Sonic Blackout Slush Float

Looking to have something refreshing, exciting with some new kick of flavors? Here! Tie your seat belts and let’s explore the space of the sonic slush menu; where sonic has introduced a limited time edition of drink. 

This mysterious sonic limited time drink is a Sonic Blackout Slush Float which is rich in taste with a heaven of different flavors in one drink.

This article is all about the limited time edition of this gem, how you’re gonna get it, what’s the mystery of this drink. So let’s give it a start without waiting anymore;

Taste Of Sonic Blackout Slush Float

Curious about taste after seeing visuals of this black drink? Hold on! It’s just not an inky black flavored drink. It’s a blast of flavors where you will get Sweet, Cotton Candy And Dragon Fruit flavor in one cup of drink with whipped floating cream and cherry touch.

New Black out Slush Float (1)

Your taste buds will thank you for this invigorating, and blend of unusual drinks leave you wanting for more. This drink has the ability to amaze you in every sip.

Speciality And Availability Of Drink

Wondering what makes it special and refreshing! The Cotton Candy Flavor And Exotic Dragon Fruit flavor makes it special and freshening. The all black color will make you think about black sky or about the galaxy. And topping of creamy ice cream with colorful sprinkles gives you the vibe of stars.  Main theme of this blackout slush was given to celebrate the North American Total Solar Eclipse which is available till 5 May. you can grab this invigorating drink from sonic participating locations.

List Of Ingredients Of Sonic Blackout Slush

Brain craving to know about special ingredients that makes it special and mysterious like holding a black sky or galaxy with stars topping. Let’s talk about secret ingredients to unlock this curiosity of flavors;

  • Cotton Candy Flavor
  • Dragon Fruit Flavor
  • Creamy White Soft Ice Cream
  • All Black Slush Base
  • Sprinkles in Blue And Purple Shade To Give A Galaxy Touch to the drink.

Blackout Slush Float Of Sonic is made with these key ingredients. Which combines sweet and fruity flavor in one every sip and makes it a masterpiece. 

Sonic’s blackout slush float has a dark charcoal base which gives a visually striking black color which perfectly matches the black theme.

Price Of Sonic Eclipse Drink

Thinking about the price of this magical drink. Relax! Sonic menu prices are budget friendly where you can get anything without hurting your wallet. But if it comes to a theme limited edition menu. Sonic is too friendly with its customers. Sonic allows you to enjoy your special days with their special themed drinks.

Here is the prices chart of this amazing black drink;

Route 44$3.99

Remember! That these prices are estimated as they may fluctuate according to location and branches. Also make sure to ask before buying regarding availability of this drink. Sonic is offering this special drink at participating locations.

Experience Of More Than A Drink

Sonic Blackout Slush Float is a delicious experience which is more than a tasty drink. This is a great option during summers to beat up the sizzling hot summer, a refreshing drink after a tiring day. This drink is a great partner for stargazing.

Sonic BlackOut Slush Float (1)

Don’t forget about the bonus! While buying this yummy slush drink. Sonic is offering free solar eclipse viewing glasses to view the great solar eclipse.

Side Snacks With Black Drink

Sonic is also offering side snacks with your drink. Like you can have crispy tenders for just $1.99 in two flavors: cheesy baja and hickory BBQ flavor. Which tastes amazing with a drink.

Additional Tip

Here is the pro tip which can help you with your sonic menu. You can download the sonic App in order to ease your life where you can pre order your food and pick it up on time, you can get notification regarding exclusive deals, newly discovered items and you can also redeem awards by ordering food from sonic. After completing the points you can also get a free drink or food.

Final Thoughts

Sonic blackout slush float is a delicious blend of dragon fruit flavor and cotton candy flavor with a strong black base which gives you a vibe of dark sky while the floated ice cream with colored sprinkles give you a vibe of the galaxy and shining stars overall the black slush experience with sonic is amazing. This is a themed drink which is available till 5 May. you can get it from many sonic locations but it would be better to check it from the sonic app.

Why are you waiting? Just start your car and drive toward sonic. Try this mysterious secret of sonic which is gonna take you into another world of galaxy and stars.


No! Mostly it offers slush in one or two sizes which is small or route 44.

Don’t hesitate after knowing about black color. It’s not an inky black color, it’s a blend of dragon fruit and cotton candy flavor which tastes sweet and yummy.

This is white sweet ice cream with colorful sprinkles which gives a vibe of a star galaxy.

Yes! You can get free solar eclipse glasses for free for a limited time as well as this drink is available till 5 May.

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