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Have you heard about dirty drinks? Sonic made it a trend where you can mix coconut, cream and lime with any of your favorite soda such as dr. pepper and Fanta to make it dirty. Sonic started this in order to change the taste of flavors but social media and food enthusiasts made it trend and people love to have these “Dirty Sodas”. 

Sonic named these soda drinks as dirty drinks because of mixing and matching of other ingredients by which you can have a great flavor. Influencer and social media users are appreciating sonic dirty drinks on social media for their creative and mouth watering drink combination.

In this article we will delve into the myth of sonic dirty drink and what it actually tastes like. So let’s dive-in;

List Of Sonic Dirty Drinks

Here is the list of dirty drinks at sonic that you can give a try while visiting sonic and order it by asking “Make It Dirty”;

make your sonic drink dirty
  • Dr. Pepper Dirty
  • Orange Fanta Dirty 
  • Diet Coke Dirty
  • Sprite Dirty
  • Coca-cola Dirty
  • Barq’s Root Beer Dirty
  • Coca-cola Zero Sugar Dirty

You need to remember that availability of these drinks vary by location so make sure to check your precise location first before ordering.

Options Of Combination Of Sonic Soft Drinks To Make It Dirty

Here are some options from the sonic soft drinks menu that you can have and try it by making it dirty. All these soft drinks can go with the mixture of coconut, lime and cream which tastes like heaven. So let’s explore the list of soft drinks to make out dirty and enjoy it in order to refresh yourself;

  • Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush
  • Ocean Water
  • Fanta Orange
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch
  • Sprite
  • Barq’s Root Beer
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Coca-Cola All Flavors

You can get all these sonic drinks by making it a dirty option. You can also get exclusive deals and promo codes by using the sonic app as well as you can also get to know more about sonic drinks from the sonic website.

Price Of Dirty Drinks At Sonic

The price of sonic drinks may vary according to location. But the “Make it Dirty” option will cost you $1.30 where you can add coconut, lime and cream as your add-on to get a dirty drink. This option is available for Limited Time  where Sonic allows their customers to make it dirty according to their own choice so grab it before it ends.

Ways To Order Dirty Drinks From Sonic

Here is the easy guide for you for ordering dirty drinks from sonic. By following this guide you won’t face any kind of trouble while ordering drink from sonic;

  • You can visit your local sonic location or you can open your sonic website or mobile app.
  • Choose your desire/favorite soda or slush such as Dr. Pepper or Orange Fanta
  • Now! Choose the “Make It Dirty” option and select coconut, lime and cream which gonna make the taste of your drink like heaven
  • After making any other desired customization confirm your order
  • Now complete the purchasing process and pick up your dirty soda drink from sonic.

Now enjoy your customized refreshing drink with a tropical twist of lime, coconut and cream.

Reviews Of Sonic’s Dirty Drinks

Here is my personal review of a dirty drink from sonic that I tried!. Regular customers as well as newcomers are loving it. As this gives you a totally changed flavor which is gonna give you a refreshing and peaceful vibe in every sip.

I tried this newly introduced dirty soda which is a delicious blend of coconut, lime and cream. Its taste is a refreshing and delicious alternative to regular sodas. 


Sonic introduced “Dirty Drinks” which is a great alternative to regular sodas where you can add coconut, lime and cream into your soda or slush in order to give it a tropical taste which will refresh you after a tiring day. For a refreshing take on classic flavors, Sonic’s dirty soda is worth trying if you’re looking for something new to drink. So next time you visit sonic you must try these sonic dirty drinks. It tastes amazing and is really convenient!.


In general, cocktails such as an olive brine-infused Dirty Martini are considered dirty drinks. For Sonic, this means that blend of coconut, cream and lime into soda to create a creamy and tasty drink.

Sonic’s dirty drinks allows customers to add coconut, lime and cream into their soda or slush or any other drink that they want to have and gives it a tropical taste which sounds creamy and flavorful.

It means that you can customize your drink and turn it into a dirty drink by mixing and adding options such as coconut, cream and lime into your soft drink to make it dirty.

Yes! Sonic introduced “Blackout Slush Float” which is a delicious drink and you must try it at night which is gonna give you a vibe of star gazing.

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