sonic breakfast menu

Start your day with something healthy by having a mouth watering breakfast.

Sonic menu has something for everyone that will excite your taste buds and satisfy your morning breakfast cravings with their tasty and adventurous breakfast deals.

Sonic breakfast menu of 2024 is full of exciting deals and morning breakfasts where you will get your favorite burritos to refreshing drinks that will satisfy your morning cravings and will give you a kick to start your day with a fresh mood.

sonic breakfast menu

Sonic is not only providing tasty and quick fast foods for lunch and dinner. Sonic also has different options for a tasty breakfast. You can also get customizable breakfast burrito, sandwiches if you are allergic to some products by going through sonic allergen menu.

You will get tasty Sonic burrito breakfast, sonic sandwiches, Toasters and many more options of drinks and slushes to have a refreshing start of your day.

Overview of Sonic Restaurant and Sonic Breakfast Menu

Sonic is one of the most popular Drive-In restaurants in America and promoted themselves as “America’s Drive-In”. It ranks 11th in the top 50 restaurants in America which are famous for their fast delivery and quick services with good taste of fast foods.

sonic restaurant view

Let’s get into the Sonic Breakfast menu and explore it in order to get your favorite deal which will be budget friendly and you will feel full after having such a tasty breakfast.

Sonic Breakfast Menu

Want to eat something good in the morning which should be tasty and also don’t hurt your wallet. Here is the sonic menu where you can get all the delicious options so let’s dive into the Sonic happy hour with your hungry stomach and make it happy by having something from the Sonic breakfast menu.

Types of Sonic breakfast menu with prices

In order to give you ease and for having a satisfying breakfast we have categorized the sonic breakfast menu into specific parts. So you would be able to choose your desired option after knowing about price and calories. You can also get sonic happy hour menu items in half price only during a specific time in a day.

Sonic’s breakfast menu is budget friendly and is full of nutrients. These sections contain everything from breakfast sandwiches to refreshing sonic signature breakfast drinks.

Let’s explore the sonic breakfast menu to get a healthy start.

Sonic Breakfast Sandwiches:

  • Bacon Breakfast Toaster (Price: $4.99  | Calories: 640)
  • Sausage Breakfast Toaster (Price: $3.39 | Calories: 560)
  • Brioche Breakfast Sandwich with Bacon, Egg, and Cheese (Price: $3.69 | Calories: 550)
  • Brioche Breakfast Sandwich with Sausage, Egg, and Cheese (Price: $3.69 | Calories: 550)
  • Brioche Breakfast Sandwich with Ham, Cheese and Egg (Price: $3.69 | Calories: 550)
  • CroisSonic with Bacon, Egg and cheese (Price: $3.29 | Calories: 510)
  • CroisSonic with Ham, Egg and Cheese (Price: $3.29 | Calories: 510)
  • CroisSonic with Sausage, Egg and Cheese (Price: $3.29 | Calories: 510)
  • Sonic Bagel with Ham/Sausage/Bacon with Egg and cheese (Price: $3.49 | Calories: 520)
  • Sonic Biscuit With Sausage/Bacon/Ham with Egg and Cheese (Price:$3.49 | Calories: 570)

Sonic Breakfast Burrito:

  • Sonic Breakfast Burrito With Bacon or Sausage (Price:$3.49 | Calories: 520)
  • Sonic Ultimate cheese & meat Burrito (Price:$4.49 | Calories: 580)
  • SuperSONIC Burrito Breakfast (Price:$4.99 | Calories: 580)
  • Jr. Breakfast Burrito with Bacon or Sausage, Egg and Cheese (Price: $2.39 | Calories: 280)

Sonic wacky pack Kids Breakfast Meals:

  • Sonic Wacky Pack Breakfast
  • CinnaBon CinnaSnacks with Creamy Cheese Icing (Price:$2.49 | Calories: 220)

Sonic Breakfast Toaster:

  • Breakfast Toaster With Bacon (Price:$3.39 | Calories: 560)
  • Breakfast Toaster With Sausage (Price:$3.39 | Calories: 560)

Sonic Breakfast Sides and snacks:

cinnabon snacks
  • Sonic French Toast Sticks (Price:$1.69 | Calories: 200)
  • Tater Tots (Price:$1.99 | Calories: 280)
  • CinnaSnacks (Price: $0.85 | Calories: 110)
  • Fruits (Price:$1.99 | Calories: Nill)
  • Yogurt (Price:$1.99 | Calories: Nill)

Sonic French Toast Sticks:

  • Sonic French Toast Sticks with Maple Dipping (Price: $1.69 | Calories: N/A)
  • Sonic French Toast Sticks with Whipped Cream and Strawberries (Price:$2.64 | Calories: N/A)

