Welcome to the complete guide of Sonic happy hour! It starts from 2pm to 4pm where you will get everything half priced from cheesy burgers to refreshing drinks. You can enjoy every discounted meal and drink at a specific location. It is really important to remember sonic discounted hours are limited daily. And also are not available in every location.

Want to know about the meaning of happy hours, sonic launched these happy hours deals in order to give a sweet delight to you, so you can uplift your mood in the mid-afternoon from monday to thursday not only it will give you half priced everything that will make your day as well it’s also a sweet delight to your wallet. Remember that prices of discounted deals during happy hours may vary according to location. So make sure to check the menu of your location before buying happy hour deals.


Sonic is America’s 11th ranked restaurant which ensures that your cravings and your wallet gets satisfied during happy hours.

So let’s dive into the menu of sonic drive-in happy hours and let’s get some knowledge about the  deals and prices of the sonic menu.

Sonic Everyday Operating Hours

  • Mainly Sonic Drive-In provides services from 6am to 1am on a daily basis
  • But in some locations Sonic is offering 24 Hours services.

Sonic Happy Hour 2024

Happy hours of sonic feels like a delight from 2pm to 4pm. Where you can get everything at half price from cheesy burgers to sweet slushes at half price. This is an adventurous and exciting way to get your favorite classic slushes, burgers and tater tots at half price. Get Sonic Classic hot Dogs with  toppings of onion, mustard or chili cheese.


You will get invincible deals at happy hours of sonic! Such as you will get a  munch of tater tot and onion rings in just half price that won’t hurt your wallet and give you adventurous taste.

You will get every snack to satisfy your cravings. You can get crispy crunchy corn dog, onion rings and mozzarella sticks at half price with a flavorful taste. If you are looking for something sweet you can get flavored sweet slushes for half price.

Time Schedule of Sonic Happy Hours

Happy hours start from 2pm to 4pm, which are highly praised by sonic customers. They love to visit sonic during happy hours in order to satisfy their mid-afternoon craving with  deals of sonic Drive-in;

Time Schedule of Sonic Happy Hours

Remember to check your location if you are looking for happy hour deals. Not all sonic locations are offering happy hour deals.

Deals and discounts of Sonic Drive-in Happy Hours

Sonic is one of the most ranked restaurants in America which ranked 11th due to their quick fast food services and their adventurous taste. And happy hours of sonic are sure to satisfy your mid-noon cravings by their  deals and refreshing drinks.

sonic everyday happy hours

Here is the sonic luscious menu for happy hours with updates of 2024. Where you will not only get  deals to excite your taste buds but your wallet will not hurt by these deals. Sonic will offer you refreshing slushes to satisfy your mid-afternoon cravings and combination of food with drinks won’t let down any type customer and got ability to make every kind of customer happy and won’t bend your wallet as well.

Sonic happy hours beverages deal

Here! Looking for something sweet after having a bitter day? Sonic got everything for everyone. You can get your favorite drink from Sonic at half price and forget all your worries after having a refreshing drink.

Let’s dive into the sonic drinks menu that you can get half price during happy hours.


With sonic pop shoppe drinks you can enjoy a refreshing moment that feels like heaven. If your hungry stomach is rumbling for something  you can take yourself toward sonic to satisfy your craving with sonic meals. And if you have a sweet tooth you can enjoy Sonic’s  sweet drinks. 

Sonic Slush Deals

During happy hours you can get the following refreshing deals in just $2.99 and take a new start after that.

Sonic Slush Deals

If you are looking for something stronger during happy hours sonic also offers their signature cocktail drinks for just $2.99 and you will get a refreshing cocktail of blueberry pomegranate martini and peach bellini.

Sonic Half-price Cheese burger menu

Here sonic got something really exciting for you that will excite your taste buds to have more. Sonic some combos of burger with meaty and cheesy bites. So rejoice food lovers and get into a sonic drive in the menu of half price cheese burgers.

SuperSONIC_Double_Cheese burger

You will get all these Sonic’s signature burgers for just $2.99

  • Sonics Chilli cheese burger
  • Sonic Garlic butter burger
  • Sonic double cheeseburger of ¼ pound

If you want to have a great full meal you can ask Sonic for “Double meat cheeseburger” for just $3.99. Which is just a steal and bomb of taste that you will get after having that  burger.

If you have afternoon cravings, sonic’s happy hour is the best option for your afternoon munchies. Daily from 2pm to 4pm sonic got exciting deals with exciting prices that will give you a kick of taste without breaking your bank.

Sonic Refreshed Drinks during happy hours of 2024

Here sonic has some refreshing drinks for you at half price in order to give you a refreshing feel and to make you ready for the next start-up. 

