickup.

Sonic’s iced mocha coffee is a  drink to beat up your summer heat. You can have many  flavors of iced and frozen drinks from sonic. Here are some traditional flavors of sonic you can have;

  • Iced Mocha Coffee is a  combination of fresh brewed coffee with milk and chocolate syrup over crushed ice.
  • Chocolate Chip Iced Mocha is one of the best coffee for chocolate lovers. If you are looking for something more chocolaty you can surely try this coffee which is a  combination of fresh brewed coffee with chocolate syrup, milk and chocolate chips.
  • Iced Vanilla Coffee a fresh brewed coffee with a  combination of vanilla syrup and whipped cream in ice which is  vanilla iced coffee.

Sonic Milkshakes And Malts

Here sonic has something really  and creamy as their sonic milkshakes and malts. If you are craving for something sweet and thick then sonic milkshakes are the best option for your sweet cravings.

sonic shake

These milkshakes come in small to large cups you can have according to your thirst and cravings. If you are a sweet lover and want to have extra  things you can get sonic customizable milkshakes according to your choice. You can get following flavors of milkshakes from sonic;

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Oreo Mint
  • Peanut Butter
  • Banana
  • Mint Chocolate Chip

Sonic Seasonal Milkshakes

Sonic also offers seasonal milkshakes during seasons. You can get following seasonal milkshakes flavors;

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Caramel Apple

In order to enhance the taste of these  drinks you can have some Add-Ins. Such as;

  • ButterFinger
  • M&M’s
  • Reese’s

Sonic Malts

If you are craving for something rich, creamy and thicker then milkshakes you are at the right place which is sonic Malts. These malts are the mixture of  creamy ice cream with milk and ice but in order to enhance the taste of the drink and to convert it into malts they add malted milk powder. You will get the malty nutty flavor by adding this  flavor you can have delightfull malt. Chocolate malt is one of the most demanding drinks in sonic malts.

Sonic milkshakes and malts are something that provides creamy and cool refreshment in meals and snacks. Which are rich in flavors and tasty to have with anything. Your taste buds will thank you for this  treat.

Sonic Smoothies

Sonic smoothies are also one of the best options in sonic drink you can have in order to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can have these  real fruit smoothies in many flavors that will excite your taste buds and your sweet tooth will thank you.

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Wild berry
  • Banana
  • Blueberry
  • Grapes

These real fruits which are full of vitamins are blended with fruit puree, fruit juice and milk in order to give a real fruit smoothie you can enjoy any time. 

You can get these sweet drinks full of flavors anytime during the day and night. During sonic happy hours you can get these real fruit drinks at half price. Sonic happy hours start from 2pm to 4pm.

These icy frosty drinks at sonic start from $1.99 to $2.99 with a lot of  flavors such as chocolat, strawberry, vanilla and many more  flavors.

Sonic’s No Coffee And No Soda Drinks

Craving for something without caffeine you can have anything from sonic you crave for. Yes sonic got some no coffee and no soda drinks you can have in order to stay with your diet. 

No Coffee Drinks

Here are some sonic no coffee drinks you can have in order to give yourself a refreshing feel after a tiring day. Or you can have this as your breakfast in order to start a refreshing morning. You can get following sonic no coffee drinks for refreshment;

  • Sonic Iced Tea

In order to get caffeine free and lighter drinks you can have iced tea that will give you a refreshing feel without hurting your diet and wallet.

No Soda Drinks

Here are some no soda drinks you can have in order to satisfy your sweet cravings with something healthy. Yes sonic got a lot of no soda variety drinks. Such as;

  • Milkshakes
  • Lemonades
  • Slushes
  • Real fruit smoothies

Rich and creamy milkshakes are always a good choice from sonic you can have in order to maintain your diet. These sweets treats are made with real ice cream and real fruits.

Sonic has an endless variety of drinks. As these are ideal drinks in order to quench your thirst. So choose any of your favorite no coffee or no soda drinks and enjoy.

Sonic Drink Sizes

Sonic cup sizes start from Mini to route 44. So here if you are craving for some drink in order to satisfy your sweet cravings but not feeling that much thirsty then you can go with a small cup of drink in order to satisfy your cravings of sweetness. And the medium one is really good with your meal and fast food.

If you are looking for a drink that you can have and take it with yourself on your long drive journey then you can go with route44 which is the large cup of drink you can have to remove your thirst as well as you can take a long way. Sonic is also offering sonic ice bag for our drinks to keep them refreshing during your long drives.

