sonic drinks combinations

Craving for something delicious to quench your thirst here are the most refreshing combinations of sonic drinks. Where you will not only get fruity drinks but also freshening coffees to remove your tiredness.

In this article we will discuss the best sonic drinks combinations that won’t hurt your wallet and will give you a refreshing feel during sizzling hot summer.

Let’s get into the yummy menu of sonic drinks combinations so you can select your favorite one.

Sonic Drinks Combinations During Happy Hours

The best time from 2pm to 4pm are the happy hours and counted as the best hours as you can get any of your favorite drinks from sonic for half price. Here you can also create many combinations of drinks and you can get any of your favorite drink deals for half prices. You can get your favorite slushes, milkshakes, soft drinks, blasts and many more for half price.

These happy hours come everyday from 2pm to 4pm and you can enjoy any of your favorite drinks in order to refresh yourself. So let’s dive into tha happy hour drinks combination to tantalize your taste buds;

sonic drink combinations

Sonic Drinks Combinations With Water

Want to hydrate yourself with something sweet and delicious then nothing is better than sonic’s drinks combination with water. Yes you can add many flavors of sonic with water to enhance the taste of your drink. So let’s dive into the drinks combination with water;

Sonic Drinks flavors with water
Raspberry Lemon Water
Cherry Lime Water
Lemonberry Water
Strawberry Lime Water
Strawberry Peach Water
Mango Water with Lime
Mango Water
Cranberry Water
Cranberry Water With Lime
Lemon And Lime Water
Strawberry lemon water
Lemon water 
Pineapple Coconut Water
Blueberry Mint Water
Orange Water
Cucumber Melon Water
Raspberry Mint Water
Mint Lime Water
Coconut Lime Water

All these water drink combinations during happy hours contain 5-10 calories with an estimated price of $2.29. Yes you can get these yummy drinks to hydrate yourself for just $2.29 during happy hours.

Sonic’s Dr. Pepper Drink Combination

Dr. Pepper is a secret drink at Sonic which is a yummy combination of pepper, sprite and mint to refresh you during a hot tiring day. Here are some combinations of Dr. Pepper that you can try to get an innovative taste.

Combination Of Drinks With Dr. Pepper
Vanilla Ice Cream With Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper With Chocolate
Dr. Pepper With Cherry Lime
Dr. Pepper Drink With Caramel Drizzle
Dr. Pepper Topped With Whipped Cream 
Dr. Pepper With Green Apple
Dr. Pepper Drink With Peach
Blackberry and Vanilla in Dr. Pepper Drink
Blue Coconut Mixed With Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Drink With Vanilla Chocolate
Pomegranate and Mint With Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper With Lemon
Dr. Pepper With Coconut
Dr. Pepper With Vanilla, Cherry And Lime

These crazy drink combinations with Dr. pepper drink will take you into another world. You will feel refreshed after every sip. For chocolate lovers Dr. pepper is specially designed with chocolate and vanilla to give you a creamy and chocolaty feel. If you are feeling low then you should surely go with Dr. pepper drink that will refresh you after your exhausting day.

You can get these drinks for just $2.49 with estimated calories between 200-500.

Sonic’s Soft Drinks Combinations

If you are craving for something sparkling and cool than what’s better than yummy combinations of soft drinks. Yes here sonic is offering you refreshing combinations of soft drinks that will tantalize your taste buds with their refreshing and sparkling taste. You can try various combinations with soft drinks such as coca cola, sprite, Fanta, diet coke, sprite zero. All these drinks contain their own variety of combinations that will take you to another world of refreshment.

