sonic wacky pack kids meals

Looking for something light and delicious for your little taste explorers than sonic got you and offering you their historic wacky pack kids meals that will give you a blast of flavors without hurting your wallet.

Sonic drive-in the american fast food restaurant is not only famous for its traditional car-hop services but also offers many cherished memories by offering their wacky pack kids meals. Customers find it memorable and enjoy wacky pack kids meals. Also their little explorers love to visit sonic in order to satisfy their little cravings of having something delicious.

In this article we will delve into sonic wacky pack kids meals and will let you know about the menu of kids meals as well their prices and nutritional facts. So let’s dive into kids meals menu;

Price Chart Of Kids Menu

Here is the price chart of kids menu with calories;

Kids ItemsPricesCalories
Plain Hot Dog$1.49—$2.99230 Estimated
Corn Dog$1.29—$2.49300–350
Grilled Cheese $1.49—$2.99380—450
Crispy Tenders$3.49—$4.99480

Price Chart Of Sonic Sides Menu For Kids


Prices Chart Of Sonic Kids Drinks Menu

Hi—C Fruit Punch$1.19—$2.4940
Apple Juice Box$1.19—$1.8970—80
White Milk Jug 1%$1.29—$1.9980

Menu Of Sonic Wacky Pack Meals For Kids

Here is a complete guide regarding sonic kids meals where you will get to know what other are loving to have from sonic so you can choose according to your choice and according to the ratings of the customer so let’s give it a start;

Sonic Wacky Pack Grilled Cheese

sonic wacky pack sandwich

This wacky pack comes with delicious melted american cheese sandwiches between grilled golden brown breads that savors you warmth and happiness in every bite. Your kids are gonna love this amazing bite.

Sonic Wacky Pack Corn Dog

sonic wacky pack corn dog

A traditional corn dog perfectly fried to crispy coated with corn batter  sounds flavorful with a wacky pack and the seasoning of corn dog is according to your choice. You’re gonna enjoy your corn dog according to your choice.

Sonic Wacky Pack Hot Dog

sonic wacky pack hot dog

A classic premium all american hot dog an iconic simple but still favorite treat for kids. You can also enjoy under 4 dollar hot dog for you as well.

Sonic Wacky Pack Tenders

sonic wacky pack tenders

Dive into the crisp of 100% white chicken fried till golden brown perfection and crisp in every bite which is an amazing lavish treat for your kids meals.

Sonic Wacky Pack Hamburger

sonic wack pack fun with flavour

Sonic’s juicy hamburger is also a great option for your little explorer. A delicious juicy hamburger topped with seasoning and toppings like tomato, lettuce, all covered in a soft warm bakery bun sounds amazing in every bite.

Sonic drive-in wacky packs are just beyond meals. You will not only get meals in that box but also your kids are gonna get amazing adventures, toys and gifts into that box. These fun toys will spread a smile on your kids face. Sonic is covering you from all sides no matter if you are craving for something delicious during midnight or if you are going for a long drive you can surely visit sonic to satisfy your hungry stomach. You can also get an amazing collection of sonics by visiting . so next time you visit sonic don’t miss this fun of toys and meals.

Yummy Sides Of Sonic Kids Meals

Your little one’s want to have something light and tasty here is the menu of sonic kids sides;

  • Crispy Fries (Small)
  • Sonic Small Fluffy Tots
  • Tree Top

All these sides are healthy and full of nutritions so you can choose any of your choice.

Quench The Thirst Of Your Kids By Exploring Sonic Kids Drinks Menu

Here is the drinks menu for your little kids;

  • Fruit Punch
  • Apple Juice Box
  • White Minute Maid
  • Milk Jug

All these drinks are amazing that will refresh your kid after a tiring day.

Sonic wacky pack Kids Menu with prices

Sonic kids menu according to their prices is amazing as these menus are budget friendly and loveable by all kids and adults. For youngsters it’s a cherished memorable thing that they love to have in order to recall their childhood.

This delicious meal meets your appetite needs and also your budget. You can also customize these meals according to your needs and desires. Here you are not only going to get prices of the kids menu but also you will get to know about calories count.

Final Thoughts

Sonic wacky pack kids meals are something more than a food. Here you will get joyful toys in every box and exciting gifts that are gonna double your happiness and your kids will love to have a meal from sonicdrive-in. Your child will turn a simple meal into adventure by exploring exciting gifts and with a complete nutritional guide and variety of choices.

FAQs Regarding Wacky Pack Meals For Parents

Sonic has designed these delicious meals for kids but every age of people can enjoy this meal. As this is a perfect box for all childrens and young people

Yes! You can customize your kids meal box according to his dietary conditions and according to his cravings.

Sonic is offering following exciting toys in their kids meal boxes;

  • Disney Character Figure Cars
  • Hot Wheels Car
  • Looney Tunes Figure
  • Furbys
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Merchandise

You can collect these amazing toys as well. It spreads an exciting smile on kids faces and represents new cultural trends.

Sadly No! Sonic is no longer offering meals with wacky pack names. But offering kids meals with exciting toys and surprises.

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