sonic special footlong coney

Fast food lovers rejoice! Sonic is offering their special quarter footlong coney for just $1.99. Sonic is not only famous for its tasty cheese burgers and sweet desserts but it also offers many combos that you need to see on the sonic menu.

In this article we discuss sonic’s special quarter footlong coney, where you can get it and this delicious deal will delight every hot dog lover.

Satisfy Your Hunger With Tasty Footlong Options

This footlong coney is not all about hot dogs. This is a blast of flavors with many options. You can customize it by your favorite sauces or whatever you want with that. Here are some exciting options you can get in this yummy footlong for just $1.99.

You can also customize these tasty footlongs with your favorite toppings.

Glory Of Chilli Cheese Coney

Let’s dive into the ingredients of these coney so you can feel what you want to have according to your mood. This yummy chili cheese coney is made of some special things to spice it up such as:

sonic 1.99 footlong coney
  • A magnificently grilled hot dog
  • Covered with sizzling chili sauce
  • A delicious topping of melted cheddar cheese
  • All these are covered in a warm bakery bun

The taste of this masterpiece is amazing that people love to have this as their mid-noon snack or when ever you want to have something spicy and delicious you can go with sonic special footlong coney.

All-American Classic Hot-Dog

This iconic american hot dog is a combination of toppings on a hot dog which is covered in a bun. Such as ketchup, mustard sauce, onion and pickle all these topping gives a relish taste to classic hot dogs.

New York Hot Dog

This amazing footlong coney is made by a finely grilled hot dog covered in a warm bakery bun with amazing toppings of onion, ketchup and mustard. With every bite you will feel something special.

Chicago Hot Dog

This footlong coney you can get with a hot dog with the cover of a warm bun topped with salt, pepper, pickle, tomato and mustard sauce.

Nutritional facts of Sonic Special Footlong Coney

Here are the nutritional details of sonic footlong coney. So that you can have one fearlessly without harming your health and diet.

sonic footlong coney
Nutritional InformationAmount m/g & g
Dietary Fibers3g
Saturated fat18g
Fat 48g
Cholesterol 100mg
Fatty Acid0.5g
Vit-A — IU891.64
Vitamin C1.04mg

Remember that all these nutritional information may differ according to your toppings and other Add-ins. In order to know accurate calories you can check Sonic’s official website in order to know about nutritions. You can satisfy your cravings by having one footlong coney that will not affect your diet.

Ways To Order Sonic Special Footlong Coney for jut $1.99

Here are some simple ways to order your special footlong coney from sonic for just $1.99.

If you are craving for something delicious and discounted then this classic hot dog is not a wrong choice. You can order it through several platforms:

Order it through App Or Website

You can order this amazing coney that will excite your taste buds from sonic website: or you can download the app for android or IOS.

Order your coney and drive to sonic at the selected time to pick it up.

Order through drive-in

If you are ordering at sonic you can simply ask for footlong coney and mention this deal. They will assure the discount on your coney.

Prices of this amazing deal may vary according to locations and branches. So you need to make sure that you have completely gone through the menu and then ask for ½ price footlong coney. 


Excite your taste buds if you are ready to get this wonderful deal of $1.99 that will give you amazing taste with a finely grilled hot dog wrapped in warm bun and topped with amazing toppings. You can also customize all these with your favorite sauces and add-ins. This amazing deal is perfect for hot dog lovers. Don’t let this chance slip from your hands. Drive your car toward sonic drive-in to get this discounted deal and enjoy it.


You can get this surprising flavorful coney at sonic drive-in. This offer is limited time and may vary according to locations. So make sure to check the sonic website for this discounted deal.

The real price of a sonic footlong hotdog is $3.69. But you can get this at a discounted price for just $1.99. Which is a surprising deal for hotdog lovers.

Yes! you can surely get this coney during happy hours for ½ price. Because during happy hours sonic offers some special deals at half price such as burgers and refreshing drinks.

Sonic’s footlong coney is a combination of beef and pork.

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