Sonic’s Soft Drinks Combinations
Coke With Vanilla
Coke With Cherry
Caramel and cream combo with coke
Coke with lime
Coke with orange
Coke with mango
Coke with flavoring of watermelon
Coke with pomegranate flavoring
Coke with flavoring of coconut
Sprite with cranberry
Sprite with watermelon
Sprite with cherry
Sprite with blackberry
Sprite with pineapple
Sprite with lemon
sprite with strawberry
Sprite with blue coconut
Sprite with whipped cream and cherry
Sprite with orange
Sprite with raspberry
Sprite with mango
Sprite with peach
Sprite with grape
Sprite green apple
Sprite with kiwi and strawberry
Sprite zero with strawberry
Sprite zero with white coconut
Sprite zero with vanilla and blackberry
Sprite zero with kiwi and blue coconut
Fanta combined with vanilla and cream
Fanta with strawberry
Fanta with lime
Fanta with grape
Fanta with orange and vanilla
Fanta with strawberry and lime
Fanta with coconut
Fanta topped with whipped cream and cherry
Fanta with vanilla
Fanta with lemon

All these delicious combinations of soft drinks have the ability to give you a refreshing feel during hot summer. You can create your own crazy combinations for adventurous feel and innovative tastes. You can get all these drinks with the estimated price of $2.89 with estimated calories of 400-800. All the fruit combinations with sparkling drinks are just wow and taste very much good.

Sonic Drinks Combinations with Root Beer

Besides every drink here are some of root beer drink combinations that will make you feel innovative with their flavorful taste. Here are some combinations sonic is offering you with root beer you can try to have fun and to refresh yourself.

Drinks Combination With Root Beer
Root Beer With Cream
Root Beer With Vanilla
Root Beer with Vanilla and cream
Root Beer With Blackberry
Root beer topped with whipped cream and cherry
Root beer with raspberry and vanilla
Root beer with Mint
Root beer with lime and coconut
Root beer orange and cherry
Root beer with blackberry and vanilla

These sonic drinks combinations of root beer with different flavors and fruits are really amazing to drink. As all sonic drinks are budget friendly so you can have one without hurting your wallet. You can get these root beer combinations in a medium cup for just $2.69 which is an estimated price with estimated calories count 170-240. 

Sonic Drinks Combination With Limeade

As limeade is one of the most favorite drinks at sonic but imagine if you are customizing it with different fruit puree and flavors so its taste is gonna be on the moon. Yesnow not only you can enjoy limeade but also you can have many limeade flavors with different fruits and let’s dive into the limeade combinations for innovative tastes.

Sonic’s Drinks Combinations With Limeade
Cherry Limeade
Peach Limeade
Cranberry Limeade
Peach Limeade With Cherries
Peach Cranberry Limeade
Vanilla cherry limeade
Strawberry limeade
Vanilla cherry limeade with cream
Peach limeade with cream and vanilla
Orange limeade with peach
Orange limeade with strawberry 
Orange limeade with cherry
Watermelon limeade
Extra lime in watermelon limeade
Mango limeade with orange
Mango limeade with extra lime
Dragon fruit limeade
Green apple limeade
Orange limeade
Lemon limeade
Coconut limeade

All these refreshing best sonic drinks combinations with limeade will tantalize your taste buds and your inner soul will thank you for these delicious drinks. You can get all these limeades for just $2.29-$2.49 with an estimated calories count of 200-220.

Sonic’s Tea combination Drinks

Besides every drink, sonic has something exciting for you. If you’re looking to have a great start of your morning and want to remove your tiredness after mid-noon then there is no better choice than tea combinations of sonic. Let’s dive into the sonics tea combination menu so that you can have one according to your choice without hurting your wallet.

Sonic’s Refreshing Tea Combinations
Sonic’s sweet tea with vanilla and cream
Sweet tea with coconut flavor
Sweet mocha tea
Sonic’s sweet tea with mint
Sonic’s green tea with mint
Sonic’s sweet lemonade tea
Sonic’s green tea topped with cream
Green tea with mango
Green tea with peach
Sonic’s sweet tea with strawberry
Green tea with raspberry and mint 
Green tea with lemon
Green tea with green apple
Sweet tea with cinnamon
Green tea with mint
Sonic’s green tea with coconut and peach

All these caffeine drinks will wake you up to move forward for having a great start. The portion or sonic’s green tea is specially for diet persons who don’t want to gain weight and want to enjoy something refreshing and tasty for the morning and after mid-noon. All these drinks have the ability to remove tiredness from you with their yummy taste. You can get these tea combinations for just $2.29 to $2.79 with an estimated calorie count of 200 to 320.

