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Looking for something delicious without breaking your bank! Stop your search here. Sonic got you and offered you a wide range of menu items where you can get 2 items for just $7. 

In this article you will delve into the deliciousness of the sonic menu which you can get on a budget. This is an inexpensive deal with amazing delights. No matter if you are a newbie at sonic or a seasonal food lover you will love this amazing treat from sonic.

Menu Options Of Sonic 2 For $7 deal

Here is a closer look at the sonic menu where you can save big with savor variety. You can get many food items with your favorite drinks at sonic in this amazing deal. 

This is a promotional deal offered by sonic to their customers . Here are the food items you can get at sonic menu in this deal;

sonic 2 for 7 deal items

Sonic Cheeseburger

A juicy cheeseburger that will melt into your mouth due to its high quality where 100% beef is used in the burger patty and then topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and seasoning of ketchup and mustard all covered in a warm bakery bun creates perfect culinary art.

Footlong Quarter Pound Coney

In this amazing treat you can get your favorite footlong coney under $7 with your favorite drink that will create an amazing combo in jut $7. You can try any of your favorite drink such as cherry limeade which is the most iconic drink at sonic along with any sonic food.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Hold on chicken lovers! Sonic has a crispy chicken sandwich for you which is an amazing treat with any of your favorite drink combos. A crispy fried chicken piece along with lettuce, pickle, mayo and tomato covered in baked brioche bun tastes amazing.

Ways To Get 2 for $7 deal from sonic deals

Here is the best way to avail and enjoy this sonic deal with your family or friends or you can go alone for iit. As this sonic deals is available on sonic menu no matter if you visit sonic personally and get it drive thru or you search it via sonic website. You can also avail this deal through the sonic app.

Sonic assures their customers to provide this deal to everyone in order to see a big smile on their face.

Add Side Flavors In Your Deal

Here are some sides sonic offers you in order to enhance the taste of your treat you can try. The classic fries and tater tots goes behind you must try something new from the sonic menu with the aim of exciting your taste buds.

  • Onion Rings with cheese sauce
  • Chimichurri Fries
  • Pretzel with mustard cheese sauce

Additional Tips For Customizing And Sharing

Here are some additional tips you can follow while you visit sonic next time. 

  • You can go with your friends and you can select any two different items from the menu in order to save more with lots of fun. 
  • Always try to use a sonic app for the purpose to get more discounts, and gift cards and avail more offers.
  • You can also customize your order at sonic by mixing and matching.

Customer Reviews

Sonic customers are loving this budget friendly deal where you can get any of your favorite food with delicious drinks for just $7. This affordable deal won’t hurt your wallet and will give you nostalgic memories.

Additional Sonic Discounted Offers

Here are some other discounted offers you can avail from sonic menu;

  • ½ price cheeseburger (Tuesday Special After 5PM)
  • 50 cent corn dog
  • Sonic $1.99 Footlong coney
  • You can also try sonic 2 for $5 deals.
  • You can get ½ priced slushes daily between 2pm to 4pm which are known as sonic happy hours.

Final Thoughts

Sonic deals are amazing due to its affordability and delightful treats. Where you can get any two items for just $7 and enjoy it with your friends or family or you can have it alone if you are looking for a full meal this the best option from sonic menu. You can customize your preferred food with your desired taste and match where you can add any sauce or add-ins to enhance the taste of your food.

By following additional tips you can also maximize your savings and can enjoy a savory variety of food at sonic.


This is a limited time promotional deal offered by sonic where you can get any of your favorite burgers or sandwiches with your preferred drink. You can also add sides from the sonic menu to enhance the taste of your food.

If you will add some additional topping that might slightly increase your bill otherwise most of sonic add-ins are free of cost.

You can save big after buying food from sonic by using sonic app.

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