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Looking to have some quick snacks for your midnight cravings. Sonic got you and offered a diverse menu of their sides and snacks that you can have anytime to satisfy your cravings.

In this article we will delve into the delicious menu of sonic sides where you will get to know about unseen gems of sonic sides which are beyond the onion rings and fries. So let’s give it a start;

Prices Of Sonic Sides Menu with Calories:

Sonic drive-in is not only famous due to its fast food services but also the prices of their fast food is pocket friendly so that you can enjoy any of your favorite food without breaking your bank.

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Here is the price chart of sonic sides that you can review before you dive into their delicious menu;

Sides ItemsPricesCalories
Ched R Bites$2.99280–450
Tots Or Fries$1.00—$2.09230–280
Onion Rings$1.99–$2.49330–380
Mozzarella Sticks$2.99220–280
Apple Slices$1.2935

Sonic’s Traditional Iconic Sides

Want to know about what sets sonic apart from other restaurants. It’s not only its delicious diverse menu but you will also get flavourful sides which are hidden classics of sonic which gonna make your experience amazing with sonic. So here are some must try sides of sonic;

  • Sonic Onion Rings which are healthy for vegan and you can try these if you are craving for something lite and yummy.
  • Sonic Fries are golden brown and full of crisp, crispy outer and fluffy inside gonna take you into another world of flavors. It’s gonna satisfy your cravings for something light and delicious with some salty taste. These must try fries can be tried with your favorite seasoning such as ketchup mustard or creamy mayonnaise. The most iconic with these fries is their traditional ranch dressing.
  • Sonic Tater Tots is a perfect alternative to fries. The taste of potatoes with crisp sounds is amazing.

Uncovering Sonic’s Tasty Mysteries

Want to know more about sonic sides which are gonna excite your taste buds and will leave you wanting for more. So let’s get into sonic’s delicious mysteries of sides where you will get following yummy sides to eat;

  • Sonic Mozzarella Sticks is a symphony of taste and deliciousness that you’re gonna get in every bite of mozzarella sticks. You will get a cheesy bite with crunchy outer.
  • Sonic Corn Dog is a delicious hot dog dipped in cornbread batter and perfectly fried in cooking until it gets crispy. This is an amazing side to satisfy your cravings that you can eat with cheese sauce, ranch dressing, mustard, or any of your favorite seasoning such as most of loved it to eat with ketchup and mustard which creates a great combination of spices and taste in one dish.

Spicy Findings Of Sonic Sides

Want to have something with spicy kick and blast of flavors here are some sonic findings that you can have to satisfy your spicy cravings;

  • Sonic Jumbo Chicken Popcorn is one of the best finds that you can enjoy even at midnight. These bite sized crispy chicken pieces are perfectly fried until it gets crispy and you can have them with any of sonics traditional sauces such as ketchup, mustard, honey mustard, ranch, or barbecue sauces are great pairings with your chicken popcorns.
  • Sonic’s Pretzel Bites is one of the most special items of sonic spicy sides that you can try with cheese sauce or any of your favorite dressing and sauce. This is a flavorful snack with little touch of sweet in the pretzel dough.

Unexpected Findings Of Sonic Sides

Looking for something cheesy and spicy in one bite here sonic got you and offering your their following items that you can try;

  • Sonic Chilli Cheese Fries: the savory potatoes fried to crisp and served with chili success and topped with cheese sound amazing.
  • Sonic Chilli Cheese Tater Tots is also a great finding where the crispy potatoes with chili cheese will get you into another world of taste and flavors.

You need to remember that prices of these items may vary according to location and branches as well the calories of each item will vary according to addition of toppings and sauces.

Additional Tips For Great Experience

Here are some of additional tips that you can follow in order to experience savory at sonic;

  • Don’t hesitate to ask about topping and extra sauces.
  • Visit sonic during happy hours so you can get some discounts over sonic drinks.
  • Try to use the sonic app for ordering this way you can redeem gifts and free food from the sonic app.

Final Thoughts

Sonic sides menu is something more than food. Its blast of different flavors and new items which are waiting for you to explore. So next time you visit sonicdrive-in you must try its side menu where you will not only get onion rings and extra crispy tater tots but also you can get something spicy like chili cheese fries. By trying these yummy findings from sonic your taste buds are gonna thank you.


You can get their delicious jumbo chicken popcorn as well as their chili cheese tater tots are loved by many customers.

You can get apple slices at Sonic as the healthiest option.

Somehow yes! You can add cheese on your sides but not more than that.

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