Sonic’s Frozen Drinks Combinations

Here! Sonic has something more exciting with their frozen drinks combinations where you will not only get a combination of milkshakes, slushes, blasts and sundae. Sonic has something for everyone. If you are craving for something creamy then sonic’s frozen is the best place where you can stop to satisfy your sweet cravings. Let’s dive into the frozen drinks combination to choose the best for you. Or you can elect one according to your desi and mood.

Sonic’s Frozen Drinks Combinations
Mango slush
Lemon berry slush
Blue cream slush
Coconut pineapple slush
Sonic’s raspberry lemonade slush
Sonic’s powerade berry blast slush
Sonic’s Chocolate shake
Strawberry shake
Hot fudge shake
Caramel shake
Sonic’s Cookie Dough Shake
Sonic’s Coffee Shake
Reese’s peanut butter with oreo cookie shake
Sonic’s Mint Oreo Shake
Sonic’s Blast With Snickers Bar
Butterfinger candy blended in sonic blast
Sonic’s triple chocolate blast
Sonic’s Hot Fudge Sundae
Sonic’s caramel Crunch Sundae

All these soni’s frozen drink combinations are on another level. Which are extra cool, creamy and thick and will satisfy all your sweet cravings at a very reasonable price. You can get without hurting your wallet and can enjoy this any time of day. 

Remember you can have all these drinks for half price during sonic’s happy hours that start from 2pm to 4pm.

7 Best Sonic Drinks Combinations

Getting confused after looking at such a wide range of drinks combinations and unable to decide what you want to have then don’t worry here sonic separated a best 7 drinks menu which is on the top and is most demanding by customers. You should surely try one without any hesitation.  So let’s dive into the best drinks menu of sonic to know what you want to have;

sonic drinks combos

Sonic’s Lemonberry Slush

Lemonberry slush is an outclass blend of berry and lemon topped with whipped cream and a cherry which is most demanded by customers of sonic. People love to have this drink specially during happy hours and don’t miss the chance if you haven’t tried this drink yet.

Sonic’s Strawberry Limeade

Strawberry limeade is a tasty mixture of sparkling sprite with strawberries with little adding of lemon that will give a refreshing feel to your soul and mind. If you are looking for sweet and tartling combination than there is nothing better than this limeade.

Dr. Pepper Strawberry Drink

Here sonic has something exciting for you with their secret Dr. Pepper drink and then strawberry is added to it. This drink is gonna be amazing and you will love to have this in any season. This will give a yummy taste to your soda.

Sonic’s Berry And Cherry Slush

This yummy berry and cherry slush is a thick creamy and delicious mixture of berries and cherries to beat up the sizzling heat. If you get tired after a hard day then there is no better choice than this refreshing drink.

Sonic’s Vanilla Cherry Coke

Here! No one can offer you such amazing combinations of drinks but sonic does. Sonic is offering you a coke with a delicious blend of vanilla and cherry. You can also add some other flavors to enhance the taste of your drink.

Sonic’s Coke And Chocolate Blend

Chocolate lovers hold on. Sonic has something exciting for you with your favorite soft drink. Yes sonic has a yummy mixture of coke and chocolate flavor which tastes like heaven.

Sonic’s Sprite with Blueberry and mango

This delicious combination of sprite with mango and blueberry will refresh your soul and remove your tiredness with sparkling drink. You can ask for a sonic sprite for customization.

Final Thoughts

Sonic has a wide range of exciting combinations of drinks you can have during the whole day. But the most crazy thing is sonic happy hour where you can get many special combinations for half price. There are a lot of combinations you can have from sonic as well as you can customize it according to your desire and mood.

sonic online order

  • Open sonic website: 
  • Click on the sonic menu you can also search it from the search bar given in sonic website
  • Choose your desired breakfast with a refreshing drink.
  • Add to cart your selected items
  • And click on order
  • Select the pick-up time
  • After safe online payment wait for order confirmation
  • And drive your car toward sonic on the selected time in order to pick-up your order.


Well sonic has a lot of drinks combinations but the most favorite and loveable drink is cherry limeade.

You can create thousands of sonic drinks combinations according to your desire and taste.

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