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Sonic Drive-In the american well known fast food restaurant chain is not only famous for its quick services and nostalgic vibes but also offering a wide range of mouthwatering menu of chicken dishes. Your cravings for chicken can be surely satisfied with the sonic’s chicken menu which ranges from sonic chicken sandwiches to crispy chicken tenders and yummy wings.

In this article we will explore the sonic chicken menu with prices and calories so let’s dive into delicious menu;

Prices Of Sonic Chicken Menu With Calories Count

Here is the complete price chart of sonic chicken meals where you will also get to know about calories and nutritional facts;

Chicken ItemsPricesCalories
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$3.99–$4.49480–550
Sonic Bacon Chicken Sandwich$4.49–$4.99550–620
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$3.79–$4.29420–490
Chicken BLT Sandwich$4.29–$4.79520–600
Jumbo Chicken Popcorn$3.49–$3.99450–520
Chicken Nuggets$2.99–$3.49280–350
Crispy Chicken Salad$5.99–$6.49550–650
Sonic Breakfast Burrito$3.70–$4.29500–600

Explore Iconic Sonic Chicken Sandwiches

Here is the complete menu of sonic chicken sandwiches that you can enjoy anytime of the day with any of your favorite sonic drink;

sonic chicken sandviches

Chicken BLT Sandwich

This iconic american combo tastes great on the sonic menu. Where a soft 100% white chicken patty is nestled between crispy bacon, lettuce crisp, tomato and creamy mayonnaise all covered in a warm toasted bun.

Sonic Bacon Chicken Sandwich

The delicious alternative is gonna make your chicken experience even more better where you will get a crispy chicken patty with melted creamy cheese, mayonnaise, and crispy bacon all sandwiched in a warm toasted bun.

Sonic Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Want to have something lighter from the sonic chicken menu? Here sonic got you and offered you a delicious grilled sandwich where 100% white meat was perfectly grilled and served you with your favorite toppings and seasoning in a bun.

Sonic’s Iconic Crispy Chicken Sandwich

An iconic choice from sonic where you will get a traditional crispy chicken perfectly fried until it gets golden brown that you can have with any of your favorite toppings and seasoning such as lettuce, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise or pickles then nestled in toasted bun.

You can enjoy all these sandwiches at sonic drive-in as well as you can also customize these sandwiches according to your own choice and create a perfect wonderful chicken sandwich.

Sonic Chicken Nuggets And Crispy Tenders

Here is the bite sized bliss offered by sonic that you can enjoy while watching a movie or if you are on a long drive you can surely enjoy these crispy tenders of chicken nuggets from sonic.

sonic chicken sides

Sonic Chicken Nuggets

Sonic is offering you classic chicken nuggets which is a great choice for kids as well as for adults. These crispy chicken nuggets are so good with any of your favorite sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup, or any of your favorite that you love to have with your favorite crispy nuggets.

Sonic Jumbo Chicken Popcorn

Looking for something crispy and juicy which is a perfect option for snacks and sharing during a long drive. You can enjoy these crispy tenders with any of your favorite sauce and seasoning.

Sonic chicken nuggets and chicken popcorns is a perfect option to satisfy your lighter chicken well this is a perfect side while you want to have some other menu item.

Get Some Something Beyond the Bun; Sonic Chicken Salads

Besides sonic chicken sandwiches and chicken sides sonic is offering you something nutritional and delicious in one bowl. Sonic is offering you their iconic chicken sandwiches that you can enjoy when you want to eat something healthy and light as well as you can also eat these delicious salads for diet purposes;

Sonic’s Burrito Breakfast With Bacon And Sausages

This delicious burrito is a perfect choice for breakfast as well as for your midnight craving which is lavishly cooked with love and care with crispy bacon and sausages the addition of melted american cheese gives it an adventurous taste where the fluffy scrambled egg and chicken strips wrapped in a warm tortilla. Every bite will take you into another world of flavors.

Sonic’s Crispy Chicken Salad

Beyond this burrito sonic do offer you crispy chicken salad where chickens pieces are perfectly fried and mixed with fresh crispy lettuce and shredded mozzarella cheese gives it an amazing taste you can also add any of your favorite toppings to give it an more tasty and amazing taste which is loved by most customers.

Additional Tips For Great Experience At Sonic

Here are some additional tips that you can remember while you visit sonic next time;

  • Prices of the food item vary according to the location so it’s better to check your nearest sonic outlet for better experience.
  • Don’t hesitate while asking for extra sauce or any of your favorite toppings
  • If you are gluten allergic or facing any kind of other allergies you must have communication with sonic staff in order to get secure food.
  • The calorie count mentioned above can vary according to your adding and toppings so you must see the sonic nutritional menu in order to know about all nutritional facts.

Final Thoughts

Sonic drive-in is not only famous for its fast food services and traditional car-hop service but also offers many wide ranges of menu where the sonic chicken menu holds its great place where you can not only get chicken sandwich but also chicken salad and many more sides. By following the price chart and remembering additional tips you can enhance your experience at sonic.

FAQs Regarding chicken Menu Of Sonic

Sonic is offering you following delicious chicken sandwiches such as;

  • BLT chicken Sandwich
  • Crispy chicken sandwich
  • Grilled chicken sandwich
  • Crispy bacon chicken sandwich

Yes! Sonic is offering you jumbo chicken popcorn and nuggets.

Yes! Sonic is offering you chicken salad which is counted as a healthy option at sonic.

No! Remember that prices and calories vary according to the item’s size and its ingredients as well location also plays a role in this matter.

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