Sonic Breakfast Drinks:

  • Coffee (Price:$1.09 | Calories: N/A)
  • Teas (Price:$1.79 | Calories: N/A)
  • Sonic Original Cold Brewed Iced Coffee (Price:$2.49 | Calories: 100)
  • Sonic French Vanilla Cold Brewed Iced Coffee (Price:$2.79 | Calories: 110 )
  • Sonic Hot Chocolate (Price:$2.49 | Calories: 320)
  • Orange Juice (Price:$1.99 | Calories: 130)
  • Milk (Price:$1.29 | Calories: 120)
  • Smoothies
  • Slushes

Sonic’s 13 Best Breakfast Items With Prices And Pictures

Here are some Sonic’s favourite pick-ups people love to eat when they want to have something tasty and refreshing.

Then let’s dive into Sonic’s 13 best Breakfast choices with prices and pictures to give you an easy access to make a suggestion for your breakfast.

1. Sonic Bacon Breakfast Toaster:


This tasty sonic breakfast toaster is a combination of classic melted American cheese with crispy bacon and fluffy eggs covered in a classic warm golden toast served with salad and a tasty dip sauce. You will get this tasty breakfast which is full of protein at a reasonable price of about $4.99. 

2. Sonic Sausage Burrito Breakfast:


This tasty breakfast burrito is really good to start your day. This is a rainbow and tasty combination of Sausage, classic American  melted cheddar cheese with fluffy eggs and chopped onions and golden tots wrapped in classic warm tortilla. You will get this cheesy bite burrito for just $3.49 with adventurous flavor.

3. Sonic Bacon Breakfast Sandwich:


Sonic Breakfast Sandwich is a classic combination of crispy bacon with mouthwatering melted cheese and fluffy eggs covered with golden toasted bread. You will get these tasty classic bites for just $3.39 to have a healthy start.

4. SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito:


SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito is a  combination of crispy bacon, Ham, Sausage with diced onions, ripped tomato, American Melted Cheese and boiled Fluffy Eggs wrapped in classic Tortilla ready to eat with a dip sauce. You can get this tasty combination to tantalize your taste buds in just $4.99.

5. Sonic Ultimate cheese and Meat Burrito:


A meaty and cheesy warm tortilla wrapped with crispy bacon, Sausage links, scrambled fluffy eggs and golden tots with lots of hot cheesy sauce you can get it in just  $4.49.

6. Jr. Breakfast Burrito:


This Jr. burrito is the combination of sausage, eggs and cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Which is a luscious and cheapest breakfast in Sonic menu to satisfy your craving in just $2.39.

7. Cinnabon Snacks:

cinnabon snacks

Cinnabon Cinnasnacks are bite-sized rolls filled with cinnamon roll filling. You can eat it with creamy cheese frosting. This tasty delightful treat you can get to sweeten your taste buds in just $2.49.

8. Sonic French Toast Sticks for breakfast:


These tasty sweet french toast sticks covered with powdered sugar come with a maple dip Sauce to give a sweet feeling of breakfast. You can also enhance its taste by adding whipped cream and strawberries in order to have a healthy and tasty breakfast. You can get these toast sticks for just $1.69.

9. Sonic French Toast sticks with Strawberry and cream:

Want to eat something healthy with your french toast here sonic have combo of strawberry and whipped cream dusted with powdered sugar which gonna give you a sweet kick of taste you can get this tasty combo for just $2.64 

10. Sonic Cold Brewed Iced Coffee:


A Original cold brew iced coffee with topping of cream. Yes Sonic has something you can take with your breakfast. So make sure whenever you are visiting sonic for breakfast get this medium cup of coffee for just $2.79.

11. Sonic French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee:


Everyone wants to have a fresh start of the day, so here sonic has a flavorsome vanilla coffee which is a blend of rich almond milk with luxurious mocha topped with whipped cream. You can get a medium cup of coffee to start your day for just $3.09.

12. Sonic Classic Coffee for breakfast:

There! Sonic has a classic coffee without calories, crabs, and no sugar which is classic and pure and really good for a great start you can get it for $1.09.

13. Sonic Green Mountain Coffee for Breakfast:


A special Sonic coffee with a savory blend of coffee and cream poured in a cup takes it hot. You can get it in just $1.99 which is special and provided to you with some instructions.

Sonic Best Healthy Pick-ups for Breakfast 2024

Health conscious people here! Sonic has everything exciting you want to eat within taste and also doesn’t harm your health. Sonic has some healthy breakfasts with healthy juices by keeping a view on your health.

Sonic has designed the following breakfast by keeping their taste up and giving you a healthy morning that refreshes you for the whole day.

