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Sonic, an American Drive-In restaurant delivers you the most iconic fast foods and drinks. But Sonic also cares for you. And this care from sonic shows by their Allergen Menu. This allergen menu contains all allergen options in order to give you ease on picking your food at sonic.

Here Sonic lovers! Sonic got your dietary routine and your concerns about your health. Sonic has their allergen menu with updated guide of 2024. Which is super helpful for you and you can choose any of your favorite foods without worrying about allergies.

This detailed allergen menu has everything. But you need to be cautious if you have severe allergies and you are on medical treatment. Explore sonic secret menu too after the allergen one.

List Of Abbreviation Of Sonic Allergen Menu

Here is the list of abbreviations mentioned below in order to give you knowledge about abbreviations that will be mentioned in the sonic menu further. So whenever you go through the sonic menu you need to keep in mind these abbreviations.

Sonic Allergen MenuAbbreviations
Tree NutsT
None PresentNone
[May Contain][]

Whenever you look at the sonic allergen menu you must remember these abbreviations in order to know about ingredients. All the allergen menu is super helpful for you but you must be cautious if you are having some serious allergies.

In this comprehensive guide you will get to know the complete allergen menu with every detail. This gonna help you to choose any of your favorite food from sonic.

Sonic Bread Products

BiscuitM,S,W,G [E]
Buns (Hot Dog and Hamburger)S,W,G [E,M]
CroissantM,S,W,G, [E]
Ciabatta BunS,W,G
Philly RollS,W,G
Pretzel BunS,W,G,M
Poppy Seed BunS,W,G
Texas ToastS,W,G, [E,M]

All these bread items contain absolute information regarding the allergen menu till now.

Sonic Allergen Menu Of Fried Items

Here is a detailed information about fried allergens from sonic;

Fried ItemsAllergens
Asian Sweet Chili Boneless WingsS,W,G,M
Breaded Chicken StripsM,S,W,G
Buffalo Boneless WingsS,W,G,E
Breaded Chicken BreastS,W,G
Corn DogM,E,S,W,G
Ched ‘R’ BitesM,E,S,W,G
Country Fried SteakM,S,W,G
Extreme Habanero Heat Boneless WingsS,G,W,E
French Toast SticksM,S,W,G
Fried Onion TanglersM,S,W,G
Garlic Parmesan Boneless WingsS,M,G,W,E
Honey BBQ Boneless WingsS,G,W
Island Fire Boneless WingsS,G,W
Jumbo Chicken PopcornS,G,W
Mozzarella Cheese SticksS,M,W,G
Onion RingsS,G,W
Spicy Jumbo Chicken PopcornS,G,W,E

Note that all these sonic fried items contain updated allergens.

Sonic’s Grilled Items Allergens

Grilled ItemsAllergens
Grilled OnionsS
Grilled Chicken BreastS,G,W

Sonic’s Cheese Allergen Items

Cheddar Cheese SauceS,M
Sliced American CheeseS,M
Cheddar CheeseM
Sliced Cheddar CheeseS,M
White American CheeseM
Monterey Jack CheeseS,M
PepperJack CheeseS,M
Swiss CheeseS,M

Sonic Other Menu Items Allergies

Other ItemsAllergens
Pepper GravyM,G,W [S,E]

Sonic Seasoning Allergens

Cheese SauceS,E,M
Carne Asada SauceS
Garlic Caesar SauceF,E
Thousand Island DressingE
Smoky Bacon & Ranch DressingE,M
Cheddar Cheese SauceS,M
Asian Wing SauceS,G,W,M
Habanero Wing SauceE
Buffalo Wing SauceE
Parmesan Garlic Wing SauceM,E
Tartar Sauce and MayonnaiseE

Sonic’s Frozen Menu, Drinks, Add-Ins And Toppings Allergens

Bourbon Sugar SyrupM
Dulce De LecheM
Caramel Coffee SyrupM
Coffee CreamerM
Butter Toffee SyrupM
Ice cream Waffle Cone/ConeS,G,W
Chocolate Fudge CoffeeS,M
Peanut Butter/Nuts ToppingsP
Chocolate Chip PiecesT,G,W,E,S,P,M
Cookie Dough PiecesS,G,W,M
Pecan Pieces[M],[G],[W],[S],[E],[P],T
Brownie BitesG,W,S,M,E
Pie Crust Pieces[M],[P],T,E,G,W,S
Graham Cracker CrumbsG,W,S
Cheesecake Syrup[G],[W],[S],[E],[T],[P],M
Caramel ToppingS,M
Cake Syrup[S],[E],[T],[P],M,P,S
Rainbow Candy[E],[G],[W],[M],[S],[T],[P]
Watermelon Candy[E],[G],[W],[M],[S],[T],[P]
Jolly Rancher CandyS
Malt PowderG,W,M
Yellow Cake Crumb Topping[M],[T],[P],E,G,W,S
Chocolate CakeG,W,S,M,E
Reese’s, M&M’s, ButterfingerP,S,M
Whipped CreamM
Ice cream/chocolate/MilkM

Sonic Oil Allergens

Shortening & OilAllergens
Fryer Shortening & Bun OilS

Ways To Get Sonic Nutrition And Allergen Menu

Here are some easy ways to know about sonics nutritional and allergen information;

  • You can simply download the sonic app and click on sonic “Nutrition & Allergens” and you will get information on all menus. It will be like an informational menu in your pocket.
  • You can also get all this information from sonic website by clicking the PDF link and download all nutritional and allergen information in PDF file.
  • If you are unable to find any concerned information from sonic you can simply ring on customer service by reaching them through their toll-free number and asking for help.

Final Thoughts

Sonic has a diverse range of dairy free products in their allergen menu where you can get any of your favorite breakfast menu items such as sandwich, bagel or burrito by asking them to make it without cheese. Same as this you can also get your favorite hot dog or burgers such as american hot dog or Jr. burger with no cheese. If instead of cheese you are allergic to gluten sonic also offers sonic gluten free menu.

You can also get sandwiches and burger buns if you’re allergic to dairy products. If it comes to sonic sides then nothing’s gonna be better than their fries, tots, and Fritos crispy fries but make sure that these are fried separately if the same fryer is used then it could contain particles.

sonic menu allergen

Remember that by sharing the same cooking utensils can cause cross contact and this can harm you if you are facing severe allergies. If you are also curious about the calories intake of sonic menu item read our complete sonic nutrition menu article.

Here is a complete PDF guide for you regarding sonic allergen menu;

Sonic Allergen Guide PDF Link.


Yes! Many sonic ingredients come with the label of soy oil.

A big NO! It is assured that Sonic’s all food items are MSG free.

Sonic doesn’t have gluten free buns but if you are looking for one you can have their sandwiches.

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