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Craving for Some mid-noon snacks without hurting your wallet. Here! Sonic got something for everyone. Yes, Sonic offers daily happy hours where you can get everything at half-price. You can get tasty drinks, salty snacks and iced teas for half-price. You can make a great combo by customizing your snack or burger with your favorite drink for just half-price.

sonic everyday happy hours

Sonic always tries to make sure that their customers go back happy after having a meal from sonic. Sonic happy hour is what customers crave about. Sonic is spreading smiles and got more three million happy and satisfied customers.

sonic drive in

You can get your every single deal from the comfort of your car by car-hops.

The drive-in restaurant is old fashioned but sonic made it a trending thing by delivering food to customers’ cars through a car-hop. That will come on a roller skate with your  food.

sonic restaurant view

In this article we will discuss sonic happy hours, sonic operating hours, sonic happy hour menu, sonic best happy hour deals and sonic best picks during happy hours. 

So let’s dive into the happy hour menu of sonic to satisfy your snacks and food cravings without hurting your budget.

Sonic’s Happy Hour Menu:

sonic happy hour menu

Due to Sonic’s great menu, Sonic got a special place in food lovers heart and is appreciated by food lovers. Sonic got a large and mouth-watering menu for which customers crave. This great restaurant chain is also not known for their juicy burgers but also contain a large amount of menu where you can get all your favorite refreshing drinks, coffees and many more of sonic breakfast menu items that you can have in order to satisfy your morning cravings of having a  breakfast.

Let’s dive into the  deals of Sonic’s happy hour menu and explore  drinks, side snacks and your favorite cheese burger.

Sonic Special Drinks

The most attractive thing on sonic happy hour is sonic discounted  drinks. Where you can get a variety of  sweet treats by having sonic drinks such as slushes, iced teas, coffee, sonic shakes and soft drinks, so let’s dive into the menu of sonic special drinks:

sonic Fanta Orange
sonic Ocean Water
sonic Canada Dry
sonic CocaCola

Here is the sonic happy hour soft drinks menu that you can get on half price during happy hours:

  • Sonic Drinks
  • Sonic Iced Tea
  • Sonic Limeades and Lemonades
  • Ocean Water
  • Sonic Slushes

These sonic summer treats got the power to beat up the heat. Sonic Drive-In is not just a fast food restaurant but also contains a variety of drinks that will give you a refreshing feel. During sonic happy hours you can get all these drinks for just $1.00 but according to their regular price they come $1.99 and you will get half-price during happy hours.

You can customize these  sonic drinks by Add-Ons. You can ask for some creamer or flavored syrups in order to get a flavored drink.

Sonic Happy Hour Menu of Food

Here! Craving for some snacks or something that will give you a full feeling after your lunch and before your dinner you are craving for something salty that will excite your taste buds. 

Sonic has everything in their menu that can give you a relish meal and many  side snacks before your meal.

But here during sonic happy hours sonic got some  foods that can excite your taste buds and you can enjoy that after having a tiring day.

Let’s dive in to sonic food menu of Sonic happy hours:

cinnabon snacks
  • Onion RIngs
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Tater Tots
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Corn Dogs for just 99 cents
  • Cheese burger
  • Double meat and cheese Burger

Sonic offers these happy hours especially during summers in order to beat the firing heat. Where sonic prioritizes drinks and then the side snacks with those drinks. Here Sonic also got some tasty cheesy and meaty burgers for meat lovers. Who loves to have juicy burgers every time.

Sonic beats everything every time and leaves their customers happy with a big smile.

Sonic Happy Hour Menu Daily Specials With Prices:

Here sonic got something exciting for their daily happy hours. Where customers rave for happy hours and wait for happy hours impatiently. Sonic got this special happy hour menu with prices so you can choose something mouth watering after having information about happy hour menu of sonic:

Happy hour FoodNormal PriceHappy Hour Price
Sonic Limeades$2.59$1.30
Sonic Fruit Slushes$2.99$1.50
Sonic Candy Slushes$2.49$1.25
Sonic Corn Dog$1.29$1.00
Sonic Splash$2.19$1.10
Sonic Iced Tea$2.19$1.10
Sonic SOft Drinks$2.19$1.10

Best Sonic Daily Specials with Prices:

You need to make sure that Sonic happy hours are only available from 2PM to 4PM. Where you can get everything half-price and can enjoy your customized palettes. Here is the sonic best daily specials with discounted prices so you can choose any of your favorite after knowing about prices that won’t hurt your wallet:

  • Sonic Jr. Breakfast Burrito($1.19)
  • Sonic Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger($1.69)
  • Sonic Jr. Deluxe Burger ($1.39)
  • Sonic Double CheeseBurger($1.99)
  • Sandwich with chicken Strips(($1.49)
  • Sonic Grilled Cheese ($1.49)
  • Tater Tots ($1.19)
  • Fries ($1.19)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Cone ($1.00
  • Sonic Real Sundae ($1.99)

You need to make sure that sonic happy hours are available at your location. Because sonic happy hours are only available in particular locations. And prices may vary according to the location. So you need to check your location and the relevant menu of that happy hour in order to get a great deal without hurting your wallet.

Best Sonic Deals:

Sonic offers different combos and different tasty deals all over the day but these special happy hours are something a customer searches to satisfy their craving and for refreshment. 

These sonic happy hours with their  menu are different. As you can buy your favorite drinks at half price and enjoy them with your favorite mid-noon snacks. 

Sonic specially runs these kinds of discounts to make their customers happy. As they offer half-price burgers during happy hours so you can hangout with friends or you can enjoy a whole meal at half price all alone.

So sit under the sunsetting light, open the car window and enjoy your  meal with nature.

You can get sonic best deals and sonic happy hour deals also from Sonic app or through their official website as well.

The Perfect Combo Of Sonic Happy Hour Menu:

Here! Sonic got everything  and you can make it more jubilant by making your customizing combo with sonic inviting foods. You can customize your plate with a meaty cheesy burger and your favorite refreshing drink. That will boost you up and give you energy to move forward. 

You can make a combo of salty snacks such as Tater Tots with a refreshing limeade or a soft drink.

Additional Tips For Perfect Combo:

Here are some insider additional tips by which you can make a perfect combo and can enjoy your  meal;

  • When you are making a pair of your food during happy hours make sure to keep in mind every food taste so you can have healthiest and tastier food for yourself
  • By contrasting food and combining flavors can enhance the taste of overall food. Such as having a sweet drink with spicy burger will give a enhanced taste and excite your taste buds
  • Texture of drinks also plays an important role in your meal such as a creamy milkshake can give a silky and smoothie texture to your meal and if you will select a fizzy soda you will get a crispy feel.

Sonic has many wonderful things that will enhance the taste of your food so don’t hesitate when you are combining or contrasting your food with other ones as they will give a great taste to you.

Additional Tips For Maximizing your Savings At Sonic:

Here are some additional and useful tips in order to maximize your savings with sonic by having a  meal at half price during the happy hour sonic menu

sonic happy hours menu
  • Always keep an eye and stay up to date by exploring sonic pages and seeing what deals sonic do offering during their daily offers
  • You can also download sonic app for latest updates of sonic and other events where sonic offers exclusive discount that will sound too good to be true
  • Sign up with alert promotions in this way you will never miss an update with sonic and can enjoy every discounted meal without hurting your wallet.


Sonic happy hour menu is one of the best ways for gatherings and enjoying meals alone. Sonic happy hour menu has a wide range of drinks, slushes, burgers and many side snacks you can have with your meal. Sonic assured the wonderful taste of their food even during happy hours. So maximize your savings with sonic and start planning for a hangout with your friends between 2pm to 4pm so you can enjoy  deals with sonic without hurting your wallet.

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Sonic happy hour is the time when sonic offers refreshing drinks and  food and side snacks for half price

Sonic happy hours start from 2PM to 4PM where you can get food at discounted rates and can enjoy a great meal.

No, sonic don’t call it a happy hour time but sonic do offer discounted drinks and ice cream sundae after 8PM to Closing at half price.

Ocean water is a blue colored drink flavored with coconut made with sprite of coconut syrup.

No, the happy hour sonic menu is not available in all locations. So you need to make sure that happy hour sonic times menu is available at your location or nearby location.

Sadly no, but you can enjoy other refreshing drinks at sonic and sonic do offer discounted milkshakes the whole day with  combos. You can enjoy everything at sonic

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