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Welcome to the mouth watering sonic ice cream menu prices. Get ready to excite your taste buds with a sweet frozen menu of sonic. Happy to tell you that sonic has launched their new classic and innovative menu of desserts. Where they have added some new  items of ice creams.

So beat up the summer heat with a flavorful sonic Ice cream menu. Where you will not only get delightful creamy tasty ice creams but you will also get  sonic milkshakes. The frozen zone of sonic is super cool to give you a chill pill during summers. Their menu of appetizing ice creams will satisfy all your sweet cravings without hurting your wallet.

So let’s dive into the sonic ice cream menu prices where you will find  options to treat yourself with something good.

Variety Of Sonic Frozen Zone

Sonic desserts menu has a wide range of ice cream with a variety of  flavors that will give you a  taste of ice creams without breaking your budget. So what are you waiting for? Lets drive your car toward sonic drive-in to get an amazing refreshing flavor of ice cream to treat yourself with something sweet and cool.

sonic ice cream menu prices

Here is the exclusive dessert menu of sonic where you will get all sweet frozen items of sonic with a reasonable price schedule. Sonic has something for everyone on their menu. And Sonic ice cream menu prices is one of them that holds the power to satisfy your sweet craving and will leave you to crave for more.

Sonic Sundaes And Soft Serve Cones

Here are the  Sonic Ice cream menu prices of sundae where you will get all exciting flavors of sundae. The sweet soft cones are gonna give you innovative taste without breaking your bank budget.

  • Sonic Single Cone $1.79
  • Sonic Double Cone $2.39
  • You will get Add-ins in 50-60 cents (Sprinkles, Hot Fudge, caramel)
  • Sonic Sundaes of two scoop with your favorite toppings you will get in only $2.99

These  sonic ice cream cones and sundaes with reasonable prices are different. As you can enjoy one of them in order to satisfy your sweet cravings without hurting your budget.

Sonic Blasts Flavors And Prices

A  combo of cookie pieces and candy with real ice cream. Here are the flavors of sonic blasts with their prices. 

  • Sonic Blasts start from $3.59 to $4.79.
  • You can get following  flavors for your  sonic blast;
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Peanut butter
  • Oreo Cookie and many more.

You can also take Add-Ins in order to enhance the taste of your dessert. Such as;

  • Nuts
  • Whipped cream
  • Marshmallows in just 50-60 cents

Menu Of Sonic Blasts And Prices:

Here is the  menu of Sonic blasts which contains a lot of blast flavors at reasonable prices. Here is a sonic blasts menu with prices so you can go ahead after knowing about the price structure of your favorite one.

Sonic BlastsPricesCalories
M&M’s Mini Chocolate Candies$4.491060
Oreo Cookie Pieces$4.491020
Strawberry Cheesecake$4.491060
Butterfinger Pieces$4.491080
Snickers Bars$4.491100
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup$4.491080
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$4.491060
Chocolate Chip Mint Madness$4.491060
Caramel Crunch$4.491060
Double Fudge Brownie$4.491060

This is the sonic blast menu with prices. Note that these prices and calories mentioned above are for medium glass of blast.

Sonic Float Ice Cream Menu Prices and Flavors

Sonic does not contain floating ice creams in their menu but there are some drinks that come under the ice cream category as they are made with classic Sonic drinks with Cream Vanilla ice cream. Here are the flavors that falls in floating ice cream menu;

  • Orange Cream Float
  • Root beer Float
  • Limeade Cherry float

Sonic Also offers Customizable Floats where you can enjoy your favorite flavor of drink with the blend of  creamy Vanilla ice cream. Here are the customized flavors of ice cream float;

  • Sonic Sprite Float
  • Sonic’s Fanta, Pineapple Float
  • Sonic’s Dr. Pepper Float
  • Float of Diet Coke 

In Addition to this Sonic serves some special floats for Limited Time which are mostly available during Summers. Here are specific limited time flavor Sonic offers;

  • White, Red & Blue Float Of Slush are three different layers of Vanilla ice cream, Strawberry Slush and real Raspberry slush which is mostly available on 4th of July every year.
  • Sonic’s 
  • Lemonberry Ice cream floats is a  combination of Frozen lemonade with Vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry which is mostly available during summers.

Sonic Fountain And Frozen Drinks

Here is the menu of Sonic Frozen and Fountain Drinks. Which contains  flavors with reasonable prices.

  • Sonic Frozen Slush, Real Fruit Smoothies and lemonade that starts from just $1.89 to $3.69.
  • Sonic contains iced fountain drinks with different flavors. Such as;
  • Orange Fanta
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sweet Tea
  • Sonic also offers refills of their  drinks.

