sonic 1.99 Shakes

Sonic isn’t just about exclusive deals, cheesy burgers and crispy sides. Here! You can also get something more exciting such as their shakes and sonic drinks. Sonic has something for you that can refresh and cool up your warm summer days. Wondering what it could be? Sonic is offering you their classic shakes for just $1.99. This is something more than fun and enjoyment. 

In this article we will discuss about sonic shakes in $1.99 flavors, prices of additional prices and toppings, so let’s dive into amazing deal and unbelievable deals;

Flavors Of Sonic Shakes In $1.99

Here are some mouthwatering flavors that you can give a try in order to refresh yourself after a tiring day;

sonic 1.99 Shakes
  • You can get fresh vanilla flavor shakes, where real vanilla ice cream is blended with fresh milk and served with the topping of whipped cream and cherry on top.
  • You can also consider Banana flavor shake where bananas and real vanilla ice cream are perfectly blended and served with traditional topping of cream and cherry.
  • The Caramel flavor also give you a classic taste with traditional toppings
  • Strawberry flavor also tastes amazing with a delicious blend of strawberries with rich vanilla which is an amazing treat.
  • Chocolate flavor shakes are considered as the most favorite treat among customers. As everyone loves this combination of chocolate sauce combined with vanilla ice cream yumm! It Tasted amazing.
  • Hot Fudge flavor of sonic shake is also iconic where vanilla serve is perfectly blended with hot fudge and topped with whipped cream and cherry.
  • A delicious blend of soft vanilla ice cream with Peanut Butter. This is for those who are finding something extra indulgent.

Availability Of Sonic $1.99 shakes

You can enjoy this amazing shakes offer for a limited time at participating locations by giving a check on the sonic app. This is a limited time offer which is available everyday and all day for a short period of time.

Additional Tips: Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some additional tips that you must keep in mind while visiting sonic to get this shake.

  • If you are looking to add something like Additional Toppings or other extra add-ins that are gonna cost a little extra even if sonic shakes are available at half prices.
  • This offer is available without any promo codes and coupons. You will get this discount automatically on checkout. You need to Remember! that this price is not going to be available for combo meals and with other promotions.
  • You know there is something exciting in this $1.99 deal. You can give a sweet treat to your loved one’s even without hurting your wallet. You can spread a great smile with unlimited enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

This season! Don’t forget to visit sonic drive-in to avail this amazing deal. Where you can get a variety of flavors at a very discounted price. You can refresh yourself after a tiring day. Or you can have it even with your meal. Sonic is also offering some other great deals where you can get 2 For $5 Deal and Sonic Happy Hours these discounted deals are budget friendly and delicious. So! Don’t forget and miss these amazing shakes.


No! Sonic is offering you a medium cup of classic shakes for just $1.99.

Sonic happy hours start from 2pm to 4pm. Where you can get all sonic drinks for half price except sonic shakes.

You can get a quarter pound double cheeseburger, Fritos chili cheese wrap, small jumbo chicken popcorn in 2 for $5 deal of sonic.

Price of a sonic large shake is about $5.09 in particular locations.

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