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Looking for something refreshing with a new taste and tangy flavor! Here! Sonic got you and is offering you a pink drink which was serving as their secret menu. A flavorful combination of sprite with cherry limeade and vanilla flavor topped with sweet whipped cream and cherry.

This sonic pink drink tastes like heaven and will take you into another world where you will feel like a cool breeze is passing by you and sound sea waves in your ears will give you a freshening feel.

In this article we will delve into the secret of sonic pink lady drink, its making, and many more you will get to know about the sonic drinks menu. So let’s get started!

History Of Sonic Pink Drink

In 2009 sonic started this program for the public education sector and now over $26 million is going for educational purposes. History behind the sonic pink drink is that it got famous because of customers’ creativity so sonic launched the secret drink with the name of sonic pink lady which is the most famous drink among customers due to its tangy and sweet flavor. As it gains popularity as a pink limeade it indirectly gives benefit to the public education sector.

As sonic started an organization for learning program with the name of SONIC Limeade Learning where if you will buy any limeade its initiative will be considered as a public education donation.

Making Of Sonic Pink Drink

Want to know about the making of sonic pink lady drink! Sonic’s pink drink is also known as pink lady drink among customers. Here! We will dive into the making of this secret drink in order to know more about the ingredients and the taste of the drink. So next time whenever you visit sonic you don’t let go without having this master drink from sonic.

sonic drink pink

A delicious mixture of cherry limeade and blend of strawberries mixed with sprite and vanilla flavor then topped with smooth whipped cream and a cherry. This iconic drink sets on another level. And will leave you wanting for more.

Here are the secret ingredients that make this classic drink more amazing. 

  • Cherry Flavor, Cherry Limeade, Cherry Syrup
  • Cranberry Juice, Cranberry Concentrate
  • Sprite
  • Whipped Cream
  • Cherry
  • Other flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and many more according to your desire.

The making of this iconic drink is amazing as cranberry juice with mostly removed water mixed with sprite and cherry limeade and lemonade touch is necessary to balance the tanginess of the drink then topping whipped and sweet cream creates an amazing drink to quench your thirst. All these ingredients are blended with a slush base which is made of crushed ice, and sugar.

These sonic limeades are all about creativity and mixing the matching process makes it more iconic. Sonic don’t discourage these creative ideas and appreciate their customers for this.As this drink was launched due to creative ideas of customers they made it by mixing and matching and then got popular among the USA. 

Recipe Of Sonic Pink Lady Drink

Here is the unique recipe of your most favorite and iconic sonic drink. You can follow this and make your own creation of taste;

  • 1 cup of Sprite
  • Cranberry juice or syrup
  • Cherry Limeade
  • 1 tbs of vanilla flavor
  • Whipped cream
  • Cherry for toppings

Directions To Make Recipe

Pour sprite in glass with cranberry juice and cherry limeade along with vanilla cream. Mix some ice cubes in order to give a refreshing cool touch to your delicious pink lady drink.

This drink is for those who crave for something sweet and tangy in one glass. You can have it to beat the coming summer heat and refresh yourself for the day.

Customize Sonic’s Pink Lady Drink

Here sonic do offer you customization option for this pink drink in order to enjoy it and create nostalgic memories;

You can customize this drink with strawberry and raspberry syrup instead of cherry or cranberry or you can customize it according to your own choice and taste.

You can also swap vanilla cream with lemonade to create the tangiest flavor in order to excite your taste buds.

Combinations With Sonic’s Pink Drink

Here are some of food combinations from sonic menu you can try with your supreme pink drink;

sonic pink lady
  • Cheeseburger and Your iconic drink
  • Tater tots as a side
  • Classic american hot dog 
  • Onion rings
  • Corn Dog
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Chicken popcorns

These are the main most wanted items asked by customers with amazing drinks as you can select any of your favorite food with your drink in order to make a delicious combo and you can leave it in the comment section in order to let us know about your opinion and liking. We will really appreciate your combinations. As this is the most iconic way to create something new and creative.

Ways To Order Sonic Pink Lady Drink Online/ In Person

Here are some of convenient ways you can follow to order your drink from sonic;

In Person

You can simply drive your car to the nearest sonic location and make an order by asking the sonic employee about their secret pink lady drink. They will surely know about it and will proceed with your order now to drive toward the next window to receive and for the payment purposes.

Through Website Or App

If you are looking for quick service when you drive toward sonic you can simply order your food or drink through sonic website and be on time at sonic in order to receive your order.

This way you can conveniently get your order without any wait. Here is a step by step guide to order your food from sonic;

  • Open sonic App/ Website
  • Scroll and select your food items and add to cart
  • Now submit your order after save payment process
  • Select your desired time when you want to receive your food
  • Drive your car toward sonic on the selected time in order to receive your order.

This way you can save your precious time and you will get your order without waiting in long queues and without any process you will simply get your food bag and you can enjoy it wherever you want to.

SONIC Celebrating “Grease” Series And Supporting Education Through sales; Sonic’s Special Pink Lady Drink:

  • Sonic teamed up with paramount+ in order to celebrate the new series of “Grease:Rise Of Pink Ladies”
  • Sonic specially created this pink drink with mixture of cherry, vanilla, cranberry juice and sprite topped with cream by getting inspired from pink ladies
  • Sonic do support the public education sector with their organization of limeades for learning initiative.
  • This way a portion of slushes, shakes, drinks goes toward this donation purposes


Sonic’s secret menu item such as pink lady drink sonic is famous among customers due to its iconic mixture of cherry limeade with cranberry juice sprite and vanilla syrup topped with whipped cream and cherry. This tangy and sweet drink is blast of refreshment you can try in order to beat the summer heat

Besides this drink there is a secrecy that sonic launched this drink to celebrate “GREASE” new season inspired by pink ladies. Sonic do support public education sectors as well as they do donate more than $26 million to public education for their classroom, for their education and for their projects.


Sonic pink lady drink is an iconic mixture of sprite with cherry limeade, cranberry juice, vanilla flavor and topping of whipped cream in a glass that sounds amazing and tastes outclass.

It absolutely tastes great. I choose this drink and customize it with cherry flavor, sweet whipped cream, some vanilla syrup and cranberry juice with a topping of whipped cream wow! tastes like heaven. Highly recommended.

Yes! You can surely get this amazing drink throughout the year.

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