You can get refreshing limeades, iced smoothies and creamy milkshakes. You can get following menu during happy hours:

strawberry shake
  • Half price soft drinks like Dr. pepper drink and coca-cola
  • ½ refreshing Iced Tea (Unsweet tea, green tea, sugared tea)
  • You can get refreshing slushies for just $1.99
  • You can get milkshakes (Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, oreo) for just $2.49.

best Sonic’s Happy Hour Menu pick-ups

Sonic is well known for their car-hop service and their adventurous taste. Here sonic is also offering best picks during  their sonic happy hour. You can fill your palate with your customized meal and can get full under $4. By having a double meat cheeseburger with a refreshing drink for just $3.99.

Here is the list of some sonic best picks during happy hours that customers love to have as their mid-afternoon snack.

1.Sonic Cheese burger:

  • Sonic Chilli cheese burger
  • Sonic Double meat cheeseburger
  • Sonic Garlic Burger

2.Sonic Crispy Corn Dog

3.Sonic Signature Slushes and drinks

  • ½ iced Tea
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Raspberry Limeade
  • Orange
  • Watermelon
  • Green apple
  • Blue coconut
  • Grape
  • Powdered mountain berry blast
  • Vanilla milkshake

Sonic’s Happy Hour Fusion Of Candy Slush

  • Rainbow Candy + Blue Raspberry
  • Rainbow Candy + Watermelon
  • Popping Candy + Blue coconut
  • Jolly Rancher candy + Cherry
  • Jolly Rancher + Green Apple

Sonic’s Happy hour Time Limeade and Lemonade

  • Sonic classic limeade
  • Cranberry, strawberry, cherry limeade
  • For Diet Variants: Sonic’s cherry limeade and limeade

Sonic Frozen Section

  • Classic slush
  • Grapes slush
  • Blue raspberry slush
  • Strawberry

Sonic special slushes and  limeades

  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Grape
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry

4.Sonic’s happy hour sides and snacks

  • Tater Tots
  • Onion Rings
  • Mozzarella Sticks

Sonic’s Night Happy Hours

In addition to day craving, sonic also launched night happy hours in some locations in order to give a perfect deal to their customers and satisfy their cravings with their good taste and budget friendly meals.

Sonic offers various kinds of meals and drinks during night hours starting from 8pm to closing time. Sonic doesn’t mention this time as happy hours but after this time Sonic offers specific discounts on food and drinks in order to give them a good night.

Sonic Masterful Shake During Late night discounted hours

Sonic offers various kinds of shakes during the night in order to satisfy your midnight craving something sweet. 

Here is list of shakes and drinks that sonic offers during night;

Sonic Creamery Shakes:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla bean
  • Bourbon brown sugar
  • Butter toffee
  • Wildberry & lavender

Sonic Oreo Shakes:

  • Peanut butter oreo shake
  • Chocolate shake

Sonic Tempting Shakes:

  • Peanut butter fudge
  • Strawberry banana
  • Coconut cream pie
  • Classic banana cream pie.

Remember that sonic night discounted deals don’t count as happy hours, from sonics last update of 2023. As sonic calls it sonic night deals. Where sonic makes it sure to give you everything discounted drink to give you a refreshing breath after a tiring day. Sonic makes sure to give a sweet smile on every customer’s face after their tiring day schedule with their discounted deals of drinks and ice creams.

At night, sonic only offers specific drinks and sonic ice creams at half price. It doesn’t offer unlimited discounted deals at night. But you can customize your drinks to make it more flavorful with sonic  add-ons. Such as creamers or extra toppings of  fruits or chocolate.

Customize your Drinks By Extra Flavour

Here! Sonic is also offering you ADD-ons to customize your drink with  flavors of sonic. You can get flavourful sweet syrups like creamers or fruit purees each for just $0.50. Sonic’s happy hour menu contains everything like peach, raspberry, strawberry and chocolate. You can make a perfect custom drink everytime by adding  creamers such as mocha, vanilla or caramel that will enhance the taste of your creamy drink.

As happy hours of sonic run throughout the summer so you can take advantage of discounted deals and can customize your drink by matching and mixing your favorite extras. You can create a different and adventurous taste of your drink just by adding something flavored and creamy.

By mixing and matching you can create  combos of your meal. So take a seat under afternoon sunlight and create your favorite combo without hurting your wallet and satisfy your mid-afternoon cravings.

Sonic limited time daily deals and offers

Sonic’s most exciting offers are limited time where you can get high discounts and  fresh food to make yourself happy and you give yourself a sweet treat with sonic’s happy hours and sonic limited time deals. Where Sonic offers you refreshing drinks such as slushes, soft drinks, ice creams, smoothies and many more that will give you a sweet vibe and refresh your mood and turn it sweeter after a bad or tiring day.

sonic happy hours

Sonic’s motive is to make their customers happy and they do this by giving them healthy and  food that comes in their budget and gives them a  vibe. 

When you eat a cheesy sonic burger you will feel like heaven of taste and you will crave for more. Sonic also offers sonic breakfast menu during sonic breakfast hours to satisfy your morning hunger.

Take advantage of Sonic Happy Hours

You can take advantage of sonic happy hour menu time by following these steps in order to get some knowledge about timing and other concerns of sonic good hours.

