sonic fritos chilli chesse wrap

Craving for something which should be budget friendly and flavorful! Stop here! Sonic has something really crunchy, cheesy with savory chili. Yes! Their Fritos Chili cheese Jr. Wrap is now just for $1.49. So excite your taste buds for the burst of flavors in a Jr. Wrap with delicious crunch, melted cheese flavor and savory chili with onions wrapped in a classic warm tortilla.

In this article we discuss this sonic Fritos chili cheese wrap and ways you can get it at a discounted price.

Reveal Of Delicious Layers

Imagine a classic warm tortilla covered with chili and stuffed with classic beef by adding crunchy Fritos corn fries where melted cheddar cheese gives a creamy flavor and by adding your favorite sauce you can enhance the taste of your Jr. Wrap.

You can add any of your favorite sauce such as ketchup, mustard, ranch, or the jalapeno mayo and here your customized warm sonic Fritos chili cheese wrap is ready to eat. Each bite is gonna give you an innovative taste.

Reasons Behind This Favorite Deal

Sonic is not only famous for its burgers and drinks but Sonic do offer many limited time promotions on foods such as sonic 2 for $5 menu and many seasoned foods that set sonic aside. 

Sonic’s Fritos chili cheese wrap is one of those limited time deals that Sonic started promoting in 2018 and still promoting it and now you can get it at a low price for just $1.49. This delicious chili cheese wrap is full of crunchy, cheesy and meaty flavor that will take you into another world with every bite.

sonic fritos chilli chesse wrap

As Sonic drive-in is continuously promoting this food item in 2024 there are some reasons behind this. So here we are going to explore that in order to give you a complete view over this yummy chili cheese wrap.

  • Sonic customers love this wrap as not every restaurant can keep the crunch of Fritos in a warm tortilla with cheese. But sonic keeps it crunchy even in melted cheese and meaty chili.
  • This wrap is really a unique combination you can ever have where you will get crunchy Fritos corn fries, melted cheese with chili in a warm tortilla that creates a really innovative taste.
  • You can satisfy your cravings with this Jr. wrap. And it’s really perfect for your busy schedule. As you can have a delicious bite without any mess.
  • This sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap is budget friendly and on some days you can even get it for just $0.99. Which is a really budget friendly deal for your hungry stomach.
  • You can even customize it with your favorite sauces and toppings to create a more yummy taste of your Fritos chili cheese wrap.

Combination Of Drinks With Sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap

With this Jr. wrap you can even try many drink combinations to enhance the taste of your meal. Here are some drink combinations you can try with this delicious crunchy Chili cheese Fritos.

  • Sonic’s Cherry Limeade with Ice Blend
  • If you are craving for something sweet with that you can try a sonic Milkshake, ice cream.

Here are some more options of sonic sides that you can try with this Jr. wrap. 

  • Onion Rings, Tots/Fries, chicken Popcorns

Nutritional Facts

Here is nutritional information of Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap so that you can have one without fear of calories;

NutrientsAmount g/mg
Saturated Fat7g
Trans Fat0g
Total Fat20g
Total Crabs39g
Dietary Fiber1g

This nutritional information is estimated but it can vary according to your customization. Remember that everyday calories count should be 2000 but this needs variation also.

Final Thoughts

So get ready and excite your taste buds for having such a cheesy creamy treat for just $1.49. Which is not a bad offer. You can hangout with your friends or family. You can have it as a mid-noon snack. You can satisfy all of your cravings by having a one Jr. crunchy wrap which tastes like heaven.

So grab your wallet and dive into the sonic menu to get this delicious deal and by adding any of your favorite drinks will enhance the taste of your meal.


The estimated calories count is 380. But it may vary according to your customization with toppings of sauces.

You can get this Jr. Fritos chili cheese wrap for just $1.49. But on some locations on special days you can get it even more discounted for just $0.99

Yes! Sonic does have Fritos chili cheese pie starting from $0.99. This price may vary on participating locations.

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