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If you are craving for fast food or want to eat something sweet that will satisfy your taste buds, what better choice than sonic then? No matter if you are looking for a cheesy burger, crumbly onion rings or want to have a refreshing drink. The Sonic menu covered everything. So hurry up before it’s too late that you have to wait for another day because sonic closing hours are between 11 pm to 1 am.

In this article we will discuss thoroughly what time does sonic close in order to assure that you never miss any updates and deals from sonic.

As sonic is one of the 11th top ranked restaurants in America due to its fast food taste and unique drive-in car-hop services. So in order to satisfy your cravings it is important to know about sonic operating hours and closing hours.

When does Sonic Drive-In Open?

Typically sonic starts serving between 6AM to 8AM. Where you can get a huge variety of breakfast menus. You can get any lighter breakfast drink in order to start a refreshing morning.

Which Time does Sonic Close?

For sonic food lovers it is a really crucial question that what time does sonic close or stop serving. Here will be a complete guide on sonic working and closing hours. These hours vary depending on the location.

Mainly sonic close time starts from 11pm to 1am. But this time varies according to location. Many Sonic restaurants offer 24/7 food delivery services.

What is tonight closing hours of Sonic 2024?

In order to know your exact closing hours of your nearby sonic restaurant you must check the outlet of sonic.

But mainly sonic close and stop serving between 11PM to 1AM.

What time does sonic close its breakfast servings?

Typically on normal weekdays sonic sonic breakfast hours between 11AM to 12PM. But during weekends it mainly varies according to location. But general weekend time starts from 7AM to 8AM and stops At 1PM.

What is Sunday closing time at Sonic?

On weekends and especially on sunday sonic normally stops serving and closes its doors at 1AM.

However due to variation in timing according to locations or branches you need to check the sonic outlet directly in order to get correct updates.

What is the closing time of Sonic Drive-Thru?

Sonic mainly stops serving food between 12AM to 1AM. But it varies according to locations, branches and cities. So it is really necessary for you to check the sonic outlet directly in order to get the accurate information of sonic closing hours.

Here are some cities mentioned below with their closing time so you can have some idea about working and closing hours of sonic.

  • Los Angeles CA, stops serving at 12AM
  • Chicago IL, Stops serving at 11PM
  • New York NY, stops their food servings at 12AM
  • Huston TX, closed its doors at 12AM
  • Atlanta GA, closes at 11PM

What is Sonic close time during the week?

During weekdays, sonic closes its restaurant at 12AM to 1AM.

But it is highly suggested that you check your nearby sonic location in order to get that exact closing time.

What is the closing time of sonic in Texas?

Mainly Sonic in Texas closes its doors between 11PM to 12AM but it can also depend on the locations and branches. You need to check the texas outlet of sonic in order to get the precise closing time.

What are the closing hours of Sonic on Monday?

Typically on monday sonic ends its serving between 12AM to 1AM.

So in order to get a nostalgic drive toward sonic you must check precise location so you can know about exact closing timings.

How much time Sonic keeps open on tuesday?

Mainly on Tuesday sonic applies the same timings for closing. But in particular locations this time varies and some of sonic restaurants offer 24/7 hours services to their customers in order to give a big smile on their face.

Does sonic remain close on holidays?

It depends whether the sonic branch is company operated or owned by any individual. Read our complete guide on sonic holiday hours.

What time does sonic close on wednesday?

The closing hours on wednesday may vary depending on your location. Many restaurants offer long service.

But on Wednesday it mainly closes at 1AM.

Which time Sonic stops serving on Thursday?

On Thursday it mainly stops serving by 12AM to 1AM. But you can get an accurate time by having a check on nearby sonic outlets.

Which time does sonic close on friday night?

On Friday Nights Sonic stops serving at 12AM to 1AM.

In order to satisfy your cravings with sonic you must check the precise timings by checking sonic outlets.

What is the closing time of sonic on weekends?

On weekends sonic mainly extends its timings in order to give extra delicious time to their food lovers. Who loves to visit sonic on weekends for hangouts or alone.

So on weekends sonic mainly stops serving by 1AM to 2AM.

Which time Sonic closes near me?

Sonic Drive-In Closing Hours Of All American States 2024

Here is the comprehensive guide on what time does sonic close in America. By which you can get a complete overview of sonic closing hours.

sonic closing hours
American StatesSonic RestaurantsClosing Hours
Arkansas19412AM To 1AM
Alabama10812AM To 1AM
Alaska0311PM To 12AM
Arizona9212AM To 1AM
Colorado 8012AM To 1AM
California 8012AM To 1AM
Connecticut0612AM To 1AM
Delaware0112AM To 1AM
Florida10012AM To 1AM
Georgia9412AM To 1AM
Idaho2111PM To 12AM
Illinois 5012AM To 1AM
Iowa1012AM To 1AM
Indiana2412AM To 1AM
Kentucky6812AM To 1AM
Kansas13512AM To 1AM
Louisiana16912AM To 1AM
Massachusetts0412AM To 1AM
MaryLand1512AM To 1AM
Mississippi12412AM To 1AM
Minnesota0512AM To 1AM
Michigan1812AM To 1AM
Montana0211PM To 12AM
Missouri18612AM To 1AM
Nevada2512AM To 1AM
Nebraska2812AM To 1AM
New Mexico7412AM To 1AM
New Jersey1512AM To 1AM
North Carolina7912AM To 1AM
New York2012AM To 1AM
North Dakota0311PM To 12AM
Oklahoma27112AM To 1AM
Ohio3712AM To 1AM
Oregon1411PM To 12AM
pennsylvania2212AM To 1AM
Rhode Island0212AM To 1AM
South Dakota 411PM To 12AM
South Carolina7612AM To 1AM
Tennessee22812AM To 1AM
Texas95612AM To 1AM
Utah1812AM To 1AM
Verginia 5312AM To 1AM
West Virginia0712AM To 1AM
Wisconsin 0212AM To 1AM
Washington 2012AM To 1AM

This  is the complete list of Sonic drive-in closing times in all American states. So you can have a check on it in order to get complete information.

Final Thoughts

After getting a comprehensive guide regarding sonic operational and working hours you can assure a trouble free delicious lunch at sonic. Mainly general hours of sonic closing time are 12AM to 2AM which may vary according to locations, branches. So you must check the outlet of your nearby sonic restaurant.


Yes, sonic do serve all day on christmas eve in order to make their customers happy with their delicious food on a very special day.

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