Sonic’s Drinks Menu Prices 2024:

Here is the exclusive sonic drinks menu with all updates prices so you can have your favorite drink according to your budget and your cravings. Here is the sonic menu of drinks with prices, calories and flavors;

sonic drink menu

Sonic Famous Limeades prices

You can have sweet limeades at Sonic for a very reasonable price mentioned in the table;

Sonic LimeadesSmallRegularLargeCalories
Sonic’s Light Limeade$2.79$3.29$3.7920-55
Mango Limeade$2.79$3.29$3.79160-420
Light Mango Limeade$2.99$3.49$3.9930-65
Cherry Limeade$2.79$3.29$3.79160-420
Strawberry Limeade$2.79$3.29$3.79160-420
Light Cherry Limeade$2.99$3.49$3.9930-65

These  sonic Famous limeades are so good to satisfy your cravings and your thirst in summers.

Sonic Signature Slushes prices

These  slushes from sonic are something that can satisfy your thirst with one cup of slush. As sonic have endless options of drinks where slushes are one of them here are price list with calories so that you can keep an eye on calories in order to maintain your health;

Sonic SlushesSmallMediumLargeCalories
Signature Slushes$1.19$1.99$2.39110-250
Sonic Candy Slush$1.69$2.49$2.89140-320
Sonic Real Fruit Slush$2.19$2.39$2.79120-280

These sonic’s signature slushes are enough to satisfy your sweet cravings with a lot of flavors.

Sonic Soft Drinks prices

Here is sonic exclusive soft drink menu with prices you can have according to your mood.

Sonic Soft DrinksSmallMediumLargeCalories
Signature Soft Drinks$1.19$1.69$1.89140-340
Iced Tea    —    —$3.99130-290

These sonic soft drinks cover a variety of flavors that will excite your taste buds and sonic iced tea is something refreshing you can have to start a good morning and you can have it as your afternoon drink in order to refresh your mood after a tiring day.

Sonic Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice Cocktail prices

Sonic CocktailPrice
Orange and Cranberry juice cocktail$3.99

Sonic Other Huge List Of Drinks

Sonic DrinksSmallRegularLargeRoute 44Calories
Sonic Splash$1.19$1.69$1.89$2.1930-60
Sonic Ocean Water$1.39$1.79$1.99$2.29250-340
Wave Bottled Water    —$1.49    —      —0
Sonic’s Energy Drinks$1.99$2.19$2.29$2.49220-330
Sonic Premium Roast Coffee    —$1.49$1.79      —80-160

These drinks contain a variety of flavors in order to satisfy your cravings of healthy drinks.

Sonic Frozen Drinks Menu Prices 2024

Here is a menu of a sonic frozen zone where you can get chilled drinks at a very reasonable price in order to satisfy your sweet cravings. Here are the drinks menu with prices you can have according to your budget for your sweet tooth;

Sonic Frozen DrinksSmallMediumLargeCalories
Sonic Java Chiller Shakes$2.99$3.39$4.39
Sonic Blasts$3.39$4.09$5.49
Sonic Classic Hand-Mixed Shakes$2.79$3.59$4.59
Sonic Master Shakes$3.29$4.09$5.09
Sonic Creamy Slush$2.99$3.59$4.59
Sonic FLoats$2.49$3.09$4.39
Sonic Ice Cream Sundae      —$1.99      —
Sonic Molten Cake Sundae      —$4.29      —
Sonic Waffle Cone       —$2.99      —
Sonic Vanilla Waffle Cone      —$1.99      —
Sonic Master Blasts$3.89$4.59$5.99

The frozen zone of sonic is super cool that will beat the summer heat with its  creamy cool taste and will give you a refreshing feel. The  flavors of sonic frozen drinks will make you crave for more.

Sonic’s Memorable Special Drinks

Here are some of Sonic’s famous special drinks customers love to have all the time. These all time favorite drinks are budget friendly and will take you to another world of refreshment after one sip. So let’s get into the special drinks menu in order to give you more information about drinks so you can choose easily according to your taste and mood;

  • Sonic Cherry Limeade is a refreshing tart flavored drink made of real fresh cherries, sprite and lime juice.
  • Sonic’s Ocean Water is a  mixture of sprite, coconut water and blue food color.
  • Sonic’s Hedgehog Drink is made of a sweet and sour taste combination of lemon lime and raspberry. This is a carbonated energy drink.
  • Sonic’s Boba Drink is also known as bubble drink which is served with pearls in milk tea. These pearls have a chewy texture which tastes  like tea.
  • Sonic’s Mountain Blast Slush is an energy booster made with the mixture of sprite and powerade mountain Blast.
  • Sonic’s Green Apple Slush is a unique refreshing drink made of sprite and green apple syrup
  • Sonic’s Pink Drink is also known as sonic secret drink as it is a customized drink by the mixture of sprite with strawberry, lemonade, and cranberry juice, and tastes a fruity  mixture.
  • Sonic Green Tea is one of the healthy options from sonic drinks that you can have for a refreshed morning or to maintain your diet. You will get this signature green tea in Route 44 size.

