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Looking for something like tangy dipping sauces that excites your tastes for more. Here sonic has a variety of dipping sauces for your snacks and meals that you can have to enhance the taste of your food.

This article is just a blast of flavors where you will get to know about different sonic’s dipping sauces that will leave your mouth watering. So let’s give it a start.

Classic Combinations Of Sonic Sauces From Sonic Menu

Here are some iconic sonic dipping sauces that you can try with every food item even with your snacks that make the food taste like heaven. Let’s explore sauces from sonic menu;

  • Ketchup has been the king of sauces for centuries as its tangy taste with tomato flavor sounds amazing with your snacks such as tots, fries and onion rings as well as with mozzarella cheese sticks.
  • Sonic’s Ranch dressing is a creamy option with all your snacks as well with burgers and sandwiches.
  • Sonic Mustard sauce tastes sharp and zesty taste in every bite you can have this with your chicken popcorns or this gonna give a spicy taste to your hot dog as well
  • Sonic’s Honey Mustard is perfect for those who choose sweet and tangy flavors in one sauce. As this is a perfect pairing for onion rings, breakfast burrito and your crispy tenders.

These classic sauces are perfect for each sonic menu item that you eat. Like you can have these dipping sauces with burgers, sandwiches and any other fast food item.

Sonic’s Unique Dipping Sauces Flavors

Besides classic sauces sonic do offer something different and delicious that gives spicy, zesty and tangy flavors to your food. Here are some unique flavored sauces that you will only get sonic

sonic sauces menu
  • If you are craving for a spicy kick then nothing is better than sonic’s Jalapeno Sauce which is gonna give you a spicy and fiery twist with every bite you can have this sauce with your burgers, burrito, sandwiches and many more.
  • Sonics Onion Rings Dipping Sauce is a perfect sauce for crispy onion rings it taste sweet and creamy especially made for onion rings
  • Sonic’s creamy Garlic Sauce is a perfect flavored sauce which gives garlic flavor in every bite. Bif you are looking for a garlicky flavor in your burger then this is a perfect sauce.

Sonic Seasonal Sauces

Here are some seasonal sauces options that you can try at sonic. As sonic always tries to give something different and delicious in their menu. They run limited time new items that customers love to have and some of them become permanent menu items here sonic also offers some seasonal sauces that you will love to try with your food.

sonic sauce
  • Extreme Habanero Heat is a next level spicy sauce that gonna spice up your taste buds as well
  • Sonic’s Garlic Parmesan is a perfect Italian sauce which tastes perfect with tater tots.
  • Looking for a solid topping for your jumbo chicken popcorn then nothing is better than a sonic Buffalo Sauce which is a perfect mixture of cayenne pepper, chipotle and red chili flakes.
  • Asian Sweet Chilli sauce is as perfect as its name is, which is a delicious spicy combination of sweet and spices that is made with lemongrass, soy sauce and red pepper flakes.

Sonic’s Other Dipping And Signature Sauces

Here are some of other dipping sauces that you can try with your food visiting sonic next time;

  • Sonic Signature sauce
  • BBQ sauce
  • Signature cheese sauce
  • Marinara sauce
  • Picante Sauce
  • Crave sauce
  • Fry sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cream cheese frosting

Calories Chart Of Sonic Sauces

Signature Cheese Sauce110
Sonic Signature Sauce100
BBQ Sauce40
Hickory BBQ Sauce30
Asian Sweet Chilli670—1020
Tree Top Apple Sauce For Kids45
Honey BBQ Sauce640
Buffalo Sauce620—940
Country Gravy70

Final Words

Sonic dipping sauces are different with every food item. As it enhances the taste of your food as well as gives a different symphony of flavors in every bite. Sonic sauces have the ability to satisfy your cravings with classic and unique sauces combinations. However, seasonal sauces have their own flavor. So next time you visit sonicdrive-in you must give a try to their dipping sauces along with your snacks or sonic menu items.


Sonic BBQ sauce is considered as most popular as it is loved by most customers. As well as their ranch sauces and honey mustard sauce is also popular among many customers.

It gives a unique flavor to your food. It changes the simple dish into a flavorful adventure

While choosing a food to eat or choosing a sauce for dressing you can’t use the word “Best”. As everyone has their own taste and mood.

Many dipping sauces pair perfectly with chicken tenders such as

  • Ranch
  • Ketchup
  • Honey mustard
  • For zesty spice jalapeno sauce.

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