  • Check day and time from 2pm to 4pm
  • Reach early in order to get your meal
  • Decide what you wanna get.
  • Best meals at sonic for mod noon snacks are cheese burger, onion rings, corn dog and some signature drinks.
  • You can ask Sonic for a combo if Sonic is offering any kind of combo deals at that time in order to get some  bigger discount on your deal.

Sonic’s Special Events

Sonic’s always strive hard to bring something new and exciting for their customers to make them happy. Where happy hours of sonic is one of them. Where you can get your favorite cheeseburger, flavored slushies and healthy snacks at half price. That will give you a  taste and make you happy.

As well as sonic also offer some special discounts on special days such as if there is sports day sonic will offer refreshing drinks at discounted prices in order to give you a  treat with refreshing breath after a tiring game.

Sonic also arranges movie nights in order to give entertainment to their customers with  deals. Where you can watch movies and have your favorite snacks and meals there. You will get your favorite drink there through a car-hop and a sweet smile from car-hop will make your mood bright 

Sonic is special because of its special services and fast drive-in food service. You don’t have to wait hours at Sonic for your food. You can get it in just minutes. And freshly prepared aroma of food will excite your taste buds to have that food with relish.

The main goal of sonic is to give you a lively and entertaining environment where you can engage with your friends or alone or with your family you can get a good atmosphere to enjoy your discussion and enjoy your meal as well.

Final Words

It would be crazy if you let go of these amazing discounts during happy hours at sonic. You make your cravings and budget happy with half price cheese burgers, drinks, slushies and side snacks. Sonic has everything you could possibly want for your mid-noon snacks. However this offer is only available from 2pm to 4pm. So you need to make sure to set an alarm and arrive on time to grab your favorite meal for half price.

By customizing your favorite drink with something extra you can get a big smile on your face with these tasty combos.

Overall mine experience with sonic is really good. And customers do rave about happy hours of sonic as well as sonic other  combos and deals. I would really encourage you to drive toward sonic, have a great and unforgettable experience of tastes and  combos with sonic without hurting your wallet.

Sonic’s Customer Support

Customer SupportContact Details
Sonic Drive-in Head OfficeOklahoma
Sonic Phone Number1 866 657 6642
Sonic Websitehttps://www.sonicdrivein.com/
Sonic Restaurant Locatorhttps://www.sonicdrivein.com/locations/
Sonic Mobile AppSonic Drive-In App 
Sonic Offershttps://www.sonicdrivein.com/deals/ 
Sonic Gift Cardshttps://www.sonicdrivein.com/gift-cards/ 
Sonic FAQshttps://www.sonicdrivein.com/contact-us/ 
Sonic Careershttps://careers.sonicdrivein.com/us/en 

Sonic Social Media Accounts:

Here are sonic’s social media accounts by which you can directly link with sonic official channels for latest updates and  deals of sonic drive-in menu. As well as you can also get latest updates regarding happy hour time of sonic.

  •  Sonic Youtube Channel with direct Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/sonicdrivein 
  • Sonic Official facebook account with direct link: https://www.facebook.com/sonicdrivein 
  • Sonic’s Instagram account with direct link: https://www.instagram.com/sonicdrivein 
  • Sonic’s official twitter account for latest updates: https://twitter.com/sonicdrivein  

With these direct links you can reach sonic’s official accounts and get updates information about sonic menu and sonic latest deals.


Sonic happy hour time is a ½ discounted time where you can get everything for half-price.

Happy hours of Sonic starts from 2pm to 4pm. From Monday to thursday.

Sonic hour after 8pm to closing time sonic offers half price shakes and drinks as well as ice cream until summer ends. These hours vary in different locations. Remember not all locations are offering these deals.

No, sonic hours are in specific locations. Some sonic restaurants don’t offer these happy hours so you need to check your location and sonic happy hour at your location in order to get discounted deals.

You can ask for any combo from sonic in order to have a full meal. Sonic got a lot of combo deals where you can double meat and cheese burger with a tasty drink for just $5 or under $5. These prices may vary according to location.

Yes, sonic does offer large refreshing drinks in summer in order to make you feel fresh for just $0.99. You can customize your drink with some ADD-ONS. You can get creamy and icey drinks from sonic.

No you don’t need any kind coupons to enjoy Sonic happy hour time. You can get everything for half price during sonic hours.

Yes, Sonic does offer happy hours in order to give a big smile on your face after having a sweet treat or having something salty and crunchy such as tater tots or tasty onion rings.

Sonic late night discounted hours starts from 8pm to closing time. Where Sonic offers only a wide range of drinks and ice creams. These hours are not called happy hours but sonic night hours where sonic will give you sweet treats for half price.

Sonic offers all fountain drinks during its happy hour time. You get following  drinks and many more during discounted time,

  • Limeade and lemonade
  • Cherry limeade
  • Coconut blue slush
  • Ocean water

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