Sonic menu prices

Sonic menu prices of 2024

Sonic Drive-In Menu

Explore the rich and tasty world of sonic menu drive-Thru, where with every bite will be an adventure of flavor.  If you are craving for a full meal or some quick snacks such as pickle fries, sonic menu has something really tasty that will excite your taste buds for more. If you have any event in the line up what’s better than ordering food from sonic catering menu.

Explore Categories of Sonic Menu




Kid’s menu




Hot dogs

Hickory BBQ cheeseburger

Snacks and sides

Frozen Items®

$4 Favorite items

Sonic menu is offering a variety of foods which will be suitable for any time of the day. So let’s explore and find new favorites of sonic with us.

Sonic Deals

 Tantalize your taste buds! Before exploring sonic featured deals of sonic menu with prices and pictures. Explore exciting sonic happy hour deals waiting for you which are only under $4.

½ price sonic cheeseburger

Get Sonic cheese burgers in half price every tuesday.

Under $4 Sonic’s premium beef american dog

Excite your taste buds with sonics’s beef dog in just 4 dollars

Sonic Drive-thru $1.99 footlong coney

Sonic offers a true combination of chili and cheese in premium american beef dog.

Under $4 sonic Chicken Slinger

You can also get sonic chicken slinger in just $4 a combination of meat with a lots of mayonnaise.

Sonic $1.49 Fritos® Chilli cheese Jr. wrap

Satisfy your cravings with cheesy chili sonics wrap in one and half dollars only.

Sonic’s Hot Fudge Sundae under $4

Looking for something sweet. Satisfy your sweet tooth with $4 sonic hot fudge sundae

Sonic Menu with Prices and Pictures: A guide to your delicious deals

Undoubtedly, if you love fast food, you’ve probably heard of sonic. For more than 65 years sonic has been satisfying their consumer’s desires with their traditional american menu which includes burgers, chicken, hotdogs, hamburger, icecream, and many more varieties of meal that will satisfy your taste buds.

Sonic has so many options so it would be difficult for you to remember the price. 

That’s why we have organized all prices in this article from affordable menu items like cookie dough to the most lavish desserts. Now let’s get started, don’t forget to grab your wallet.

sonic drive in

Sonic’s breakfast combos menu and prices

Sonic has something really delicious for everyone on their breakfast menu from their cheese breakfast burrito, fluffy egg, and sausage to their classic breakfast Toast with melting american cheese and crispy bacon.

These sonic drive-in breakfast combos menu is not only budget-friendly but will also give you the energy for the day ahead.


Sonics Sides Menu and Prices

Trying to choose the tastier side dish with a Sonic meal! In Sonic’s 2024 menu there are so many options of sides and it would be difficult to choose a side for your meal. Thankfully we are here to help you.


We’ll go in depth of pricing of all sonic sides menu so you can choose wisely and without breaking the budget of your next time visit.

Sonics Sides Menu and Prices

Sonic Menu Prices of Combos

With sonic combo menus and that too in sonic happy hour menu you will surely enjoy your meals without breaking your budget.

For budget conscious Sonic Drive-in is offering fantastic Combos on Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for Kids meals. This way you can satisfy your cravings without spending too much.

Let’s get into the pricing bar where there is everything from mini to larger combos and kid’s meals for everyone.

Sonic Menu Prices of Combos

Sonic’s Best Chicken Combos

Sonic’s Best Chicken Combos

Sonic HotDog Menu Prices

Craving for a comfort cuisine with updated taste! Here is the Sonic Drive-in menu of hotdogs with prices which is gonna give relish to your taste buds and will be served as its own flair.

So let’s dive into Sonic’s tasty hot dog menu and prices.

Sonic HotDog Menu Prices

Sonic everyday drive in Deals with prices

Put an end to ordinary fast food when you have mouth watering everyday deals on sonic with reasonable price and new adventure of taste.

What are you waiting for? Just grab your wallet and let’s dive into the sonic everyday menu where you will not only get burgers but also shakes, traditional hot dogs and lavish desserts.

sonic everyday deals
Sonic HotDog Menu Prices

Sonic Wacky pack Kids meals drive-In menu and prices

Here give your little explorers an adventure of taste with Sonic wacky pack kids meals

These entertaining boxes will give a buzz to the taste of your kids cravings with many meal options but this time with calorie awareness. You can also avail sonic drive in toys for your kids in the wacky pack.

Sonic restaurant Kids Menu

Sonic Drive-In Drinks Menu With Prices

Sonic has something really refreshing with incredible taste. Here Sonic has all refreshing items to give a cooling effect to you. If you’re feeling low due to hard work you can get a chilled coffee from sonic coffee menu to remove your tiredness. You can also get an espresso for your depresso.

Craving for refreshing drinks but want to make informed choices. You’ll get all the slushes, Sonic Margarita, or traditional sonic shakes at affordable prices starting from $1 only.

Sonic Drinks

Sonic Frozen Zone menu and prices

You can get a next level refreshment with a sonic drive-in frozen menu. This sonic frozen menu of 2024 has every drink from creamy caramel sonic slushes to oreo frappe that will quench your thirst and will give you a refreshing feel.

Lets excite your taste buds and explore the wide range of frozen zones of the sonic menu without hurting your budget.

Sonic Frozen Drinks

Sonic Ice cream menu

Prepare yourself for a sugar rush with a sonic ice cream menu where you’ll get an explosion of flavors from creamy to traditional scoops and creatively blended masterpieces. Let’s get into the menu of sonic ice cream to give sweetness to your taste buds.

