sonic fried cookie dough

Looking to indulge into a bit-sized bliss. Where chocolate and doughy texture melts into your mouth. Look no further! Sonic has something like their “Fried Cookie Dough” which is a blast of crisp with melted chocolate chips inside. That will leave you wanting for more.

A bite of fried cookie dough with sonic’s real ice cream sounds amazing and will take you into another world or flavors with every bite. Have you ever tried sonic cookie dough blast from the sonic blast menu? That’s amazing and now that crispy crunch is available in fried cookie dough.

In this article we will delve into the sonic fried cookie dough’s nutritional information and taste in order to let you know whether they are worth your money or not. Let’s get started;

Bites Of Sonic Fried Cookie Dough

Imagine! Having a bite sized crispy bite with warm gooey interior and chocolate melted into your mouth with every bite. Sounds amazing! Sonic is offering you such a delicious deal which is pocket friendly with a blast of trio taste where you will get a crispy exterior perfectly golden fried and the warm gooey interior with melted chocolate chips comes with one cup of sonic vanilla ice cream that enhances its taste.

Just take a bite sized bliss in the shape of cookie dough and take its bite along with sonic vanilla ice cream. Your sweet tooth will thank you for this wonderful treat.

Revealing Mysteries Behind Sonic Fried Cookie Dough Bites

These safe and satisfying cookie dough bites are more than a dessert. Sonic just simplifies their sweet treat with this amazing gooey goodness. These are not just cookie dough chunks. These cookie dough bites are an experience of crispy golden exterior with soft and raw cookie stuff inside which is perfectly cooked and the raw cookie material that most of us ate as a child sneakily.

These cookie dough bites are worth your money. You can have it and enjoy it according to your taste. You can have it alone or you can enjoy it with sonic’s vanilla ice cream.

Price Of Sonic Cookie Dough Bites

These amazing golden crispy bites are really budget friendly that will melt into your mouth and leave you wanting for more without hurting your wallet;

Cookie Dough BitesPriceCalories
3PCs Per Serving$2.99440

Appearance Of Sonic Fried Cookie Dough

If you are curious about the appearance of fried cookie dough at first sight you will find it tempting. The pleasant bite-sized round shape with golden crisp looks appetizing. In order to give you a great dessert experience sonic serves it to you in a paper tray so that these cookie dough bites stay crispy and warm.

Taste Of Sonic’s Cookie Dough Bites

sonic cookie dough bite

Want to know what it’s gonna taste like before you try it. Here! A golden brown exterior fried to golden perfection with great crisp contains a warm mushy interior with melted chocolate chips in every bite and when you will have these bites will sonic’s vanilla ice cream that is gonna enhance the taste of your dessert 2x.

Nutritional Information Of Fried Cookie Dough Bites

Here you can get its nutritional information. As most people don’t like to have fried items as they disturb their diet. But this fried cookie dough is something else. You will find these amazing cookie dough without grease and you can enjoy the 3pcs without any hesitation which gonna satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Here is the nutritional information in order to let you know about what it actually contains;

NutrientsAmount Per Serving
Saturated Fat9g

You must keep in mind that all this nutritional information is estimated. If you will add a single add-ins it’s gonna increase the calories count as well as other nutrients also.

In Sonic’s desserts menu this is the healthiest option that you can enjoy in order to satisfy your sweet crave without hurting your health and budget.

Benefits Of Choosing Sonic’s Fried Cookie Dough Bites

Here are some of benefits explained of choosing this flavorful sweet treat;

sonic cookie dough bites
  • This is an iconic sweet treat on sonic menu that will indulge fun and joy in budget friendly
  • You can enjoy this classic cookie dough without fearing about raw eggs
  • The most important thing about this amazing cookie dough is its exterior which is golden brown with lots of crispy and fries to perfection
  • You can have it as a quick snack and can enjoy it with a cup of ice cream which gives you a perfect experience of dessert in just $2.99.
  • Non-greasy and light snack

Additional Tip To Enjoy Fried Cookie Dough

Here! I have a Pro Tip for you to enjoy your crispy dessert. You can mash your crispy cookie dough bites and mix it with sonic’s ice cream. The flavor that you gonna get will keep away the sonic blast as well. So whenever next time you visit sonic give it a try and leave that in comment to let me know about your experience.

Sometime! Messing with food and creating it in your own way creates an amazing taste and it’s really fun also. It’s like customizing or topping your cookie dough over ice cream. The mixing matching process is fun. So enjoy your bite sized cookie dough this way as well.

Create Combos With Fried Cookie Dough Bites

Want to have something salty and crispy with your crispy cookie dough. Sonic has something for everyone. You can get an explosion of crispy in the form of sweet and salty treats by following the given options.

  • Your bites of cookie dough with tater tots.
  • Chicken popcorns
  • If you are looking to have a full meal you can surely go with sonic’s juicy cheeseburger which is amazing on its own.
  • Want to have something refreshing with your sweet treat then you can try the most demanding sonic drink which is sonic pink drink that people love to have with their food.
  • Want to have it as your breakfast you can surely try sonic’s iced tea or coffee with your cookie dough bites.

You can create your own pairs with our favorite food from the sonic menu which is fun and a blast of taste. These are memorable things you should do and make yourself creative.

Remember that these sonic’s fried cookie dough bites are seasonal so keep checking your sonic website or sonic App in order to know about updates. You can also follow sonic’s official channels in order to stay tuned.

Reviews And Reactions Over Sonic Cookie Dough Bites

Here are some of the most wonderful reactions we got from the public regarding these fried cookie dough bites were some of them reviewed on their youtube channels or many other social media platforms. In short people are loving to have this amazing dessert;

If we talk about Public Reaction, many food enthusiasts are loving to have these bites as well as a lot of bloggers are posting on their social media platforms and giving exciting reactions. People who were away from fried items are loving to try this dessert.

Here comes Public Reviews that are super amazing;

  • Those Cookie bites are like to stairway to heaven
  • I was bit curious first, but now i am ordering it with my every meal
  • This is a great addition to the sonic dessert menu. Not too sweet a perfect combination.

Most of the public is loving this new item over the sonic menu but some are asking for less greasy and some more stuff in dough.

Final Thoughts

Sonic fried cookie dough bites are an exciting creation on the sonic menu. That excites the taste buds of customers with gooey and warm texture from inside and golden crisp outside leaving you wanting for more.

The amazing public reactions and reviews will force you to try once and the appearance and taste of this yummy cookie dough is gonna push you to have it with every meal. So next time when you visit sonic you must try their cookie dough bites and share your experience.


Yes! Sonic is serving these fried bites. As it’s not officially announced on the sonic menu but you can have one by asking about these bites.

No! Sonic hasn’t made any kind of official announcement regarding this. You can enjoy one at sonic drive-in by asking about cookie dough blast.

In order to know more about sonic cookie dough bites you can simply visit your nearest sonic location as well as you can visit sonic website or sonic app for exclusive deals and combos.

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