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Sonic is the heaven of fast food where you can get a wide range of fast food according to your choice. But here! Having gluten allergies or something like celiac disease?

Don’t think too much sonic does have some of the Gluten Free Options that you can have if you have gluten allergies. In this article we will explore the sonic gluten free menu and many more options for gluten allergies and those who have celiac disease.

Sonic Gluten Free Menu Options

Generally sonic dont have a great menu of gluten free options but some of sonic items are considered as gluten free and you can have if you are craving to have something from sonic. Such as sonic fries and onion rings are completely considered as gluten free options but if it’s fried in the same fryer you might have allergies. Sonic didn’t explain their utensils and fryers so they might fry fries in the same fryer where items get fries that contain gluten.

Here are some safe options you can try if you are adhering to sonic but before you have to words with carhop in order to assure a gluten free food item.

Sonic Grilled Food Items

Most sonic grilled items are gluten free if you buy them without bun. As sonic hamburgers, sonic hotdog and grilled chicken all are gluten free options if you get them without bun. 


Sonic Sides And Snacks

Sonic does have some gluten free items in its sides and snacks menu such as chili cheese fries and onion rings as well as french fries and tater tots are also considered as gluten free in sonic allergen menu.

sonic fries

However you have to confirm about cross contamination as sonic fries it’s gluten free items in the same fryer where they fry other gluten containing items. So you can confirm from the carhop and tell them that you are gluten allergen in order to have safe food for you.

Sonic Salads

sonic salads

Sonic offers a variety of salads that you can have which are completely gluten free. Sonic has grilled chicken salad and southwest chicken salad which are rich in protein and you can enjoy them freely without fear of gluten. But you need to make sure the topping does not contain barley or wheat.

Sonic Gluten Free Drinks

sonic gluten free slushies

Sonic slushes, fountain drinks and bottled drinks are gluten free so you can explore the sonic drinks menu in order to explore some gluten free drinks options from the sonic menu. You can also customize your drink with a sonic wide range of fruit flavors and syrups.

Sonic Items To Avoid

Here is the cautious zone that gluten allergies and celiac disease people avoid;

  • You should avoid bread and buns as they contain gluten including veggie burgers all buns contain gluten.
  • Some seasoning such as mustard sauce and ketchup might contain gluten so you should avoid using it.
  • Cross contamination is always a danger as sonic don’t have designated places and utensils for gluten free food. So you have to be cautious about this and you can give these instructions to the carhop.
  • Onion rings and fries are counted as gluten free items but if they get fried in the same fryer this might not be healthy for everyone.
  • Sonic’s dessert menu, milkshakes and ice cream contains gluten in their items.

Safe Additional Tips For Satisfying Sonic Experience:

  • You can inform your carhop that you have gluten allergies or you have celiac disease so they should be cautious about your order and make it with care.
  • You can bring your own gluten free bun and wrap in order to have a safe meal
  • You can ask questions about ingredients and the making process to your carhop for a safe side.
  • You need to remember that cross contamination is a possibility so you keep your health first and don’t hesitate to ask questions about your food.

Some Alternatives Of Sonic

Here are some of alternatives that you can consider for gluten free experience;

  • Chipotle offers you to build your own food by gluten-free veggies and chicken.
  • Five Guys have buns and fries that are fried in a separate fryer.
  • Chick-Fil A offers you grilled chicken and gluten free salads.

Things To Be Noted

Remember that sonic drivein is not completely gluten free and doesn’t even offer many gluten free options however sonic fries and onion rings and some of drinks and salad are gluten free nut cross contamination could be a risk overall sonic is not safe for gluten allergies and those who are suffering with celiac disease.


As sonic doesn’t offer a gluten free food menu but still offers some options such as fries, some drinks and some salads with grilled chickens but cross contamination is the possibility, but you can still enjoy your food at sonic by doing something creative such as asking about customization and by contacting with car-hop you can still enjoy some gluten free options from sonic.


Yes! Sonic tater tots are considered as gluten free like french fries in the sonic allergen menu.

No! Sonic doesn’t have a gluten free shakes menu as their desserts menu contains gluten.

Yes! You can surely ask for a lettuce wrapped burger if you are allergic from gluten you can tell them your concern and ask for customization.

Yes! Sonic offers you gluten free slushes.

Currently sonic dont have gluten free buns.

No! Sonic doesn’t offer you gluten free mozzarella sticks.

You can have sonic fries, tater tots, onion rings and some sonic bottled drinks which are gluten free.

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