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Sonic drive-in is not only a fast food restaurant with its delegating car-hop services but also offering a lot of other opportunities by which you can set your carrier with sonic. As you can buy Sonic’s franchise and became part of a well-known fast food brand which has been serving all over the United states for the last 60 years.

In this article we will delve into the fee of sonic franchises by exploring history, requirements of investment, and many more benefits of owning a sonic restaurant.

Success Story Of Sonic

Here is the success history of sonic drive-in which started in 1953 in Shawnee, Oklahoma all setted by Troy Smith Sr. they gave a new direction to their restaurant by setting up a traditional way of serving food through their car-hops. Previously they served food by walking but now with the modern passage of time they are serving food on a roller skate with a great smile.

Sonic established roots in the USA with their strong commitments, innovative food experience, and by giving a great experience to their customers. 

Now Sonic has more than 3500 locations all over the USA. all was possible due to their brand commitments. Here is the franchise story that’s gonna give you goosebumps about how a person got successful by just buying a franchise.

Franchisees And Franchise Growth

A car-hop started his job in sonic, now he is a franchise owner in Kansas eventually buying franchises from sonic. Now he is owner of multiple franchises of sonic. That was just a small step toward success by buying a franchise.

This story is an inspiration for many; how a franchise can set up your career. This is such an amazing real life example of a success story just by buying a franchise. Now we’re gonna talk about investment and franchise cost.

Sonic Franchise Fee And Startup Cost

Investing in sonic is like you are investing for your future as well for your further generation. As this is a robust expanding organization where you can easily grab your success just by buying a franchise.  Here is the investment plan for buying a Sonic franchise.

sonic franchise opportunity
  • Sonic Franchise Fee Of  A Single Unit:  $45,000
  • Actual Estimated Investment Starts from $865,000 to $3,641,300 which includes land, real estate fee, franchise fee, and all other equipment and inventory cost. Other additional expenses such as advertising.
  • Net worth of the partner ust meet the total requirements.
  • Franchise terms and policies are that you can run one for 20 years after 10 years renewal.

Remember that before buying a franchise you must know about terms, policies and its turnover. You also must know about business, have understanding about market demand and must know about a location where it’s gonna set up.

Startup Time Of Sonic Franchise After selecting location

After buying a sonic franchise you must have patience for at least 1 year or you can say 12 months. 

First thing you must know about market demand. After that you must have knowledge about the location where you can buy your land for setting up a sonic business. Like you need to know about market, demand their concerns everything, after knowing everything 1 select a site where you want to build your building of sonic for start up. The construction of the building is going to take at least 6 months or more and after that start-up and actual opening of location is going to start after 1 year.

Finances Chart For Owning a Sonic Franchise

Here are the financial requirements that you must meet for owning a franchise;

Types of ExpendituresLow Estimation In USDHigh Estimation In USD
Sonic Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000
Travel and Living Expenses During Training$5,000$33,500
A-Team Trainers$44,000$92,000
Funds for Advertising $2,000$5,000
Inventory For Beginning $30,000$140,000
Impact fees for utilities, utility deposits, business license,Security Deposits,  and other prepaid expenses$42,000$179,000
Insurance Premiums$10,000$20,000
Additional Funds (Three Months)$5,000$10,000
Pre-Opening Costs (Miscellaneous )$5,000$58,300
Land CostVariableVariable
Building and Site Work Cost$480,000$2,396,000
Restaurant Equipments Cost$5,000$350,000
Point of Sale System (POS) and Digital Menu Housings (POPS)$124,000$140,000
Sonic Sign$12,000$35,000
TOTAL ESTIMATED INITIAL INVESTMENT (plus land costs)$865,000$3,641,300
Optional – Indoor Seating$125,000$275,000

Requirements For Potential Sonic Franchise Owner

Here are some qualification perspectives that you need to know before buying a sonic franchise;

  • You must have a background regarding restaurants or atleast one of your partners must have the background history about knowing restaurants.
  • Specifically you must have multiple experience of managing units.
  • You must have the ability of leadership that you know about leading a team, guiding them regarding management and other aspects you must know about management.
  • You must have strong entrepreneurship
  • You must have active involvement in the local community.
  • It would be beneficial if you know about retail marketing.

Key Points

  • Must meet finances of required franchise amount
  • Must know about business
  • Have knowledge about franchisee its advantages and disadvantages
  • Must know leadership
  • Must have patience


All over sonic is serving great appetizing meals all over the USA with its great food menu but also offering great opportunities to set up your future with sonic by buying franchises. But before you must have great knowledge regarding franchise, its aspects, its pros and cons and everything you need to know. You must have a great idea regarding location, customers walk-in, customers demand customers taste. And by having all these ideas you can build a great business within one year.


Sonic opened a single location in 1953, then they transitioned into franchisees; now most locations are franchises.

  • Bright future
  • Successful training program and operational system
  • Wide range of menu
  • Supporting system

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