does sonic have hot chocolate

Want to have something warm and cozy during winter or on a very chilled day? Want to know about “Does Sonic Have Hot Chocolate?” Here’s your dreamy delicious answer that you are craving for. Yes! Sonic do have hot chocolate in their menu that you can try whenever you crave for something creamy and tasty then you can surely go with sonic’s hot chocolate.

In this article we will delve into the hot chocolate world at sonic also knowing about its availability, its flavors and many more you need to know about hot chocolate.

Sonic Hot Chocolate A Bliss

As Sonic always tries to make their customers happy. Hot chocolate is one that spreads a great smile on chocolate fans. You can enjoy this hot chocolate on a chilly day as well as you can grab this delicious and cozy drink along with your favorite sonic meal.

Sonic Hot Chocolate Seasonal Offers

Besides the sonic menu, sonic does offer some seasonal items in their menu that customers love and enjoy. Those delicious items leave them wanting for more. Sonic’s hot chocolate is one of them. That sonic is mostly offered during winters. This lavish creamy hot chocolate gives a warm and a blast of flavor with each sip. Here are some seasonal offerings that sonic offers for their hot chocolate.

sonic hot chocolate


Sonic offers many flavors of hot chocolate during the winter season. You can get it in many sizes and also some customization options. Such as 

  • If you are just looking to have something sweet than you can get it in small size 
  • In order to grab it with you food you can have medium one, 
  • If you are going for a long drive and you want this hot chocolate with you to give you a warmer feeling throughout your journey nothing is better than a larger one or route44.


Sonic is also offering many customization options in their whole menu. Where you can also customize your hot chocolate with following delicious flavors;

  • Flavored Syrup


  • Marshmallow 
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Nuts

Limited Time Promotions

Sonic runs some limited time promotions where you can enjoy new flavors, new spices and will get to know about many new food items. Sonic may run these offers for their promotions or to introduce innovative flavors.

In order to know more about sonic’s hot chocolate you can visit sonic website or you can use sonic app.

Nutritional Information

Here is nutritional information regarding hot chocolate of sonic;

NutrientsPer Serving
Calories from Fat80—120
Total Fat9—13 g
Trans Fat0g
Saturated Fat5—7g
Total Carbohydrates25—35g
Dietary Fibers1g
Vitamin A0
Vitamin C0
IronLittle amount may present in cocoa powder

Customization Of Hot Chocolate For Health Conscious

Here are some customization options that you can consider while buying hot chocolate from Sonic. If you are allergic to something or don’t like something in hot chocolate you can customize one for you by mixing or matching. You can also skip something from your hot chocolate if you are not in the mood to buy one.

  • If you are looking to have a sweeter and creamy experience you can add a scoop of whipped cream on your hot chocolate drink.
  • You can also add flavored syrups such as chocolate, caramel, hazelnut. Sonic didn’t announce officially regarding these syrups but you can get one by requesting for syrup.
  • If you are looking for a dairy alternative you can ask your provider to make it with skimmed milk that contains less fat and calories.
  • You can also skip sugar or cream topping in order to get low calories.
  • If you are looking to have hot chocolate but don’t want high calories you can grab a small cup which is low in calories and have the ability to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • You can also ask your provider to change toppings with something healthy like you can add nuts as your toppings.

Additional Tips

  • If you are looking for further flavors of hot chocolate you can visit your nearest sonic location or check the sonic website.
  • If you add anything extra into your hot chocolate it’s gonna affect calories that they may get up.
  • If you want to have some discounts visit sonic during sonic happy hours from 2pm to 4pm where you can get any of your favorite drinks for ½ price.

Final Thoughts

Sonic hot chocolate is the perfect drink during severe cold days as it gives you a warm and cozy feeling without hurting your wallet. You will get a warm and delicious experience at Sonic if you visit it during a chilled day. You need to remember that sonic offers customization options that may vary according to location and branches. So make sure to check your nearest sonic branch before visiting or you can ask sonic staff regarding customization.

FAQs Regarding Sonic Hot Chocolate

Yes! Sonic offers hot chocolate.

No! Sonic is not offering a variety of flavors in their hot chocolate. Right now their main focus is their hot chocolate without any flavors.

Yes! You can customize one for you by mixing and matching.

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