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Looking for a gift for food lovers! Nothing is better than Sonic gift cards. This is a thoughtful gift and favorite choice for many in terms of gifting as another person or even if you get it as a gift you can use it as your own choice. You can buy any kind of your favorite food by using the sonic gift card.

You can dive into Sonic’s diverse menu by using these gift cards. In this we will discuss sonic gift card balance, ways to check that balance as well as ways to purchase balance and every step in order to give you a comprehensive understanding of your gift cards. 

Sonic Gift Card Balance Overview

A Sonic gift card is a precious way to gift something delicious in the form of a card in order to relish their day with their favorite meals. 

sonic gift card

 Not even for a gift you can also purchase it for yourself from any sonic store as well as you can purchase egift cards in order to treat yourself for something delicious whenever you are short on cash or don’t want to keep cash you can use this gift card for your meal, drink and for many more things.

Kinds Of Sonic Gift Cards

sonoc egift card

Sonic gift cards have two types which are mentioned below with their denominations.

Physical Gift Cards At Sonic Drive-In

  • With these physical gift cards you are able to purchase any of your desired food from any sonic outlet
  • These physical cards come with the amount of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100.

Sonic Drive-In eGift Cards

  • By using these egift cards you can easily buy your meals from the sonic website and App.
  • Denomination of these cards is available from $5, $10, $25, $50, $100.

You can use all these cards in order to buy anything from the sonic menu. You can also utilize this at sonic app. 

This is a nostalgic gift for your family, friends with love and delectable taste.

Ways To Check Sonic Gift Card Balance

If you are thinking about your remaining amount in your gift card. Here are some convenient methods to check your gift card balance.  

Online Method

  • Open sonic website
  • Scroll down toward “sonic gift cards”
  • Provide your gift card number with PIN code in to check sonic gift card balance

Through Phone

Here sonic offers you a more convenient way to check your gift card balance through the phone just by typing some numbers on your screen.

  • Simply dial 1 (866) 657-6642  or you can dial 1-800-SONIC-Ok in order to request a balance update.

By using both methods your balance will be shown on the screen.

A comprehensive Guide On Terms And Use Of Sonic Gift Card

  • These gift cards are only issued by sonic and not available on any other platform
  • These cards don’t even expire and also have no service charges
  • You can use these cards at sonic drive-in only via SONIC APP or SONIC website or even you can use sonic plastic gift card physically
  • You cannot change it with cash you can only buy food with these gift cards from sonic
  • You cannot use these gift cards in order to purchase more cards
  • If you use these gift cards in any illegal activities or any fraudulent activity shows your card will lead to deactivation
  • If you misuse or lose this card you will not get this card another time. Because it’s not a debit or credit card. It’s just a gift card to buy food.

Ways to Reload Your Gift Cards

You can reload your gift cards and get additional funds

  • You can visit sonic drive-in person and meet any sonic staff member in order to ask for assistance for card reload.
  • In order to reload your card online you can simply visit sonic website. Scroll toward “Gift Card” section
  • You can also reload your gift card by contacting customer service.

All these are convenient ways to reload your gift cards. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Sonic Gift Card

Here are some pros and cons of using sonic gift card mentioned below:

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips you can use in order to maximize your gift card balance.

  • You can use your gift card balance during promotions or during special days in order to get some savings
  • You need to reload your card timely for next use 
  • You can get value deals so keep up to date with sonic
  • Keep your gift card on safe place as you can’t renew it if lost
  • Make sure to check your balance before visiting sonic
  • If you are using it online make sure that 16 digit number and PIN is correct

Final Thoughts

Sonic gift cards are a convenient way to gift something nostalgic for your loved ones as well as a convenient way to get your favorite meal when you are short on cash. The main advantage of these cards is if you buy it in bulk you can maximize your savings as well as you can buy anything for yourself even if you don’t have cash. You can also look for sonic 2 for $5 menu to maximize your savings.

You can use these gift cards only at sonic in order to buy food. You can use physical gift cards at any location as well as you must remember you can’t redeem cash in return of this card.

Enjoy your delicious meal at sonic by using a gift card.


You can simply check your card balance by following these easy steps;

  • Visit Sonic website
  • In the gift card section you can simply provide your card number and PIN and your balance will be displayed on the screen.

You can’t buy it from any location. Sonic gift cards are only available at Sonic Drive-in. So avoid buying gift cards from amazon, target and walmart or any other unauthorized channel.

Sonic gift cards don’t have any expiry date however if you don’t use it in a year it may deactivate and you may have to pay some for the activation process.

You can use a sonic gift card as a precious gift or you can use it for yourself in order to buy food from sonic.

A sonic gift card amount starts from $5 to $100. You can use it at any sonic restaurant in order to buy food.

No you can’t change it into cash these cards are only available for food at sonic locations.

If you lose your sonic gift card you can’t get it back. As sonic doesn’t offer unauthorized or stolen gift cards back. So you need to keep it secure.

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