Sonic Ice cream menu

Sonic Brown Bag Offer

If you are craving for a delicious feast which should be budget friendly then here’s the sonic brown bag special offer which will come in just $7.99 including two traditional pure beef cheese burgers with tots or fries with two small soft drinks. 

This brown bag is really budget friendly and is a secret handshakes to foodies who are also conscious with their budget.

It’s really good for lunch break activities, sharing with a friend, or just to satisfy your cravings for a burger or something really delicious.

Sonic menu prices 2024: A Comprehensive guide to each item

Ways To Order At Sonic Drive-In

Craving for a delicious meal and wanna order with all the information? Imagine a car-hop comes to your car on a roller skate with your food and bill.

Here is a step-by-step guide for newbies to order Sonic meals with the classic Sonic method drive-Thru.

  • Drive to nearby Sonic restaurant
  • Park your car to Order the menu
  • Speak in the Drive-Thru speaker to engage assistant 
  • Make mind what you wanna get from the menu
  • Patiently wait for the Car-hop to come to you to deliver the food and for payment.
  • You can pay cash in hand, credit card, or by sonic gift card.

Sonic Online Method to Order Food

Here is the solution of your cravings from the comfort of your home. Now you can order your favorite sonic meals from the comfort of your home by using the sonic mobile app as well as you can order it by the sonic official website.

Order Through Website:

  • Open Sonic website:
  • Click on the menu
  • Choose your desired meal and add it to your cart
  • Select your desired time and method of pick-up
  • After safe online payment wait for order confirmation.
  • According to the selected time, drive toward Sonic and grab it from the allocated counter.

Order From Sonic App:

Ordering from the sonic app in 2024 is the most convenient way. Your food will be in your car within a few minutes and you can ease your cravings with tasty sonic bites. Here is the process with a step by step guide to order from the comfort of your Place.

  • Download Sonic App on your android or IOS
  • Create an account/ login if you have already one
  • Set your location
  • Browse the menu and select the meal you wanna eat/ you can also search the desired menu into the search bar.
  • You can different toppings and sauces to personalized your order
  • Select your preferred Drinks, sides and desserts with your meal
  • Choose pick-up method such as car-hop or drive-Thru
  • After making the safe payment wait for order confirmation.
  • Drive toward Sonic Restaurant and receive your order.

Remember in some locations Sonic is offering their own delivery. So keep an eye on your sonic website and app in order to know about home delivery.

Sonic Partnership Delivery Services

Yet in many locations, sonic itself is not offer doorstep service to their customer but with delivery partnership, they made an easy for some persons who are really busy with their schedule and are unable to have a relish meal of sonic outside. Here are delivery options;




These well-known delivery services will allow you to browse the sonic menu in various locations and will deliver you at your doorstep by charging some delivery charges.

Final Words

Sonic Drive-In menu is a recreation ground for taste buds. Sonic drive-In has a blast of flavors sonic budget freindly deals with amazing prices. Where carhops keep it fun. You will get tasty juicy burgers, crispy fries and tots and frozen slushies to creamy shakes. For adventurous eaters, Sonic has customized orders and a secret menu. So explore the sonic menu word and bon appetit.

Sonic Pros And Cons:

As sonic is one of the largest food chains in America ranks 11th number for their fast and quality fast food with an adventurous taste. Here are sonic’s Advantages and Disadvantages in order to give you a better experience with sonic. Whether for your next craving you should choose this or move to the next one.

Sonic Pros and Cons

sONIC mENU review


Want to eat something really tasty but can’t find your way from the menu. So be easy here all FAQs which gonna guide you throughout the process;

Sonic keeps updating their deals everyday, so for your favorite combos and the deals that combine your favorite items, daily promotions and happy hour discounts keep visiting Sonic website and the app.

Despite meat lovers. Sonic also keeps an eye on veggie lovers. You’re gonna get tasty foods to satisfy your delicious plant based cravings by having veggie burgers, grilled cheese sandwich, veggie protein in salad, and in breakfast you will get tasty oatmeal. To get a more flavored foot don’t hesitate to ask for extra toppings.

Sonic starts from 6am to nightly 1am.

Yes sonic serves delicious breakfasts from 6am to 11am. Such as burrito breakfast, sandwiches.

Sonic doesn’t officially offer certified gluten-free buns. But you can ask for a burger patty with lettuce and salad.

The healthy options at sonic are grilled chicken or fish with salad, sandwiches with grilled chicken, and non sugary iced tea counts in the healthy options of sonic.

Yes sure sonic can serve you if you are allergy conscious. In fact they have a complete sonic allergen menu for you to choose.

You can latest and updated deals at sonic website and app.


sonic closing hours ranges from 11 pm to 1 am.

Sonic Customer Services

If you want to suggest something or have a complaint about Sonic, just call their customer support team at 1 866 657 6642.

Here is the solution of your cravings from the comfort of your home. Now you can order your favorite sonic meals from the comfort of your home by using the sonic mobile app as well as you can order it by the sonic official website.

  • Sonic Drive-in Office: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Sonic Contact Number: 1-866-657-6642
  • Official Website:
  • Sonic Store Locator: 
  • Sonic Mobile Apps: Sonic Drive-In App
  • Sonic Drive In Offer: 
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  • Sonic FAQs: 
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  • Sonic Deals: Sonic Half price Cheeseburger

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