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Looking for perfect food combinations with delectable taste for your events and family functions! Stop Right There! Sonic has launched their “catering menu” where you can get any of your favorite deals for family gatherings and many more events. Sonic menu offers you catering services where your guest will feel delighted after having a treat from you. You can get this catering menu for business meetings, birthday party’s and many more events. You can look toward the catering menu of sonic in order to give something nostalgic to your guests.

Sonic’s catering menu is offering you many choices from their menu that you can get in bulk in order to enjoy your treats with sonic. In this comprehensive guide of sonic catering menu we will delve into sonic’s catering menu and prices which are updated in 2024.

Order Sonic’s Catering Menu

As sonic offers you delectable taste in their menu with reasonable prices here you can pre-order your catering packages or you can customize one according to your desire, taste and theme of your function. Sonic offers you a variety of food where you will get juicy burgers, side like tater tots, fries, breakfast burritos, sandwiches and their ice cream menu is incredibly fantastic that you can have any dessert from their menu and you enjoy one by satisfying your sweet cravings. Explore sonic secret menu also.

This incredible menu of sonic sets it aside from other restaurants. And especially when you are looking for a fantastic catering system nothing will be better than a sonic catering menu. Where you will get a wide range of food according to your desire.

Their amazing carhop service will serve your guests and make it sure to satisfy them from every aspect. Everything at sonic is breathtaking and satisfactory. They will enjoy the moments that matter for you without leaving your seats. You can enjoy your delicious meal at sonic with sonic drinks. This refreshing combo with iconic spicy food will leave you wanting for more.

Sonic Drive-In Catering menu items and prices of 2024

Here is the menu of sonic’s catering service with their prices. This way you will have a complete map regarding the sonic menu as well as you can choose something according to your choice.

Catering MenuPrice
Sonic Burgers and Coney Hot Dogs For 25 with Full Service$275
Burger and coney bar for extra guests$9.00

Coney Hot Dogs And Burgers Prices:

Here are prices of sonic burgers and coney dogs for your guest and family in order to enjoy a delicious meal in a reasonable price;

Sonic Burgers and coneyPrices
Sonic Burgers and coney bars minimum for 25$6.00
Sonic coney dog bars minimum for 25$8.00

All this information regarding sonic burgers and coney bars is for per head you can calculate this amount according to your guests you are going to serve.

Sonic Desserts Prices in Catering Menu

Besides their burgers and drinks menu, Sonic offers a desserts menu where you can get any of your favorite sweet combo with your food in their catering menu.

The sonic s desserts menu sets it aside from other restaurants where you can get any of your favorite sundae, sonic blast, shakes and many more according to your desire and cravings. Here is the sonic dessert menu you can follow when you are looking forward for some catering system from sonic;

Sonic’s Catering Desserts MenuPrices
Dozen Of Assorted Cookies$8.00

Sonic Catering Drinks Menu

Besides everything we need to have some delicious drinks with our food. So sonic do offer hundreds of flavors in their drinks menu that you can enjoy according to your desire where you can customize it according to our need and choice.

Here is the sonic drinks menu in their catering service you can order for your guests or you ask your guest if they are looking to customize it according to their need and cravings;

Sonic Catering Drinks MenuPrices
2 Liter Sprite$2.49
Strawberry Limeade (Medium)$2.49
Root beer (2 Liter)$2.49
Coke (2 Liter)$2.49
Medium Cherry Limeade$2.49
Diet Coke (2 Liter)$2.49
Cherry Coke (2 Liter)$2.49
Water Bottle (Small)$1.00

Reasons To Choose Sonic Catering Menu

Here are the reasons why you must choose sonic drive-in when it comes to food, taste and catering menu;

  • You will get complete services in your catering package such as, palates, napkins, and utensils.
  • You will get an impressive buffet from the sonic menu with a great selection of food such as juicy burgers, coney hot dogs, fries, coleslaw, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cheese.
  • Your guest will experience delightful enjoyment with great serving from sonic’s carhops serving of drinks, food, and desserts.
  • You will get efficients catering services through carhops as well as you can get a drive though which is always available at sonic.
sonic menu catering

Sonic’s taste, and reasonable prices of food and catering menu attracts customers toward them. As you can’t resist yourself after knowing about the reasonable prices of their menu with such a good taste. That you will feel innovative with every bite from sonic food.

Ways To Order Catering Menu From Sonic

Here are some easy ways by which you can pre-order your catering menu from sonic as well as you can customize it according to your own choice.

  • Sonic Website
  • Sonic App

Both these methods are convenient in terms of ordering your catering menu and you can get all the services in your package.

Order Through Sonic Website

If you are looking to order your catering menu from sonic by using their website you can simply follow these step and get incredibly fantastic food from sonic and serve this delectable food to your guest in order to make some delicious memories

  • Open sonic website and click on the “Catering” tab
  • Select your location from give options
  • Go through the pre-made catering menu or you can customize it according to your own choice
  • Give your contact details and correct address details
  • Submit your order safely after reviewing it.

Order Through Sonic App

Besides the sonic website: Here is the more convenient way to order your catering menu from sonic by using your sonic app. You can follow these steps if you are looking to order your food from sonic by using sonic app;

  • Open your sonic app and go through sonic drive-in catering menu
  • Select your desired catering option or customize it according to your need
  • Select your location and after reviewing your order submit it carefully
  • Make sure to provide correct contact details and address information

You can choose any of your desired methods to order your food from sonic and enjoy your delicious food with your guest and create memories.

Final Thoughts

With a sonic catering menu you can experience the innovative taste at a very reasonable price. You will enjoy everything at sonic from carhop service to selection of your coney hot dogs and delicious juicy burgers. As well as you will get hundreds of desserts if you are craving for something sweet sonic will not disappoint you. You will even forget your disappointments when you try their desserts menu.

So next time whenever you think about catering you can simply order your food from the sonic catering menu and enjoy it with your loved one and create some nostalgic delicious memories.


In the catering menu of sonic you can get a variety of food where you will get juicy burgers, coney dogs, cool and refreshing drinks, and many sides that will excite your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.

Yes! You can surely personalize your catering order at sonic according to your choice.

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