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Welcome food lovers! The sonic special has something more exciting for you. If you want to beat the summer heat and your wallet needs a sigh of relief then sonic 2 for $5 is really a good option. Where you can get any of your favorite food from an organized menu for just $5. 

Here you can get a burger with a drink or a hot dog with your burger. You can mix and match according to your taste and desire. This delicious 2 for $5 deal is a good thing where you can satisfy your cravings without compromising on taste.

sonic 2 for $5 menu

In this article we will discuss the menu of 2 for $5 deal which is a limited time offer in 2024 as well as some great tips to get your favorite thing on time from sonic. So let’s dive into the menu of the Sonic special 2 for $5 deal in order to satisfy your cravings and to tantalize your taste buds.

Get Adventurous Taste For Just $5

This buy one get one free deal sounds amazing where you can create your own yummy combinations of food by mixing and matching your desired foods and drinks. You can beat the summer heat by getting your 2 favorite drinks for just $5. Or you can satisfy your hungry stomach by having a double cheeseburger with chicken popcorn.

Here are some menu items you can get during $5 deal;

Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger

SuperSONIC_Double_Cheese burger

A delicious double cheeseburger which is a combination of two juicy beef patties with two american cheese slices topped with pickle and tomato with sauces of mustard and ketchup which gives an adventurous and zesty taste with each bite.

Fritos Chilli Cheese Wrap


A soft warm footlong coney wrapped on crunchy Fritos chips, with harmonical blend of chili and melted cheddar cheese tastes amazing with every bite.

Chicken Popcorn

sonic chicken popcorn

You can get these yummy jumbo chicken popcorns to get a yummy salty treat for yourself. The crispy golden brown crispy popcrons of fresh white chicken tastes amazing.

You can explore the world of culinary happiness with delectable flavors of sonic 2 for $5 menu. You can satisfy your hunger with customized orders at sonic that will leave you wanting for more.

Sonic’s Vegetarian Options in 2 for $5 Deal Of 2024

Here! Sonic has something for everyone sonic not only offers beef and chicken items but also has some vegan options for the people. Where you can get following menu;

  • You can get a delicious veggie burger with a pattie made with vegetables and topped with your favorite veggies and onions.
  • Here sonic does offer some snacks and sides which are veggie friendly such as fries, onion rings, and tots.

All these are vegetarian friendly choices that you can have if you are looking for something healthy. Moreover, Sonic does offer some salads that you can have in order to maintain your diet.

Magic Of Mix And Match

As sonic always tries to provide something exciting to their customers every time. Here! Sonic offers you mix and matching options with their amazing deal of 2 for $5.

You can select any of your favorite combo of food for $5 from the given menu of sonic.

You can get any of your favorite drinks with fries or you can give yourself a sweet creamy treat by having a large cup of sonic blast.

Sonic has many options of mixing and matching in their menu by which you can create hundreds of combos of your food by yourself.

Here are some food combos you can try while visiting sonic for 2 for $5 deal;

  • You can have ocean water of any flavor with a juicy cheeseburger.
  • You can take a cherry limeade which is the most demanding drink at sonic with spicy Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.
  • In order to get something sweet and spicy you can combine strawberry limeade with chili cheese Fritos.
  • If you are looking for something light and refreshing then you can surely go with sparkling lime water with crispy chicken sandwich.

All these freshening combos are amazing to beat the summer heat and to beat your hunger. You can have anyone according to your desire for just $5 which is a great deal with your wallet.

Ways To Order Sonic 2 For $5 Menu Online

Here are some easy ways to get your food early without any trouble. In this section we will discuss about ways to order you discounted meal online;

  • Simply visit sonic website or use the sonic app.
  • Set your location.
  • Select 2 for $5 menu from given options.
  • Select your desired food.
  • Schedule the pickup time after paying safely for your order.
  • Drive your car toward sonic at the selected time in order to get your order.

Additional Tips To Maximize Your Savings

Here are some pro tips you can try in order to maximize your savings;

  • You can simply share this 2 for $5 deal with your friend this way your fun will be doubled with your savings you both can enjoy two in one way. 
  • You can download a sonic app to maximize your savings by getting deals and coupons.
  • Some sonic locations offer different sonic deals with add-ons and many more options so you need to keep an eye on your nearest sonic restaurant in order to get discounted deals.

Final Thoughts

Sonic’s this special deal is an exciting knock on food lovers door. As they can enjoy any of their favorite deals without hurting their wallet and without compromising on taste.

You can mix and match the options of food in order to make your own food combinations which is a really great option only offered by sonic. Where you can enjoy any of your favorite drinks with your favorite burger or sandwich as well as you give a try to veggie burger which is specially for vegetarians. Sonic doesn’t compromise on customer satisfaction so it always tries to give their best in the form of good food and great deals. You should also not miss out on sonic promo codes.

This sonic 2 for $5 menu is a delightful deal to satisfy your cravings and give good taste to your taste buds without hurting your wallet. Note down that sonic closes near about 1 am in every city.


Many food lovers and sonic customers have some questions regarding sonic 2 for $5 menu deals of 2024. So we organized this section specially to answer your all concerned questions;

This is a great deal offered by sonic in 2024 where you can get any of your two favorite food items from a given sonic menu for just $5.

Yes sonic is offering a $5 deal in 2024 where you can get any of your favorite cheeseburgers with your favorite water or limeade. Or you can combine any two items in order to make a match for $5.

The grilled cheeseburger made with beef patty covered with two cheese slices grilled on Texas toast and topped with ketchup mustard and finely chopped onions covered with warm soft brown bun. You can get this juicy burger for just $3.99 and in order to make a combo of $5 you can add any small drink to enhance the taste of your burger.

Sonic does have a secret menu which is not officially announced yet. But you can customize or can request for that item in person.

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