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Sonic drive-in is a well known restaurant for its fast food and drinks. But sonic does have a secret menu which is not well known by all customers. The secret menu of sonic has a lot of items you must try.

A Frito Pie or a Dr. Pepper drink is an awesome combination to get an innovative taste of flavors as well as to refresh yourself.

Sonic has a lot of menu deals where you will get halloween menu, breakfast menu, drinks menu, sonic’s allergen menu, burgers menu, desserts menu.

In this article we will delve into the sonic secret menu and every item worth in this secret menu.

Sonic’s Secret Menu

Let’s dive into Sonic’s secret menu to know what they have in their secret menu. You might not know about the secret menu;

sonic food

Here are some items from the secret menu of sonic you can have if you are craving to have some innovative taste.

Grilled Ham And Cheese

Got bored by eating the same sandwich with the same taste! Worries not sonic secret menu has something exciting for you. Now you can get a grilled ham and cheese sandwich to get some extra protein. A yummy ham with melted cheese stuffed between two bread slices tastes wow.


With the addition of ham the taste of the sandwich will be enhanced 100 times and you will experience the best food taste ever. The prices of this sandwich vary according to location.

Sonic’s Custom Burgers

Sonic’s secret menu does not consist of a short and specific menu. It tries to use every sauce and every item of their menu to fulfill the desire of customers.


At sonic you can also customize your burger by adding or removing something from your burger according to your taste.

Sonic’s Frito Pie

This crunchy and cheesy pie sets everything aside. As you will forget about old traditional fries after having one bite of this Frito can have this delicious combination of chili and cheese on Fritos just by asking melted cheese and chili on a pile of Fritos as most people get this by saying the same words.

Sonic Secret Menu Drinks

Here are some of Sonic’s secret drinks you can try in order to beat the sizzling heat of summer and to get a refreshing feel after a tiring day.

Sonic’s Dr. Pepper Drink

Dr pepper drink

This drink is well known by sonic enthusiasts. This is a refreshing combination of sprite with lemonade, powerade and pepper. Which gives you a sparkling and freshening taste with every sip. You must try this cool drink next time you visit sonic.

Sonic’s Purple Sprite

This purple sprite is the most refreshing and wanted drink on the sonic secret menu that you can have by asking about purple sprite. This drink is the delicious combination of sprite with cranberry juice, lemonade and powerade. Which will leave you wanting for more.

Prices of Sonic Secret Drinks

These drinks come in various sizes and prices. These prices may vary according to the location and branches. So you need to check your nearest sonic outlet.

Sonic DrinksSmallMediumLargeRoute 44
Dr. Pepper $1.19$1.69$1.89$2.09
Purple Sprite$1.19$1.69$1.89$2.09

All these prices of sonic secret drinks are estimated these prices may vary according to the location. You can try your favorite Dr. Pepper or purple sprite and enjoy the innovative taste.

Sonic Other Secret Items

Here are some other secret menu items you can try to get an innovative taste and feel adventurous after having such a delicious deal at Sonic at a reasonable price.

Chicken Popcorn

chicken popcorn

These exclusive chicken popcorns are combined with cheese. You can add some extra sauces to enhance the taste of this meal.

Sonic Sunrise

sonic sunrise

A perfect combination of cherry limeade mixed with orange juice is perfect to get a refreshing feel. You can ask to add some other flavors to enhance the taste of your drink. Such as you can ask for customization with strawberry flavor or lemonade.

Pink Lady

Pink lady is a sparkling refreshing drink at sonic and the most demanding from sonic’s secret menu. This is a delicious combination of cherry juice and vanilla cream with sprite.

pink lady

Pink Flamingo

This secret drink is a perfect combination of sprite with orange juice, pineapple and cherry juice. That will give you a flavorful taste with a cool and windy feeling.

Pickle O’s

The pickle which is deeply fried and serves you with some awesome sauces to give you some tangy tasty flavor.



These extreme tots are a perfect combination of grated potatoes with cheese, jalapenos, onions, and some other ingredients that will taste like heaven with each bite.


Besides all tasty sonic menu items it does have a secret menu where you can get some customized food as well other innovative and tasty drinks and meals. In sonic’s secret menu it contains 34 items which are not on the regular menu of sonic. Not all the visitors of sonic know about this secret menu but permanent sonic customers know very well about this menu.

Sonic secret menu has customized burgers to all refreshing drinks that you must try whenever you visit sonic next time.


Sonic pink lady drink is a sparkling refreshing drink made of cherry juice mixed with sprite and vanilla cream.

Sonic don;t have salad in their secret menu but you can get one and ask for customization because Sonic offers customization options to their customers in order to see a big smile on their face.

Sonic have more than 30 items in their secret menu you can get which includes delicious cool drinks, customized burgers, and many more.

Yes! You can surely customize your drinks, your burgers, sandwiches and every item at Sonic by simply asking them for add-ins or if you want to remove something you can do so.

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