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Want to have something healthy and light without weighing down? Here sonic got you and offered you their special healthy salads. You can give a try to sonic salads which are freshly prepared with grilled chicken, cheese, grape tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. All veggies are mixed properly to give amazing flavor to your taste buds and give you a refreshing feel.

In this article we are going to explore the salad menu at sonic and will let you know about does sonic have salads? so let’s dive into tantalizing options of salads;

Options In Sonic Salads

Confused about which salad you should give a try? Here! Are some healthy options from the sonic menu that you can choose according to your taste and mood and give them a try will give you 100% satisfaction;

sonic salads options
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Salad
  • Sonic Classic Veggie Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Just imagine! Freshly chopped crispy lettuce in the base of your salad bowl, what about grape tomatoes, crunchy carrot, red cabbage give it a colorful vibe and addition of creamy cheese and croutons makes its taste amazing. After mix mix and mix sonic top these delicious veggies with perfectly grilled chicken which is full of protein and nutrients. You can also add grilled onions for a perfect crunch.

Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Salad

Wondering how it’s gonna taste? It sounds the same as grilled chicken salad. But wait here! Sonic has added something special which is gonna make your taste buds feel like heaven.

You will get extra flavor in this version; here all classic salad ingredients are added and topped with grilled chicken on the top of that sonic spread of a festive corn and black mean feist mix. You will also get a topping of grilled onion rings which will double up the taste of your salad. Every bite will give you a blast of flavors in this salad.

Sonic Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Salad

Craving for something more tasty? What about chicken popcorn salad? This salad is a mixture of classic veggies but the twist here is that these veggies are topped with jumbo chicken popcorn. This combination is the best mixture of crisp and taste in one bowl. Also you will get onion rings on the top.

Sonic Classic Veggie Salad

Here is the happy turning point for vegetarians. As we know sonic never leaves their customers sad so sonic is offering you a fresh bowl of healthy veggie salad that you can have in order to maintain your diet with something healthy and light.

This veggie salad bowl contains lettuce, grape juicy tomatoes, red cabbage, creamy jack colby cheese, carrots and croutons that give amazing crisp in every bite.

Nutritional Information Of Salad

Here is the calories count of each veggie where you can have a look in order to maintain your health;

you can also checkout the: Sonic nutrition menu

Salad IngredientsCalories
Iceberg Lettuce5
Red Cabbage15
Grape Tomatoes20 (5)
Colby Jack Cheese100 (1 oz)
Croutons70 (¼ cup)
Carrot41 (½ cup)
Grilled Onions30 (¼ Cup)
Grilled Chicken220 (4 oz)
Jumbo Popcorn250 (10pcs)


Overall sonic salads is a perfect option for a healthy and tasty diet. Sonic is not just about burgers and drinks but also has their keen eye over health so they are providing these tasty salads where you can have all from grilled chicken to simple iconic salad. So if you are feeling low and want to have something healthy in your budget just drive your car toward sonic drive-in and order their traditional salads.


Yes! Sonic has a variety of salads that you can try if you are craving for something healthy and tasty in your budgets.

Price is not specified for the salads. It may vary according to locations and the ingredients you prefer to add.

No! Sonic menu offers salads on particular locations, franchises and branches. You need to check first before you visit sonic for this healthy treat.

Yes! Sonic uses fresh and healthy veggies to make your salad as well as all these are freshly chopped.

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