If you are craving for ice cream then Sonic frozen zone is not a bad option where you can get your favorite drink at a very reasonable price with free Add-ins and specially mix and match drinks according to your taste.

Sonic’s Signature Ice Cream

Here are some of sonic’s favorite signature ice creams that fall in sonic frozen menu. You can enjoy any of your favorite ice cream flavors or a frozen signature drink at Sonic at a very reasonable price that won’t hurt your wallet.

Sonic Blast Cookie Dough

This cookie blast is an item in Sonic ice cream menu prices which is a blend of chocolate chips and cookie chunks with soft and creamy vanilla ice cream. This  sweet treat is filled to assure that in every bite you get maximum cookie dough. You can get this  signature sonic blast for just $3.29 to $4.79.

sonic deep fried oreo cookies

Sonic Freezing Cherry Limeade

This signature drink from the sonic ice cream menu prices is refreshing and beats up the heat of summer. This is a  combination of  limeade mixed with cherry syrup and comes with the topping of  cream.  You can get this for just $2.99 to $3.79. 

Sonic’s Mint Chocolate Chip Shake

This is a  blend of Mint chocolate chip ice cream with milk which turns into a refreshing milkshake. This smooth, creamy and cool texture is not a bad choice to beat up summer and to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can get this  milkshake for just $3.59 to $4.99.

Sonic Ice cream And Sundaes Dessert

Sonic’s frozen menu is famous due to its  ice cream desserts and cream sundaes. Here are some  sonic options in there frozen zone you will find on the sonic menu in order to give a refreshing treat to yourself.

Sonic Ice Cream Desserts

Here are some  flavors of sonic ice cream menu prices. You can enjoy these creamy and cool ice creams at a very reasonable price and are really good to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Here are some of classic ice creams flavors from sonic you can get if you are looking for something sweet and lighter:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple

You can get these  flavors also with three scoops of vanilla ice cream with these toppings.

If you are looking for something extra tasty and a  milkshake in order to satisfy your sweet cravings you can get the following options. This is one of the  desserts on the sonic menu.

  • Peanut Butter Shake which is a  blend of creamy vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and milk with the topping of whipped cream and chunks of peanut.
  • Sonic got something more than that which is Brownie Batter Shake which is a creamy  blend of chocolate ice cream blended with milk, brownie batter and whipped cream in order to overload chocolate.

These creamy blends in sonic ice cream menu prices will give you a refreshing feel by satisfying your sweet cravings within budget.

Sonic Sundaes

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a sundae. This is one of the  desserts on the sonic ice cream menu prices. Where you can have a variety of flavors of  creamy sundaes. 

These creamy sundaes come with two scoops of soft and creamy vanilla ice cream with different toppings of chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, strawberry, cherry and hot fudge.

Sonic also got something  for peanut lovers. You can get a  blend of peanut butter with small peanut butter cups with whipped cream and two scoops of vanilla ice cream with the topping of chopped peanuts and nuts.

M&M’s Sundae is also a  blend you can choose to satisfy your cravings. With these many blends and flavors how you can resist Sonic. After having this creamy savory delight your taste buds will thank you for having such a  deal.

Sonic Cakes Ice cream Flavor

This ice cream cake flavor is the customized thing at sonic. Sonic does not offer their own ice cream cake flavor on their menu. But you can customize this flavor by mixing and matching sonic ice cream with baked items of sonic. You can get the following flavors in it.

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Oreo
  • Resse’s peanut butter
  • Chocolate

Sonic Shakes Menu with Prices

In the sonic dessert zone, sonic shakes menu holds a special place. Where you can get different flavors of  creamy shakes in order to satisfy your sweet cravings.

This is an alternative to ice cream for your cravings. You can get many  blended creamy flavors of shakes in the Sonic Frozen dessert menu.

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Caramel
  • Cheesecake
  • Oreo delight
  • Peanut butter
  • Mint chocolate
  • Mocha

You can get all these flavors of sonic shakes with the price of just $3.65. 

Create your Own ice cream Flavors

If you want to get creative ice cream you can surely go with sonic desserts. As sonic offers a variety of options to you of “Build your Own”. You can customize any of your favorite flavors by mixing and matching the  sonic flavors of ice cream.

You can create a  flavor by following these small steps of mixing and matching.

  • First you need to select the base of your dessert such as choose any flavor of soft creamy ice cream from vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.
  • Then mix your favorite extras with your chosen ice cream in order to enhance its taste and make it more . You will have a variety of options from which you can choose any of your favorite add-ins. Such as
  • M&M’s
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • Oreo
  • Banana 
  • Strawberry
  • Walnuts

Then add any of your favorite toppings on the cover of sweet whipped cream such as hot fudge, strawberry, marshmallow.