Sonic Secret Drinks Menu

Besides this exclusive drinks menu sonic also got something exciting for their drinks lovers. Yes sonic has some secret drinks menu which is not officially announced on sonic menu. But you can have one by asking them with the referred name. You can also it customizable drinks. Because whenever you will ask about any secret drink sonic gonna customize it for you. These drinks will give you adventurous taste and your taste buds will thank you for having such a  drink.

Here is sonic secret drinks menu you can ask to customize in order to have an innovative taste drink;

  • Sonic’s Purple Sprite is a  combination of sprite mixed with lemonade, powerade and cranberry juice with purple food color.
  • Sonic’s Pink Flamingo Drink is an innovative mixture of sprite with cherry juice, orange and pineapple.
  • Sonic’s Pink Lady Drink is one of the most demanding drink with innovative taste. It is made with the mixture of sprite with vanilla cream and cherry juice.
  • Sonic’s Dr. Pepper Drink is a mixture of sprite with lemonade, powerade and pepper.
  • Sonic Sunrise Drink is also one of the secret drinks from sonic which is a  mixture of cherry limeade and orange juice.

Sonic COmbination Of Drinks 2024

Here sonic is offering you the most innovative way to enhance the taste of your drinks by combining it with other flavors according to your series. In short we can say sonic allows you to customize your drinks by adding any of your favorite flavors that you want to try by providing best sonic drinks combinations.

Here is the list of sonic drinks with delighted combinations you can have according to your mood and taste;

Sonic Coke Combinations

A Sonic combination of coke covers a huge variety of drinks in it. As you can have any flavor to add with coke. Here are some signature flavors you can add in order to enhance the taste of your drink;

  • Vanilla
  • Lime
  • Caramel and Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Cherry
  • Vanilla and cranberry
  • Caramel and cream

You can add any flavor from this in order to create an innovative taste of your drink.

Sonic’s Sprite Combination

Here are some of the sonic  flavors you can combine with sprite in order to make a  drink with adventurous taste.

  • Orange and pineapple
  • Cranberry and vanilla
  • Cherries and whipped cream
  • Orange
  • Watermelon
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • White coconut

These  flavors will enhance the taste of your drink.

Sonic’s Dr. Pepper Combinations

As Dr. Pepper is one the secret drink from sonic which is already a customized drink but you can enhance the flavor of this drink by adding many flavors from sonic which will give you an adventurous feel. Here are the following flavors you can add in order to enhance the taste of your drink;

  • Green apple
  • Blue coconut
  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Cherries and whipped cream

By this mixing and matching method you can create a lot of flavors of slushies, teas and limeades. You can choose any of your preferred flavors and can add that into your drink which will enhance the taste of your drink and will give you an innovative feel.

Ways To Order Drinks From Sonic

If you are looking to order you favorite drink from the comfort of your home and just drive your car to pick up your order then here is a complete guide on how to submit your order by using sonic website, sonic app;

  • Open sonic website: , select the menu or drinks you want to have, add extra toppings and select the pick up time after successful payment and wait for order confirmation. Now you can drive your car toward the sonic in order to receive your order.
  • There is another way you can order your food by using a sonic app. Just simply open the sonic app, select food items after selecting pick up time, pay for the order and you can drive your car on the selected time to pick your order.

Both these methods will save your time and you don’t have to wait at sonic in order to get your food. When you drive your car toward Sonic you can simply pick your food and enjoy it.


So after completely analyzing the huge menu of sonic drinks you will never feel that this flavor is not available at sonic. Sonic has every flavor in slushes, blasts, milkshakes, soft drinks and coffees.

At sonic you can enjoy sonic famous drinks or you can customize one for yourself. The sonic drinks menu is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Sonic happy hours menu is one of the most beautiful thing because in that time you will get all sonic drinks at half price. The happy hour time starts from 2pm to 4pm. Where you can explore innovative drinks without hurting your wallet.


Yes! Sonic does offer discounted drinks during happy hours everyday. Happy hours start from 2pm to 4pm. Where you can get half off on the sonic menu.

Sonic offers a variety of drinks which covers soft drinks, slushes, blasts, milkshakes, teas, coffee, limeades and lemonades.

Yes! Sonic offers customized drinks where you can add any of your favorite flavor with your drink in order to enhance the taste of your drink.

Sonic didn’t mentioned it on their menu but offers variety of drinks that you can customize by asking drinks name such as;

  • Cherry limeade
  • Pink Lady Drink
  • Ocean Water

Sonic ocean water is a mixture of coconut and blue raspberry drink. Which tastes sweet and refreshing.

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