Jr. Burrito breakfast:

The Jr. breakfast burrito is the combination of savory melted cheese, fluffy egg and a crispy Bacon wrapped in warm tortilla hot sauce avoided with full of protein and fibers in order to give you a healthy bite you can get it in just $2.39.

Sonic Breakfast Bagel:

This sonic bagel when combined with creamy sausage, fluffy egg with full of proteins and melted cheddar cheese creates a delicious taste that will excite your taste buds and will give you a healthy feel in just $3.49.

Yogurt with Strawberry:

Want to take something lite! Here! Sonic is offering you a tasty creamy yogurt with strawberry bites will give you energy and full of proteins you can get this in just $1.99.

Sonic Fruit Cup:

Sonic has some special fruits which are rich in nutrients and will give you a healthy start. You can get blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and anyone that you wanna eat to have a healthy start. You can also personalize your fruit cup with a mixture of fruits according to your taste. You can get this healthy cup full of proteins and fibers in just $1.99.

Sonic Healthy Sweet Breakfast Menu:

Sonic is also offering some healthy sweet treats for those who wanna take a sweet start of their sweet morning with something lite healthy and tasty  so let’s get into sonic sweet treat healthy menu;

French Toast Sticks:

Sonic is offering simple french toast sticks dusted with powdered sugar without dip sauce to give you a sweet healthy start in your budget in just $0.89.

Sonic Smoothies and Slushes:

Sonic is offering various kinds of smoothies and slushies to give a refreshing and healthy start of the day by many flavors such as strawberry flavor, chocolate, blueberry, because they contain huge amounts of vitamins. You can also choose smoothies which are a mixture of vegetables and fruits in order to get vitamins and an antioxidant boost. You can these refreshing drinks starting from $3.79.

Several Ways to Pre-Order Sonic Breakfast

Here are some convenient ways to order a sonic breakfast without waiting for a long time. You can get your breakfast after ordering it by using your phone. I will also tell you a easiest way to get your breakfast at your doorstep:

Order Sonic breakfast by Website:

Here is the easy way to pre-order your sonic breakfast just by visiting sonic website;

  • Open sonic website: 
  • Click on the menu you can also search it from the search bar given in sonic website
  • Choose your desired breakfast with a refreshing drink.
  • Add to cart your selected items
  • And click on order
  • Select the pick-up time
  • After safe online payment wait for order confirmation
  • And drive your car toward sonic on the selected time in order to pick-up your order.

Order Through App:

  • Download sonic App
  • Search in the search bar for desired breakfast item or see it in menu
  • Select your breakfast with a hot coffee or your desired drink
  • Select your pick-up time
  • After safe payment wait for order confirmation
  • Move forward toward sonic on the selected time in order to get your order.

Order Through Partner Delivery Company:

As sonic itself doesn’t have delivery services, sonic has some delivery partners which helps you to get your food at your doorstep by ordering it from the comfort of your home.

Feeling lazy to get food from outside? Want to eat something from sonic? Here! Sonic have delivery partners

Sonic Delivery Paertners (1)
Grubhub Sonic Delivery Partners (1)
Door Dash Sonic Delivery Partner (1)
  • Ubereats
  • Grubhub
  • Doordash

Download your desired delivery option and browse your menu by safely ordering it. Wait for a few minutes and you’re gonna get your food at your doorstep.


If you’re craving for something healthy, tasty and adventurous then you can simply turn your car toward sonic in order to have a delicious breakfast for a good start. Note down sonic breakfast hours ranges from 6 am to 12 am.

Sonic breakfast menu has a lot of healthy breakfast and top picks by food lovers. Sonic is highly recommended if you want to eat healthy and lavish.


Yes! Sonic does have a breakfast menu which includes a tasty breakfast burrito, chicken sandwiches, toasters and many more.

Sonic not only has a breakfast menu but also has meals, combos and deals menu for the whole day.

Sonic Breakfast menu is not as specific as it includes all tasty savory items for breakfast that you really need to try for once and you never gonna forget that taste of sonic. 

Sonic’s breakfast menu includes Breakfast Burritos, Breakfast Sandwiches, CroisSonic, and all combinations of bacon, sausage and Ham food for a breakfast with refreshing slushies and smoothies and for getting an active start they also have classic coffee with flavor.

Yes! Sonic does serve delicious breakfast all day. No after what the time is if you are craving for a healthy breakfast you can turn your car toward sonic in order to get a healthy start. You can try a breakfast burrito or dinner in order to have a taste of breakfast.

Sonic has better combinations than egg sandwiches. You can give a try to grilled cheese sandwich which is really mouthwatering, chicken steak sandwich and combination of egg with bacon/Sausage/Ham with melted cheese in a golden crispy toast.

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