By mixing and matching sonic dessert flavors you can create your own adventurous flavor and you can enjoy that with relish. Sonic got endless options to remove your cravings. So feel free to ask any of your flavors you want to eat to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Nutritional Facts Of Sonic Ice creams

Overall sonic ice cream menu prices are not a bad choice. As it is really good to beat up the summer heat with their cool and creamy texture. As all sonic desserts including sonic shakes do not exceed more than 1200 calories. So you can enjoy any sonic dessert on your special occasions or you can have this in order to satisfy your sweet cravings

Additional Tips For Sonic Ice Cream Menu To Save More

Here are some additional tips for your Sonic ice cream menu prices so that you can save more of your money and time as well. You need to keep these tips in mind whenever you visit for sonic ice cream menu;

  • Ask for combo, sonic offers a variety of deals on ice cream menu during summers such as get one ice cream and half off sundae or a cone. Sonic also offers slushes, shakes and burger combos with their ice cream menu. In this way you can save your money.
  • You can ask for extra toppings. Usually sonic does a standard topping on every dessert such hot fudge, Sprinkles or caramel. And at sonic these are free so by adding some extra nuts or hot fudge you can enhance the taste of your dessert.
  • Make Sure to order dessert according to your desire. If you can’t finish a large cup of ice cream then order a smaller cup so you can enjoy your sweet treat without wasting money and time.
  • In order to get more discounts you can download the sonic app and access weekly coupons in order to get discounts or a free ice cream treat.
  • You can also get discounted deals by having ice cream during sonic happy hours. It starts from 2pm to 4pm and offers a variety of food at half off price.

Ways To Order Sonic Ice Cream

Here are some different and easy ways to order your ice cream dessert. 

As sonic is one of the famous drive-in restaurants. But now you can eat your favorite meal or dessert from the comfort of your home and pick it up at the selected time. This way you don’t have to wait in a queue.

  • You can order it through sonic website: by selecting your favorite sweet treat, make the purchase, select the convenient time after successful payment, wait for order confirmation and drive toward sonic at selected time.
  • You can also make an easy and convenient order from the app by following instructions given on the sonic apps.
  • There is a most convenient way by which you can get your favorite sweet treat at your doorstep. Yes sonic has delivery partners which offers home delivery of food. Such as uber eats, doordash and grubhub.
  • You can download any of your preferences, search sonic, select your desired item, submit order.
  • You have to wait for a few minutes and the rider will be at your doorstep with your  food.
  • They will charge a little for delivery charges. But you can get your  food at your doorstep.

Difference Between Sonic Shakes, Sonic Blasts and Floats

The sonic drive-in dessert menu covers a lot of sweet variety where you can get ice creams, shakes, blasts and many more refreshing drinks in order to treat yourself with something refreshing. Here is the difference you must know about shakes, blasts and floats.

  • Sonic Blasts are something with thickest consistency with the creamy blend of ice cream, add-ins and syrup with high calories less than 1200. Such as oreo blast.
  • Sonic Shakes are something  low in calories with thinner consistency than blasts. This is a  creamy blend of vanilla ice cream with milk and some  flavors according to your choice.
  • Sonic Floats is the thinner consistency drink with lower calories than shakes and blast and a  blend of ice cream with any carbonated drink such as a creamy orange float.

You can get any of your favorite drinks according to your desired consistency and calories.

List Of Sonic Desserts 2024

Here is complete list of sonic desserts you can get from sonic drive in menu;

  • Sonic Ice cream
  • Sonic Cakes and pies
  • Sonic frozen drinks
  • Sonic Cookie Sandwiches
  • Sonic Deep Fried Oreos
  • Sonic Deep Fried Twinkies
  • Ice cream slush
  • Sonic Blasts
  • Sonic Frozen Yogurt And Other sweet treats


For ice cream lovers Sonic Ice cream menu prices are something you will love. As it contains a lot of sweet variety that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

You can get any of your favorite ice cream, shakes, blasts and many more drinks at a very reasonable price. You can visit sonic drive in anytime whenever you crave for something.

Sonic offers you mix and matches so you can create your own favorite flavors and this way you will feel like an adventurer.  Overall sonic is one of the best restaurants for the satisfaction of sweet cravings.


Yes sonic has an extensive menu of ice cream where you can get any of your favorite flavors at a very reasonable price.

Yes! Sonic do have ice cream cones with a variety of flavors which is a best summer treat.

Yes! Sonic offers a variety of chocolate desserts in the form of ice cream, shakes and sundaes.

Yes! Sonic may offer gluten free ice creams but you need to contact staff in order to get dietary information about ice creams.

Sonic has something more  than blizzard with a variety of flavors which is sonic blasts. Which are rich, creamy and thick in consistency will take you to another world of enjoyment after having one.

Master blast is a premium variety of sonic blast that comes with extra toppings.

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