sonic solar eclipse glasses

Excited for the solar eclipse where the moon is going to cover the sun. But wait! It would be harmful for you to see it without any shield. Worries Not! Sonic got this problem! And offering you their special Sonic Solar Eclipse Glasses with their Special Blackout Slush Float to give you an safe and refreshing view of this solar eclipse event without hurting your eyes and without any worries.

These glasses are not like regular glasses. Sonic specially introduced these glasses for the protection of your eyes while watching the solar eclipse of 2024. In this article we will delve into the importance of eclipse glasses, its availability and many more you can know about sonic solar eclipse glasses. So let’s dive into the complete guide of these wonderful glasses;

Qualities Of Sonic’s Eclipse Glasses:

Here are some important features that should be highlighted regarding eclipse glasses;

  • This is a limited time edition that you can avail during the solar eclipse of 2024.
  • These glasses are safe to use. You can enjoy solar events without any fear of losing eyesight.
  • These glasses are free of cost with the purchase of sonic blackout slush float.
  • These glasses are the best example from sonic in order to encourage safety and awareness regarding solar eclipse.

Sonic Blackout Slush Float During Solar Eclipse

Here besides sonic eclipse glasses sonic also introduced a blackout slush float which is an amazing treat while watching grand solar eclipse.

Sonic blackout slush float will give you an amazing vibe with its black base which is made with dragon fruit and cotton candy, besides this the topping of fresh whipped cream with colorful sprinkles will give you a vibe of the galaxy. You can have this drink during a solar eclipse as well as you can also this at midnight while gazing at the stars in the sky. This is a yummy combination of flavors and especially suitable for night birds.

But Fun Is Not Ending Here!

The Sonic menu also has some exciting things during the solar eclipse. Like you can enjoy following items from sonic menu;

  • The first exciting thing is that you can do here you can enjoy exclusive discounts on blackout slush float and glasses during sonic Happy Hours.
  • You can enjoy 5 crispy crispy tender wraps under $10.
  • You can also enjoy sonic oreo big scoop cheesecake which is available in blast and sundae.

Important Things To Know Regarding Sonic Solar Eclipse Glasses

Here are some important updates that you need to know regarding free sonic solar eclipse glasses;

Sonic Free Eclipse Glasses
  • Sonic announced that these glasses are not available till 5 May, as these are specially designed for eclipse day so you can avail this offer with slush or shake on eclipse day of 2024. These things disappointed some customers.
  • When sonic visited Tennessee, some customers complained about free glasses so sonic explained the fact that these glasses are only available for eclipse day. As these are specially designed for that purpose.

Final Thoughts

Promotion of sonic free glasses is especially for eclipse day. Beyond this you can enjoy sonic blackout slush float even after or before eclipse which is a promotion available till 5 May, sonic may continue this offer after 5 May. As customers are loving the taste of this drink. So mark your calendars to get free eclipse glasses in order to avoid any kind of disappointment.


Regular sunglasses are not suitable for eclipse day because no matter how black the lens is it will not protect your eyes from high UV rays while watching the eclipse. So awareness is really important for you and make sure to use eclipse glasses which are gonna protect you from UV rays.

You can simply visit the sonic drive-in store in order to avail this offer. You can get it free with a sonic special blackout slush float.

Sonic clearly mentioned that these eclipse glasses are only available on eclipse day of 2024. Knowing this you can’t buy these eclipse glasses before eclipse day or after solar eclipse day.

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