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Want to have your favorite meal from sonic but due to a busy schedule it’s getting difficult for you to grab your food from sonic. Here! Sonic made it convenient and on your fingertips by offering you an online ordering system in 2024. 

Now you can order your food from sonic through your phone from the comfort of your home without waiting in long queues.

In this article you will get to know about the complete guide of sonic online ordering system and enjoy your effortless experience. So let’s give it a start;

Step By Step Guide To Order Online From Sonic

Here is a complete step by step guide to order your favorite meal from sonic without any trouble. Here are two options you can use at sonic to order your food 

  • Sonic Website
  • Sonic Mobile App
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This guide will give you complete information regarding ordering food online from sonic without any trouble;

  • Download your sonic app from Apple store or google play store as well as if you want to visit sonic website you can surely do that as both points allows you to visit sonic menu and place an order from that menu.
  • Now if you are new at sonic website or app store you have to create an account.
  • Now provide your nearest location and start searching your relevant branch.
  • Search your relevant menu that you want to eat such as your favorite burger, burrito, frozen menu, their sandwiches and many more from 
  • Select your food and place an order after reviewing all selected items that you want to eat.
  • Select the desired time and delivery method whether you want your order into your car through a carhop or you want to pick it up from drive-thru
  • Now entering your payment details 
  • Place your order securely after confirmation of your order details and payment details.
  • Drive toward sonic on selected time in order to receive your meal from sonic.

You need to remember that sonic meals prices and other promotions may vary according to location and branches so you need to visit your nearest sonic location to know about the latest updated information.

Reasons To Order Online From Sonic Drive-In

Here are some reasons that why you should order from sonic drive-in online;

  • You can simply skip long queues of sonic drive-in and grab your meal with in seconds
  • No matter where you are, you can simply order your food from the comfort of your home. This is a perfect thing for those who have a strict busy schedule as well as for late night cravings.
  • While you order from an online store of sonic drive-in you can also customize your order according to your desire and choice.
  • If you order from a sonic app you can also get exclusive deals and can get many rewards which you can use for your  next order as well you can also earn points which is a best way to get something free from sonic.

Additional Pro Tips For Smooth sonic Online Ordering

Here are some of additional tips that you can use while you order online from sonic drive-in;

  • You can explore a wide range of sonic menu which offers you budget friendly food deals that are suitable for every taste and choice. As if you are burger lover you can get variety of burger at sonic drive-in 
  • If we talk about sonic drinks you will get to know that sonic drinks have a wide range of drinks. Where you will not get slushies or milkshakes as well as you will find a frozen heaven in sonic’s menu.
  • You can also save more by ordering from sonic deals or you can use the sonic app to get 5% off on your order.

Customize Your Order At Sonic

Here is something more exciting that you will only find at sonic. Sonic allows you to customize your order no matter if you are ordering it online you can write a note during online order about your concerns and liking.

customize sonic menu

Final Thoughts

Sonic is famous for its fast food and quick services but after launching an online ordering system it gets more convenient for customers to get their food without waiting in a queue.

You can summarize your order and select it for ordering then simply place your order without any hesitation. This complete guide will let you know about the details of sonic online ordering and pro tips to save more at sonic. So next time when you are craving for something tasty you can simply visit sonic website or you can visit sonic app to order your favorite food.

FAQs Regarding Sonic Online Ordering

Yes! You can surely order from sonic through sonic website and sonic app.

As this is really beneficial for you. You can skip long lines and customize your order just by throwing a note.

Once preparation of your food starts after confirming you can’t cancel your order from sonic.

Yes! You can surely pay through your gift cards and if it’s not enough for that payment you can also use your credit or debit card for payment.

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