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If you are craving to have something delicious for lunch then there is no best choice than sonic. Yes! Sonic serves lunch the whole day in order to satisfy the hunger of your empty stomach.

No matter what the time is you can get any of your favorite lunch deals from sonic during their working hours. Sonic starts serving lunch items right after opening their restaurant and serves it till the closing time.
Sonic is not only famous for their fast food menu but people do love to visit it because of its flexible lunch hours. Sonic is the best choice because it doesn’t have rigid lunch hours like other restaurants and you don’t have to be in a hurry in order to get your favorite lunch from sonic.

In this article we will briefly discuss sonic lunch hours and their opening and closing time.

Sonic Lunch Hours Of 2024

Sonic’s flexible lunch hours is one of the best reasons that makes sonic stand out. Sonic lunch time starts from the time of their opening as from 6AM and they serve lunch items till the closing time. Mainly sonic’s closing time for most of the branches is 12AM. But it varies according to the locations. Some Sonic restaurants don’t even close, serving like they are open for 24 hours.

sonic lunch hours

No matter if it’s a late breakfast craving or a craving for lunch after mid-afternoon. You can get anything from Sonic everytime. Sonic got your back and stomach.Sonic has the ability to make you want for more after seeing their lunch menu.

Which Time Sonic Starts Serving Lunch?

Sonic doesn’t have a strict schedule for lunch time like other restaurants. Like you can enjoy your lunch anytime. it accurately fits your busy schedule. And Sonic starts serving lunch from 6AM To 1AM. Which is the closing time for many locations and branches. That means sonic serves lunch all day without any restrictions you can have a late night lunch as well.

Which Time Sonic Stop Serving Lunch?

Sonic dont stop serving lunch for the whole day. They have flexible lunch hours that are designed according to your busy schedule so that you don’t miss any of their limited time flavorful lunch deals. You can have any throughout the day.

Sonic Lunch Hours For Weekends

Since it is clearly mentioned that sonic dont stop serving lunch for the whole day. As you can satisfy your rumbling tummy with tasty lunch deals anytime. So here sonic also serves lunch from the start of the day on weekends as well.

Sonic starts serving lunch on weekends from 6AM to Closing time. The opening and closing time may vary according to locations so you can check your location on your website any opening time of your nearby sonic restaurant.

Menu Items For Sonic Lunch Hours

Well! You can order anything from the sonic menu but here are some of the most demanding items from the sonic menu which people love to have for their lunch. So you can get some idea of your lunch deals:

Sonic’s Cheeseburger

SuperSONIC_Double_Cheese burger

These cheeseburgers are one of the most demanding things that people love to have for lunch. These burgers come with many flavors and extras such as Double cheeseburger and many more. You can also get a customized cheeseburger by asking them for extra toppings and sauces.

Sonic’s Chicken Sandwiches

Here are the most demanding chicken sandwiches that people love to have for a lighter lunch. You can get a variety of sandwiches such as grilled sandwiches or crispy chicken sandwiches. These are the best alternatives after a burger if you want to treat yourself with something lighter.

Sonic’s Hot Dogs


Sonic hot dogs are the traditional food for Americans that they love to have anytime. Whenever we are looking for a quick and satisfying lunch with yummy taste then there is no better choice than a delicious hot dog. You can take it with chili cheese or any of your favorite toppings in order to enhance the taste of your hot dog.

Sonic Salads

Besides burgers and sandwiches sonic also has something for health lovers. Yes! You can get healthy salads from sonic in order to maintain your diet and cravings. The most popular grilled chicken salad is one of my favorite things that you can have from sonic. You can also go with southwest chicken salad. 

Sonic’s Sides

Don’t want to have lunch but the stomach is asking for something salty, crispy or spicy? So no worries! Sonic has something for everyone that will not let down your stomach without having anything. Yes! You can get some tasty snacks from Sonic in order to satisfy your craving with a lighter thing.

You can have tater tots, or crispy onion rings are the best options to have snacks. You can also get many other snacks such as chili cheese fries for your cravings.


Remember To Have Drinks

Besides everything don’t forget to have sonic’s signature drinks with your lunch. You can have any of your favorite drinks from the sonic menu in order to treat yourself with something sweet. You can have refreshing slushes to creamy milkshakes. Sonic’s drinks menu covers everything that will fix you after a tiring day.

End Your Lunch Break With Sonic’s Desserts

After having a delightful lunch don’t forget to have something sweet from sonic ice cream menu. You can get any delighted ice cream or milkshake from the sonic menu in order to fulfill your sweet tooth. The dessert menu of sonic is mouth watering that your taste buds will thank you for having such a sweet thing.

sonic choclate candies blast
sonic peanut butter blast

Additional Tips For A Quick Sonic Lunch

Here are some additional tips you can follow in order to get a fast lunch from sonic;

  • In order to avoid long lines or waiting for lunch to be ready at sonic you can order it through the website and can pick it up according to the selected time. This way you can save your precious time.
  • If the drive-thru queue is long then simply park your car and go inside the restaurant for the sake of your lunch order. This way you will have a fast delivery of lunch.
  • In order to get a convenient and easy lunch you can use a sonic app and can order it from the comfort of your home and pick it up according to given time.

Here is another way to get your hot and yummy lunch at your doorstep by ordering it through partner delivery apps such as Grubhub, Doordash, and Uber eats. These companies are offering you home delivery by charging you a little delivery charge.

Final Thoughts

Flexible sonic lunch hours are completely setting it on top. As you can have any of your favorite meals anytime of the day and night. Sonic lunch is not about burgers and fries, it’s regarding the flexible lunch hours that have the power to satisfy your hungry stomach. With this amazing lunch time you can have a late breakfast or an early lunch from sonic. No matter if your tummy wants a chili cheese coney for breakfast and your stomach is blooming at night for a cheeseburger you can have anything anytime.


Yes sonic serves lunch menu items all day right after opening their restaurant from 6AM to 1AM. Time varies according to locations.

Yes! Sonic serves lunch even on holidays in order to make your day special with their amazing deal and adventurous taste

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