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Craving for something creamy, cool and thick during hot summer in order to refresh yourself than nothing is better than sonic blasts. The sonic blasts are something that will take you into another with each sip the creamy dreamy world where a cup of blast which is full of creamy and thick consistency with different colors of chocolate M&Ms or oreo chunks.

Yes! Sonic do offer such kinds of exciting flavors in their blasts. Sonic is not only famous for its fast food and car-hop services but sonic drinks and especially sonic creamy blasts hold a special place in everyone’s heart.

In this article we will discuss the sonic blast menu and prices as well as we will let you know about the common question that customers ask: what is sonic blast? So let’s dive into the menu of sonic blast and its prices as well as you can get nutritional information of each blast so that you can have one without breaking your diet routine.

Experience The Updated Sonic Blast Menu

Sonic blast is not only famous for its creamy and thick consistency with delicious taste but they are also budget friendly. you can have one to satisfy your cravings or you can refresh yourself with a cool drink during sizzling summer.

sonic blast

Let’s dive into the menu and flavors of sonic blast so that you can choose one after having complete information and ideas about a menu which is really budget friendly and you can enjoy one without any hesitation.

  • Vanilla 
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter
  • Oreo Cookie Blast
  • Sonic Classic Snicker Blast
  • Blue Raspberry Starburst
  • Jolly Rancher
  • Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Pieces
  • Mango Madness

Just imagine that you are going through all these flavors and want to have one. Sonic has something for everyone. This diverse range of sonic menu blast has the ability to tantalize your taste buds.

Prices Of Sonic Blast menu With Nutritional Information

Here are the prices of the sonic blast menu with a wide range of flavors and sizes. Not that you will get to know about calories of every blast so you can have it without breaking your diet and can satisfy your cravings without breaking your bank balance.

sonic blast image

Let’s dive into the sonic blast menu of prices with updates flavors and calories:

Sonic BlastsMiniSmallMediumLargeCalories
Classic Blast$2.89$3.39$4.09$5.49200-500
Master Blast$3.39$3.89$4.59$5.99500-700

Prices of these sonic blasts may vary according to the location and branches. As well as the mentioned calories are estimated.

Top 8 Most Favorite Sonic Blast Flavors

Here are some of the best picks from the sweet delight of sonic blast which are mentioned below. You can have any of them in order to get a refreshing feel. So let’s dive into the sonic top picked blasts that are budget and calories friendly;

Sonic’s Chocolate Trick Or Treat Blast

Chocolate Lovers! Here! Sonic has something to satisfy your craving  for creamy and chocolate drinks. Yes sonic has an exciting chocolate blast which is an iconic mixture of Mini M&M’s, Heath, and pieces of oreo cookies blended with soft creamy chocolate. But it’s not ending here sonic will give you creamy and crunchy flavor in every bite by sprinkling more Heath and M&M’s as a topping.

Sonic’s Oreo Cookie Blast

sonic oreo blast

Here is the most chunky and creamy blast that will melt into your mouth and will give you a refreshing feel with every sip. This yummy blast is the tasty mixture of oreo cookie with classic vanilla ice cream and milk that gives a chunky and thick consistency to the blast. Not only this it will be topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

Sonic’s Vanilla Trick And Treat Blast:

Vanilla Trick and Treat Blast is a yummiest blend of M&M’s, Heath Toffee, Oreo Cookies with real vanilla ice cream which is an exact delight for your taste buds.

Sonic’s Turtle Truffle Nuts Blast

This Sonic’s Turtle Truffle Nuts Blast is a creamy blend of fresh almonds with chocolate truffles with caramel filling blended with vanilla ice cream. The fun is not ending here. There will be delicious toppings of almonds and caramel in order to give a sweet thrill to your sweet treat.

Sonic’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blast

sonic peanut butter blast

Here sonic has something special for peanut butter lovers. This flavorful blast is a creamy mixture of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with real vanilla ice cream. Not only this you will get toppings of peanut butter cups to feel a crunchy and creamy flavor.

Sonic’s Chocolate Brownie Chunk Blast

The deliciousness of the whole world is filled in this one cup. This yummy chocolate chunk brownie blast is a mixture of chocolate brownie and chocolate pieces blended with cream vanilla ice cream to give you a delicious delight of chocolate.

Sonic’s M&M’s Chocolate Candy Blast

sonic choclate candies blast

This iconic blast is colorful and gives you the joy of a rainbow with every sip. As this is surely for M&M’s lovers, it is blended with vanilla ice cream that will give you a creamy and chocolaty taste with every bite.

Sonic’s Chocolate Chips Cookie Dough Blast

The real feel for chocolate lovers is here. This chocolate chip cookie dough blast is a creamy blend of chocolate chip cookie dough with vanilla ice cream.

Difference Between Regular Sonic Blast And Master Sonic Blast

Here is the difference between sonic’s regulars blasts and master blasts so that you can have one according to your desire;

Regular blast

  • Regular blast contain primary ingredients
  • Vanilla ice cream with mixture of candy pieces, cookies and fruits 
  • Estimated calories of 200-500 
  • Budget friendly less than $5.00

Master Blast

  • Premium ingredients
  • Caramel drizzle, brownie chunks, cheesecake
  • You can customize it according to your desire and taste
  • Estimated calories range from 500-700
  • They are bit more expensive than regular blasts

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips you can follow to get a blast according to your desire;

sonic blast flavors
  • Ask for customization at sonic drivein by asking about your favorite add-ins
  • Ask for any deal or discounts
  • You can drive your car toward sonic during happy hours as you will get half priced drinks from 2pm to 4pm.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for extra whipped cream for topping or some extra chocolate for chocolate lovers.
  • you can also get your favorite blasts by using your sonic gift card balance.


As you have a clear map toward sonic blasts so now you can have one according to your desire in order to satisfy your sweet cravings. This creamy combination of sonic ice cream with different flavors will give you an innovative taste. And by knowing about nutritional facts and prices of each blast you can have one without hurting your wallet. Enjoy sweet treats and satisfy your cravings with a refreshing feel. If you are also curious about the calories intake of sonic blasts read our complete sonic nutrition menu article


You can get a regular sonic blast in a medium cup for just $4.09. And the master blast will be for $4.59.

You need to remember that these prices may vary according to the location so make sure to check your accurate location’s menu.

Here is the guide to get the promo code;

  • In order to exclusive deal download sonic app
  • For regular updates and coupons joining sonic email
  • In order to know about announcements and giveaways you need to stay in touch with sonic’s social media accounts.
  • In order to get up to date information about promotions, view your nearest sonic restaurant.

Yes as compared to regular sonic shake blast is thicker and creamy in consistency with premium ingredients of chocolates chunks and cookies that enhance taste of blast. This is a chill thrill for the refreshment and to beat up the summer heat.

We can not say it as a drink as it is thick and creamy in consistency and you have to use a spoon to eat that. It’s like ice cream which is blended with different flavors to give you a yummy and adventurous taste. But if it’s melted away you can take it as a drink.

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