sonic Mother’s Day

Mothers day is a special occasion which is going to be on 12th May, 2024 where you can make feel special to your beloved mom and your grandmothers. So here! sonic is best for you.  Generally sonic didn’t announce any specific promotions for mothers day but offering you some ongoing deals that you can grab for  your family or especially for your mother to make her feel special. You can give her a break from her routine and take her out for lunch or dinner. You can also give her cards or flowers but sometimes treating them with a great meal is the best option.

In this article we will explore ongoing deals of sonic that you can enjoy with your mother or with the whole family so let’s dive into sonic mother’s day special deals of 2024 that you can enjoy.

Mother’s Day In 2024

Here is the specific date for mothers day of 2024. It’s going to be on 12th May, 2024—Sunday. This day generally shows up every 2nd Sunday of May yearly. On this special day people make their mothers feel special to their mothers by giving them gifts, cards, flowers and some of them take them out for a delicious meal and they create amazing memories with their loved one’s.

sonic Mother’s Day 2024

Special Ongoing Deals At Sonic On Mother’s Day Special

Here are some specified deals where you can have a look while visiting sonic with your mother. You can grab one of them in order to have a great meal with amazing savings;

Here sonic menu got something special for you in their menu in the meant of mothers day special where you can make your special women more special by asking her about her favorite meal in such a reasonable price.

Here is the menu that you can get in discounted price which won’t hurt your budget and will give a memorable delicious meal;

  • Have you heard about Half Price Cheeseburger?  You mom never wants to miss this amazing deal on her special day so you can grab one for her. She would surely love it with her favorite drink.
  • You can also enjoy 5 crispy tenders for just $10 which is such an amazing budget friendly deal you can have in order to have a hearty meal without hurting your budget.
  • If your mother is looking for something creamy, dreamy and sweet then what about sonic oreo cheesecake blast and sundae which are gonna cost you under $4.
  • You can also take her for a night drive and let her experience the sonic half price shakes after 7pm which is a limited time offer where you can get any of your favorite creamy shakes for half price.
  • How about hot fudge sundae which is gonna cost you under $4. What about this amazing deal?

So don’t wait anymore and join sonic through sonic app or sonic website in order to know more about sonic mothers day special deals.

Sonic Menu Under $4

Here is something you shouldn’t miss even after or before mothers day which is their under $4 menu. You will get amazing budget saving deals with a full hearty meal under $4 at sonic. Here is shortlisted menu that you would surely love on mothers day and give it a try;

  • Corn Dog
  • Chili Cheese Coney
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Strawberry Sundae
  • Caramel Sundae
  • Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger
  • Quarter Pound Footlong Coney
  • Chicken Slinger.

You can also get many more sides as a starter such as mozzarella sticks, onion rings, tots or fries which are gonna cost you hardly under $2.

Sonic Happy Hours On Sonic MOther’s Day Special

Here we are talking about mothers day special deal but what about happy hours? These hours are available on a daily basis where you can get any of your favorite drink food at half price. Sonic happy hours start from 2pm to 4pm. 

You can take your mother or your beloved lady who is serving you like a mother every day to make her feel special on that special day by grabbing her favorite drink. Sonic may also offer some deals on mothers day during their happy hours.

Explore More Exclusive Deals Through Sonic App

Wondering? How will you get notified with an updated deal on mothers day special 2024 from sonic? Here sonic has their own sonic app where you can sign up and turn on notifications in order to know more about amazing deals and promotions.

Final Thoughts

Generally every beautiful day begins with the lovely voice of our mother. But if there comes about some specific special day then mothers day arrives on 12th may 2024 where you can explore sonic ongoing deals and new promotions in order to grab something hearty and amazing for your mother. So drive your car toward sonic don’t forget to take your mother and let her choose the menu she wants to have on her special day. By exploring from sonic apps you can assure more specific deals for mothers day as well as you can also save more from sonic apps.


No! Yet sonic didn’t announce any special deals for mothers day but you can surely give a try to their ongoing deals which are gonna be loved by mothers and all customers. You can enjoy something delightful with amazing savings.

You can take your mother with you while visiting sonic so she can have one according to her choice but you can grab chocolate or vanilla shake flavors which are best.

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