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Want to refresh your sonic drink with some extra ice and look for an ice bag for your party. Search no more! Sonic is offering you their ice bag which you can take with you for pool parties, at the beach as well as you can take it if you are going for a long drive.

But the question that pops up in customers’ minds is “How much is a bag of ice at sonic?”. In this article we will explore sizes of sonic ice bags as well their prices. So let’s give it a start;

Unraveling Sonic Ice

Want to know what sonic ice is? Here sonic is not like regular ice which crushed or in cubes shaped it sometimes looks like nuggets or some time its like flaky shape, you might get it a pellet ice in some locations which is not only ice to cool your drink but also chewable like a snack which is main reason of its popularity among customers.

Price Of Sonic Ice

Like other sonic meals and deals, sonic’s ice bag is also reasonable as you can get it for $1 or $2 according to size. Each bag contains enough ice that will fulfill customers’ needs.

Ways To Buy Sonic Ice

If you are looking to buy an ice bag for parties or long trips then you must buy a 10 lb bag with an estimated price of $3.00. In this bag you will get enough ice for your party.

sonic ice

Additional Tips To Buy Sonic Ice Bag

Here are some additional tips you can follow if you are going to buy sonic ice for your special occasions;

  • You must check your current location and search at sonic website for availability of sonic ice.
  • Know about size and packs with prices
  • Ask about freshness and quality of ice before buying
  • If in future you need a large quantity of ice for your special occasion, reserve it.
  • In order to get your ice quick visit sonic drive thru during less busy hours
  • Before you go, check the seal of your ice bag.

As sonic always tries to provide best services to their customers with great prices that spread a great smile on customers face. They always try to provide quick services with great deals that’s why it sets them apart from other fast food restaurants.

History Of Sonic Drive-In

Sonic drive-in is one of the largest fast food restaurants that got popularity due to its traditional car-hop service as well the taste of their meals sets it apart from all other competitors.

Besides their fast food and drinks, Sonic also offers ice bags that you can get for your parties, long drive and even food for your iced coffee. Surprise is that it doesn’t cost too much. Like other Sonic’s menu, its ice bag is also budget friendly and you can get one without any hesitation.

You might have heard about nugget ice, ice cubes, and pellet ice which is not only used to cool your drink but also chewable like a snack which is the main reason of its popularity among all sonic customers who love cool refreshed drinks.

Covering Up

Sonic Drive-in is not only famous for its fast food and carhop services as it also offers you some additional regular things with reasonable prices such as their ice bags that you can use for your parties, long trips, camping as well as for your personal use. You will have flaky ice and many other shapes which is an enjoyment at sonic. This not only gives a refreshing feel to your drink but also chewable due to which it is loved most by customers.


Yes! Sonic has ice bags and sells it at a very reasonable price such as for $1 or $2 only.

No! You can’t exchange after purchasing due to some safety concerns.

Yes! It is beneficial for some reasons such as;

  • Fast Chilling
  • Chewable
  • Reduce Dilution
  • You can reuse it.

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